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  1. Liberals don't bother with Racial 'code' words
  2. "Kill White People"
  3. The Problem of "Hating Whitey"
  4. Exposing Racists....I mean Liberals
  5. Cheapening MLK's Legacy With a Holiday
  6. You are a minority, so just go and ...
  7. ‘racist’ acts tolerated at Justice Department
  8. Being White in Philly: This article started it all
  9. Racism North Versus South And The Difference.
  10. Anti WHITE Race quotes and views..............
  11. Another black ruling elite bellyaching about his sad life
  12. Black Teen having Difficult family day stabs random white 22 year old
  13. Random Rampage in Union Square
  14. You know what really grinds my gears?
  15. What are the odds?
  16. Wow
  17. Epidemic of Racially motivated prison rapes
  18. Black Woman and John McCain
  19. I Hate "Crackers"
  20. Supremacy
  21. Paula deen gets standing ovation at cooking show
  22. A call to black conservatives
  23. Democratic Party's record on Race
  24. The GOP Record on Race
  25. Racism
  26. Feminists laugh at Whites becoming a minority
  27. Founder of Anti-Gang Arrested in Connection with Shooting
  28. Teens Kill Another Man "Playing" the Knockout Game
  29. Young man shoots four people because of their race
  30. Young Soldier stabbed to death by black males, Washington State
  31. why are black people SO DAMN LOUD
  32. Black People Lost Ground in Every Economic Indicator
  33. Holy War in Harlem: Dethroning the little prince of lies, Al Sharptongue
  34. 15-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Group of Teens In Delaware County
  35. Dangerous hatred
  36. Welfare - crippling Blacks worse than slavery.
  37. Yes it's a race war. Unintended, but that's what it is.
  38. DOJ: Violent Attacks on Whites Increased %18
  39. If Obama had a son.....
  40. Why can't it be like this again?
  41. 14 year old kills teacher then goes to movies
  42. Rev Sharpton talks about "Our Money"
  43. Four black teens kill Lawrence ‘Shine’ Thornton – 87 year old WWII veteran
  44. The race war has begun: Black on white attacks since Trayvon
  45. Race War in Obama’s America
  46. So...
  47. Geogetown U Professor beaten senseless Halloween Night
  48. Teens hold down, beat 35-year-old woman in mugging by Staten Island park, police say
  49. Another Professor Attacked
  50. One Arrest in Brutal Beating of CNN Producer
  51. ChicagoLand: FlashMob violence and thievery
  52. An outside persecptive on black society today.
  53. Man shot during 'stop the violence' basketball tournament
  54. In florida, agreement to reduce student arrests
  55. 2 dead, 22 injured in gunfire at Houston house party
  56. White Republican wins Houston election with campaign that implied he's black
  57. Evergreen State College: The Radical death spiral 2013 to present 2017
  58. Sheriff Warns: Hide Your Cell Phones
  59. Video of mall riot shows punches, unruly crowd
  60. My Paean To Beautiful Black Chicks
  61. Teens Playing Disturbing Game Of ‘Knock Out The Jew’
  62. Peanut butter and Jelly, Racist!!
  63. Pittsburgh High School Gunman Arrested
  64. Another mass attack.
  65. Barkley likes to use the N word
  66. Oprah talkin' smack again
  67. Oprah Throws the Race Card Again!!!
  68. Black College Students Get Bad News
  69. Targetting Knockout Strangers is spreading
  70. Chicago: Nine Men Charged in Gang Rapes of Three Teen Girls
  71. Just another day in broke-assed Oakland after 4 1/2 years of Obamanomics
  72. I don't see the big deal
  73. White People, Don't Be Calling Because Your Power is Out
  74. PA. Police repond to fight at Overbrook High School
  75. Obama Admin Still Hasn't Fired Black Supremacist
  76. PB&J is racist. In fact, all sliced bread is racist.
  77. 6 Teens Arrested After Allegedly Harassing People At Hoboken PATH Station
  78. Teacher WAS Raped by 14 Year Old Thug That Murdered Her at School
  79. MORE BLACK ON WHITE BEAT DOWNS: White Kid Targeted For Hate Crime by School Bus Full
  80. Duke lacrosse accuser convicted of murder...
  81. St. Louis Teen Admits To Having Participated in 300 “Knockout Game” Attacks
  82. "Knockout Game" an Urban Myth
  83. Warning this will make most white people mad
  84. Black Guerrilla Family Marxist Gang Takes Over Baltimore Jail
  85. Years in the Making- Al Sharpton condemns ‘knockout’ attacks
  86. I was a victim of the knockout game
  87. 13 Ways of looking at Race in America
  88. DWI Mayor Calls Cops "Crackers"
  89. Surprise! Media finally wake up to knockout game
  90. Mayor Nutter Says ‘Knockout’ Attacks ‘Will Not Be Tolerated Here’
  91. 72-Year-Old Woman Latest Victim Of ‘Knockout’ Game Assault?
  92. Prosecutor: Teens killed man in ‘knock ‘em down’ game
  93. Black Mob Violence: New Denials... and New Violence
  94. Florida: Caught on Video- Teens attack elderly man on his own front lawn
  95. Man Telling It Like It Is.........
  96. Another "Mythical" Knock-Out Game Attack in a High School
  97. The Knockout Game -- NYT/NPR Say No Big Deal
  98. 10th NYC Knockout Game Victim- 76 years old
  99. U-M Medical student killing: Startled by thieves, Paul DeWolf was shot in seconds
  100. Beggar feels ‘exhilarated’ after punching stranger
  101. Another Jew Assaulted in Knockout Game!?!
  102. "I became very angry at white people"
  103. Another Potential ‘Knockout’ Attack In Philadelphia December 2, 2013
  104. How Whites Took Over America Part 2
  105. It's the Joos' fault........
  106. Backhanded advertising.
  107. New Haven, Conn- Seven Possible Knockout Game attacks in November
  108. New Knockout Game Victim Tells Media and Politicians that it is NO Myth
  109. Another Hate Crime Hoax in the Making? Mom is 'strong suspect' in racist graffiti
  110. Liberals talk race and crime — and hilarity ensues!
  111. The Media Certainly Kept This Quiet
  112. Teens accused of murdering contractor, father to be tried as adults
  113. (Melissa Harris Perry) On Fox and Friends
  114. Man Abducted, Shot, Robbed In Philly
  115. Exclusive video: Brutal "knockout game" incident in milwaukee
  116. Canadian News Covers Detroit's Collapse- House for sale: $1.00
  117. 61 Year Old Bus Driver Beats A Guy Silly For Spitting In His Face!
  118. Another Sighting of the Mythical "Knockout Game": This time in Peoria
  119. Nun Hospitalized Following Assault And Rape
  120. In Retrospect Was Electing A Black President Wise?
  121. 1 Arrested After Nun Hospitalized Following Assault And Rape
  122. Judge: My reverse racism made me convict white ‘killer’
  123. Carjacking turns to murder in NJ.
  124. Bittersweet story for liberals.
  125. Queens man breaks leg in Harlem attack, claims to be victim of the 'knockout game'
  126. Mexicans are fighting back
  127. New wave of Illegal Immigrants flooding the country and taking American jobs
  128. Melissa Harris Perry Thinks Dems Have Done Better At Closing the Racial Divide.
  129. Call 911 if you are being beaten by assailants using a chair.
  130. Black student ‘lynches’ two white guys, calls it art
  131. Four Young Students Arrested in Alleged 'Knockout' Attacks, Police Say
  132. Bus Passengers Overpower Hoodie Wearing Robber. Will it make the National News?
  133. Obama’s Half-Brother: ‘Barack Thought I Was Too White’
  134. Well they caught another
  135. Four Suspect Arrested
  136. Is the Black Community Waking Up?
  137. 4 dead, 17 wounded in shootings since Friday
  138. The First Rule of Buying Air Jordans........
  139. Santa shot in DC
  140. Porsha Stewart reveals she thinks Underground Railroad was a real train
  141. Federal authorities charge white ‘knockout’ suspect with hate crime
  142. Mom Punched While Walking with Young Daughter
  143. 600 People Involved in Movie Theater Brawl, 5 Arrested
  144. Today is the first Day of Kwanza
  145. A call for unity from President Peanut
  146. Flash Mob Hit Brooklyn Mall
  147. It's hard to see Racism...when you're WHITE
  148. Minneapolis mayoral candidate Beaten For iPhone
  149. Rapper Doe B. Shot Dead
  150. Eugene Robinson predicts more racism in 2014 and on
  151. Man, 20, 'bashed boss's wife and daughter to death with cement block
  152. ‘Racism’ Wrecking Ball: Indiscriminate charges of racism do more harm than good
  153. 32 suspects authorities called 'worst of the worst' criminals in Chattanooga
  154. Teens rob, beat 89-year-old man in Baltimore Suburb
  155. Pure Michigan.....
  156. Went to the wrong house for Christmas
  157. Serial Knockout Attacker Arrested in Brooklyn
  158. Teen gets 18-months in 'knockout game' death
  159. White Girl Nearly Gets Her Face Cut Off- Mom's Mad at Facebook Comments
  160. Liberals shit on victims families again!!
  161. TEEN BEATEN: Attackers Brag About It Online
  162. Questions from an Ethiopian Black.
  163. Good Samaritan faces paralysis after she was pistol whipped and sexually assaulted
  164. Double think from the fanatics.
  165. Escaping America’s Youf
  166. Police Under Fire for Using Video of African American TODDLER on THUG Cycle
  167. Woman Sucker Punched In Possible ‘Knockout Game’ Attack In Upscale Los Gatos
  168. “Most Wanted” Website Leads To Arrest In Murder Of German Tourist In San Francisco
  169. Denver: Four Knock-Out Game Victims-very vague description-group of African-Americans
  170. PC Gone Mad- This isn't a hate crime, it isn't even assault!?!
  171. Obama's kids- Flash rob, Twerking in defiance
  172. The Culture of Thuggery. Adults coach child in obscenities
  173. Smack Cam: Teen hits old woman and posts video
  174. White girls proving they aren't racist. Caution, extremely barbaric.
  175. College plays the race card, literally, in anti-whiteness play called ‘The Race Card"
  176. 2 Teen Females Stab Man In Head After Request To Stop Rapping
  177. Black Pimp sues Nike claiming shoes need to have warning labels.
  178. Badass feral savage cries like a bitch in court!
  179. Jeremiah Wright: The Bible Belt is teaching religion with racism
  180. DC cop child porn charge....
  181. Dallas: Two Elderly White Men beaten nearly to death in two seperate attacks
  182. Madonna uses racist language about her son
  183. Obama Says Racial Animus Blunts Approval
  184. The Realities of Race
  185. President Obama - Some people Hate Me Because I'm Black
  186. SEATTLE: Teens randomly attacking people
  187. ZoNation: Live out MLK’s dream and get called a “white man’s whore”
  188. Militant black nationalist still gets paid by feds
  189. New Orleans musician in coma after "knockout game" attack
  190. OMG! Jesse Jackson tells the truth!
  191. Teens slash school custodian in dawn attack
  192. Have you seen these Sons of Obama?
  193. Security guards for oil delivery trucks. More sons of obama
  194. Media Ignores Motive In Maryland Mall Shooter – Rebuked Miscegenation ?
  195. Teen accused of killing teacher may have recorded murder
  196. Another Knock-Out Game attack in Philly leaves media baffled as to motive
  197. White teen victim of "Being in the wrong place at the wrong time"
  198. Knockout Game Thug: ‘I slugged 78-year-old woman in self-defense’
  199. Blacks want University to stop describing suspects as "black" in crime alerts!
  200. Paraplegic Steals Car From Dealership
  201. Flint police believe assault on MTA bus driver part of so-called 'knockout game'
  202. Black History Month...OH GOOD GRIEF NOT AGAIN!
  203. The Amnesty/ Immigration Surge And Senator Schumer’s War Against “White Anglo-Saxons”
  204. Good Samaritan killed after opening door for pursued young man
  205. San Antonio Knock Out Game
  206. Second arrest in the brutal beating and stabbing of 86 year old.....
  207. Police: Two teens killed 51-year-old woman
  208. Jerry Seinfeld - racist
  209. Why Do Black People Walk In The Road Even When Sidewalks Are Available WTF
  210. Favorite Negro
  211. Obama Fails to Appoint Enough Black Judges
  212. Leftists target Christians for murder
  213. Glenn Beck to Oprah Winfrey...you disgust me!!!!
  214. Community Organizing at work
  215. Whites. You don't have a snowball chance in Hell
  216. Patient Beats nurse unconscious, she's in critical condition
  217. Kitty Genovese, 50th year since her murder
  218. Blacks at UCLA call correcting their grammar and punctuation racist
  219. New Store and Jobs? Not in Our "Organized Community"
  220. Friday night chaos at Florida State Fair
  221. Spreading HIV wrestler
  222. Disabled Vet attacked IN THE CITY, Media won't call it what it is
  223. Teen Gets 10 Years for Knockout Murder of College Student
  224. Knock That White Boy Out!
  225. "My Troop Leader says we are never going back there again"
  226. Murder at Dry River Store
  227. Norfolk, the Detroit of Virginia
  228. Brazen Knockout game in Broad Daylight
  229. 50 yrs of civil rights act in 1964
  230. Detroit: Home Invaders repelled by Mother Grizzly
  231. Another Knockout Game Murder 2-19-14
  232. High Society Afro-Martins
  233. The NFL Speech Police have Arrived!
  234. NFL: New rules for Racism
  235. Summary Of “Knock Out” Attacks
  236. Bus Driver shot and stabbed, saved by bible taking a bullet, Media scrubs "polar bear
  237. Brutal Polar Bear Attack with a Hammer in Philly
  238. Jesse Jackson: Trayvon has been resurrected
  239. Man Tries to 'Trayvon' a Cop with same result
  240. Life of White UK Man Is Worth 4.5 Years
  241. 7 Year Old Boy Shot Dead
  242. Preserving the California Golden Trout
  243. Memorial for Lee Rigby rejected by leftist council.
  244. Why blacks don't do business with black businesses
  245. Obama's sons.......
  246. 44 Y/O Black Pedo abducts 14 Year Old White Girl...Twice
  247. 17 yr old Son of Obama Slays White Vet
  248. Chef who stabbed her buddy Paula Deen n the back....having tough time
  249. Notes of a Fed UP Southerner.
  250. NYC Bowery Knock Out Victim speaks...with video