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  1. 1,000 ballots found in Broward County Florida warehouse...
  2. Grassroots
  3. IN: The ISTEP scores are finally in
  4. Central Indiana Bio-fuels company comitts fraud
  5. Indiana: Putnam County airport board wants to transition into airport authority
  6. What is your state unemployment rate?
  7. Indiana and Common Core
  8. Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!
  9. California Partiers Cheer as Man burns to death
  10. Arian Brotherhood -- your state independence ... .
  11. The Liberals Keep Touting California as a success story in obamacare
  12. California 2014 or "You Can't Make this Shit UP!
  13. Geo Washington Bridge Closure in September 2013
  14. CPUSA awards Dems and Union Pres awards at Public School Assembly
  15. McCain censured by Arizona Republicans..What took 'em so dam long
  16. Cuomo: Extreme Conservatives have no place in the state
  17. Chicago BANS the E-CIGARETTE and E-Cigs Regulated like Tobbacco
  18. Scarborough picks up where Cuomo leaves off
  19. Unions Ire Over PA. legislation of Paycheck Protection
  20. Lol
  21. Tennessee may outlaw the Feds' collection of metadata
  22. State of the State
  23. Feds Cannot Require A State To Carry Out Federal Acts
  24. Dem. state lawmaker convicted of beating woman continues to serve
  25. Fla. Bill Banning Suspension for Gun-Shaped Pop-Tarts Moves Forward
  26. Progs, the reason so much time in taken on stupidty
  27. AFSCME Boss: State Makes Us Collect Our Own Dues
  28. Bridget Kelly of Chris Christie ...
  29. Republican in lead for Filthy Filner's mayoral seat
  30. Maryland bill would cut water, electricity to NSA Headquarters
  31. Lefties re-define the term Euthanasia
  32. Minnesota Poll finds Obama Unpopular
  33. NC Courts Says No to Choose Life License Plates
  34. Hartford Media calls for Police to arrest Legal Gun Owners
  35. CA split into 6 states?!! Yay or Nay?
  36. TX Says Screw Off to NFL Gun Ban
  37. GA Has a New Confederate Flag License Plate: Historical Emblem or Sign of Oppression?
  38. Terrorist cell in texas
  39. Terry McAuliffe’s Commerce Secretary Target of Federal Investigation
  40. Federal Judge in Texas Talks From His Arse
  41. The REAL NJ Scandal
  42. Hating Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) AZ Advances Abortion Clinic Inspection Bill
  43. Texas Voters: 9 out of 10 Want Obamacare Repealed and Welfare Recipients drug tested
  44. Smoke pot, no service at Colorado barber shop
  45. Marco Rubio
  46. Gun laws
  47. Scott Brown to run for NH senate
  48. Duke Energy is poisoning North Carolina again.
  49. What Percent of Prostate Cancer Patients are women
  50. Nashville Cracks Down on 911 Abuse
  51. State Militias and Citizen Militas
  52. Waste Of Time Posting Here Your Threads Wont Show New And WHY
  53. 2 progressive politicians arrested in one day
  54. Democrat Candidate Recruited Fake GOP Candidates To Split Vote, Lawsuit Says
  55. West Virginia is raising it's minimum wage
  56. Florida lawmakers Approve Warning Shot Bill
  57. North Carolina Investigating Hundreds of Potential Voter Fraud Cases
  58. Dearborn Muslims have close call with Easter Egg Hunt flyers
  59. Zimmerman Jurors' names released
  60. BUNDY RANCH Standoff
  61. Another Rotten Kennedy going into politics
  62. Three CA Democrat Senators Suspended (with pay)
  63. Illinios: Video: GOP Rep. Goes Off on Racist Dem Colleague
  64. Bundy Ranch/ BLM stands down
  65. Sen. Reid on Cattle Battle: "It's not over"
  66. Police Raid HOme, seize electronics of woman parodying mayor on Twitter
  67. Western States Hold Summit to Address Federal Land Issues
  68. Bankrupt Illinois Madness Never Stops; House Committee Wants Taxpayers to Spend $100
  69. 40 Sheriffs Walk out of OK State House after complaint by lawmaker about guns
  70. Chicago: Doctoring The Crime Rate To Mask Democrat Party Failures
  71. Tom Cotton has been charged by his opponent for his military service Sense of Enti-
  72. Aborted Babies Burning provide Energy to Oregonians
  73. So lefty....would you be just as happy with no state governments whatsoever?
  74. Deployed Soldier's home taken over by Squatters, Law won't evict
  75. Cory Gardner kissed by Rick Santorum ... Colorado.
  76. Toyota Bails Southern California for Texas!
  77. Outrage Over Botched Execution
  78. Updated List Of Purged Military Officers
  79. NYC, teachers strike deal that could be template
  80. Seattle Mayor Pushing $15 Minimum Wage
  81. New Republican star in Oregon? You need to see this ad!
  82. Media reported on Hulsey & KKK hoods but not his humiliation
  83. Wisconsin prosecutors abuse the law for political ends
  84. WVA 17yo beats incumbent state senator (R)
  85. Bevin Closing the Gap
  86. Sissurp coming to California
  87. CA Candidate on probation for shoplifing eyes State Senate seat
  88. My Congressman is being supported by E-Fairness Proponents
  89. No Taxation Without Representation
  90. House voted to prohibit the DEA from undermining state marijuana laws
  91. First Election for Mississippi voter ID
  92. VA Senate Dem Phil Puckett Resigns
  93. Republican Primary 7th District: Brat vs Cantor
  94. Arkansas: The OTHER GOP Upset
  95. Best Liberal Available
  96. City shuts down 9 year old's little free library
  97. Georgia Senatorial Race to fill Saxby Chambliss' Seat
  98. Incidents of mental stability appear in California.
  99. Federal prosecutor warns Cuomo over corruption probe
  100. `Chicago residents `slam` push to house more illegal immigrants`
  101. This sounds exactly like the Democrat Party Platform.
  102. NC Judge rejects challenge to NC Voter ID law
  103. Obama VS Confidence
  104. Illinois mayor refuses to take down Pali Flag beside US flag
  105. Dog elected mayor in Minnesota
  106. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun money up in smoke as pro-gun sheriff wins in Wisconsin
  107. Jerry Brown Invites Illegals to California
  108. Red States/Blue States
  109. Rick Perry deletes tweet about "drunk" district attorney
  110. Did You know that Bush is still president and has been since 2001?
  111. state ID
  112. Republican theme Song
  113. CA Gov Jerry Brown Thinks Tax Breaks are Good for Business and Jobs
  114. CA dispensaries starting to rip people off
  115. Wisconsin-governor's office for sale
  116. Abortion Barbie had a meltdown during TX debate.
  117. Denenberg accused in elaborate fraud scheme; drops out of Senate race
  118. Ride-Sharing Services Face Legal Threat From San Francisco, Los Angeles
  119. Conn Dem State Rep, Christiana Ayala arrested on 19 Vote Fraud Charges
  120. Setting up Business in a Muslim Free Zone
  121. The Overton Window
  122. Hagan, Tillis in Tied Race
  123. Florida Republicans: Don't Vote for Scott
  124. UCLA faculty approves diversity class requirement
  125. For Man in Ebola Virus Cleanup, a History of Fraud
  126. US House candidate in Oklahoma dies after crash
  127. the People of California got snookered
  128. A Republican Got Elected in My California Assembly District
  129. Joni Ernst: kudos to the People of Iowa
  130. Connecticut voters committing economic suicide
  131. Rick Perry’s fate should be decided by a jury, prosecutor says
  132. California says dump the Old Hags of the Senate
  133. Prop 122, federal overreach ballot measure, passes
  134. Douglas wins Arizona schools superintendent race
  135. DeMaio concedes Calif. House race
  136. Minnesota Cafe shows the effects of minimum wage increase, internet fumes
  137. Couple fined for refusing to host same-sex wedding on their farm
  138. Dartmouth students embarrass themselves and their university
  139. Welcome to Sweden of Today
  140. Perry Judge Rules Prosecutor is Not Disqualified
  141. Anarcho-Libtardarians Planning To Screw Up The Granite State
  142. State Law Trumps Federal Constitution And treason Against it
  143. Bill requiring officer's presence at traffic cameras, other regulations passes Ohio H
  144. Two Christian Firefighters forced to Participate in a Gay Parade
  145. Walker budget to bar drug users from food stamps, Medicaid
  146. Welfare Recipients Freak Out When They’re Told They Have To Work For It
  147. PA Gov appoints Tranny state surgeon general
  148. Former Baltimore cop says he was harassed, labeled a 'rat'
  149. Supreme Court orders Oklahoma to halt executions
  150. Nevada police say investigating alleged political extortion plot
  151. Toledo Mayor in Critical Condition After Heart Attack, Crash
  152. The Witch hunt against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
  153. Straight Ticket Voting
  154. Dem Senator sez white peeps polluted his blud
  155. Governor Sam Brownback issues Executive Orders
  156. Illinois Gov uses Exec Order to stop Fair Share dues from non union members
  157. Montana bill would prohibit Shariah law
  158. So now we know
  159. Kansas's BIG GAY "Rollback" A Sign of "Desperation"
  160. Louisiana Supreme Court temporarily kicks Judge Frank Marullo off bench
  161. Cuomo administration begins large-scale email purges
  162. Scott Walker Hikes Borrowing "Deficits Don't Matter" In Wisconsin & He Wants 2b prez
  163. The Vidalia Onion Act of 1986
  164. NH transgendered lawmaker arrested on bomb threat charges
  165. Oregon Automatically Registers You to Vote
  166. Florida governor banned words ‘climate change’
  167. US Taxpayers To Fund Ukraine Bailout With Bond Guarantee
  168. North Carolinian Christians under attack
  169. North Carolina | Weed or Nah?
  170. Swarens: Gov. Mike Pence to push for clarification of ‘religious freedom’ law
  171. Arizona governor vetoes bill shielding names of officers
  172. Kansas welfare reform
  173. WV education system commits blasphemy
  174. Nationalist California
  175. But they never learn....
  176. Baltimore Mayor: City "Gave Space" To Rioters "Who Wished To Destroy"
  177. Baltimore City Council President Apologizes to Rioters (for calling them thugs)
  178. Oregon bill passes expanding background checks for gun sales
  179. Guess who is paying for the Baltimore riot destruction?
  180. Healthcare for Illegals in Calfornia
  181. FEMA Denies Baltimore Request For Disaster Aid To Cover Riot Expenses
  182. San Antonio Mayor Race Upset goes unreported in the Media
  183. What Does the Confederate Flag mean to you?
  184. Rebel Flag vs. Swastika
  185. Most and Least Patriotic States
  186. Washington Legislature passes state operating budget
  187. Hold your nose...is San Fran becoming the Calcutta of the US
  188. What happened to Freedom of Speech?
  189. Wisconsin Ends Tenure
  190. Florida Just Took A MASSIVE Stand For The Confederate Flag
  191. Jerry Brown Prohibits FINES For Dead Lawns In Drought Stricken California
  192. Can Anyone Draw Unbiased Districts in Florida?
  193. Kansas City Mayor celebrates the death of his city
  194. Stonewall Jackson
  195. 40 Companies That Donate Directly To Planned Parenthood
  196. Progress:Illinois Passes Law Preventing Welfare Payments To The Dead
  197. Cecil the Dead Lion gets More Attention than Millions of Dead Babies
  198. How Do You Know You're Shopping In Texas?
  199. No more illegal aliens in California - or legal aliens...
  200. Washington State to Set Up State Border Crossing Booths
  201. California Plans On Taking Land For Huge Water Tunnels
  202. California: "Land of Poverty"
  203. Santa Clara Co. Supervisors Voice Opposition To Proposed Crude Oil Trains
  204. 2 DemocRAT mayors will hold sharia compliant dinner on anniversary of 9-11
  205. The Media Reaction to the Roanoke reporters Murder
  206. Illinois Too Broke To Pay Lottery Winnings ...Prizes Will Be Delayed
  207. Hit Man who Killed Barry Seal Dies In Angola State Prison
  208. 244 Illegals Arrested in Southern California
  209. Chicago suffers most murders in single day since 2010, Rahm pushes huge tax increase
  210. Taxpayers Fleeing Dem-Run States for Republican Ones
  211. Transgender Prisoners In San Francisco To Be Jailed By Identity:Not Biological Sex
  212. NLRB To Nulify RIGHT TO WORK Laws With Proceedural Measures
  213. Maine residents tired of welfare cheats
  214. DoorDash and GrubHub Are Latest On-Demand Companies Sued over Independent Contractor
  215. New York DA Bans Gun Ownership by Prosecuters.
  216. Housing Costs to Rise in California
  217. Illinois: Poster Child For The Obama "Recovery"
  218. Recreational pot sales in Oregon begins
  219. Mass. Immigrant Woman charged with 3.6 million in SNAP fraud
  220. Augustus Invictus for Senate
  221. Disaster Plan Developed In Case Fire Reaches Nuclear Waste
  222. Former Chicago Public Schools chief pleads guilty to bribery
  223. Gov Moonbeam Strikes Again
  224. California Working on New Gun Laws
  225. Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood, Alleges Clinics Unsafe, Unsanitary
  226. Taxpayers should not be funding this anti-American hate-spewer
  227. LA City Council passes tougher gun storage laws
  228. 33% of Americans believe it's time to openly defy the Feds
  229. Virginia senate election tomorrow
  230. Chaka Fattah's son found guilty of bank and tax fraud
  231. GOP Tightens it Stranglehold On State Government
  232. Nevada Senate Race
  233. Free Tampons In Wisconsin ...Not Joking
  234. San Francisco Too Expensive for Socialists to Live There
  235. Self Induced ABORTIONS Skyrocket In TEXAS Amidst Wave Of Clinic Closures
  236. Nevada's Sandoval Ranks Among Most Popular US Governors
  237. Federal Lawsuit: Government Corruption in Arizona County Court Clerk’s Office
  238. White House Sources Just Dropped A Bombshell…Obama Is Flat Out Refusing To…
  239. *Navajo Arizona State Senator Switches Party
  240. Was Joe Mccarthy right?
  241. Illinois lawmaker introduces 'recall Rahm' bill
  242. Shit Is About To Get Real In California
  243. Rush Limbaugh is right: Ted Cruz is most-principled candidate
  244. Liberals hate the 2nd!
  245. Indiana Senatorial Candidate Vote Against Omnibus Bill.
  246. Virginia may strip McAuliffe of protective detail over concealed carry
  247. look what the Republican Party of Virginia is up to
  248. Who is David Ramadan?
  249. Police in California can seize guns without notice starting Jan. 1st
  250. Utah - No money for planned parenthood