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  1. Five Harmful UN Treaties
  2. Gun Industry Marketing to Children
  4. Aaron Tobey Suing Department of Homeland Security
  5. People say I am paranoid; It all comes down to getting our firearms!
  6. A wonderful example of the types of immigrants this country NEEDS!
  7. Anonymous...........the Police State
  8. Armed Guard at Atlanta school saves the day!
  9. Texas set to 'terminate' trooper following roadside cavity searches
  10. News Flash, Gun Nuts: There is No "Right to Rebel"
  11. Jesse Jackson Thinks You Damn Nullifiers Are Terrorists!
  12. Most Americans Could Care Less About Keeping Marijuana Illegal
  13. Sandy hook father owns congress
  14. Citrus County Deputy Abuses Man For Legally Carrying A Weapon
  15. Cali crafting toughest gun laws in nation
  16. Seattle mayor grounds police drone program
  17. Govt Stockpiling Massive Ammo
  18. Where's the Outrage?
  19. The Guys that shot Hadiya
  20. Assault Rifle Ban is about Range
  21. ruger lcr
  22. Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms
  23. File under "awesome": Gun maker bans sales to New York
  24. Police bust a cap in some civilians they thought was Dorner--I'm not surprised
  25. Florida Cop: I’ll Feed You To The F*cking Gators
  26. Gun ban would protect more than 2,200 firearms
  27. One in three kids will be arrested before 23 and it has nothing to do with behavior
  28. Top Cop in Chicago is Statist Retard
  29. Virginia Pizza Shop Offers Discounts for Gun-owners
  30. Great: Washington State's New "PreCrime Software"...We're in Phillip K. Dick realms
  31. This is what your trust gets you, LEO asking for paper targets of pregnant women
  32. DHS gives 2 million to company producing paper targets of children
  33. Cops Kill Weaponless Young Man with Downs Syndrome
  35. TSA Apologizes for Feeling Up Wheelchair Bound Child
  36. DHS contractor apologizes but still sells targets
  37. Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVT
  38. Son with Gun saves self and parents from armed intruders
  39. Women take Joe Bite Me's Shotgun Advice
  40. NYPD Stop and Frisk: What's your opinion on this policy?
  41. Russia Seizes Tons of Heroin, Afghan War boosted drug trade
  42. City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis
  43. Connecticut Cop Assaults Woman for Video Recording him - See more at: http://www.phot
  44. You cop haters can rejoice, 2 police killed in the line of duty
  45. Bankers Help Drug Traffickers and Terrorists: Get Slap on the Wrist
  46. Eric Holder Says Sequestration Will Hinder Our Prison Complex Adversely
  47. Pot Smokers Drive Fine Far Above Legal THC Limit
  48. Vietnam Vet Loses 2nd Amendment Right
  49. Obama supporter would rather be murdered than shoot someone
  50. more cop bs
  51. NYPD lied under oath to prosecute Occupy activist
  52. Company will move if Colo. approves gun control
  53. Second-grader suspended for having breakfast pastry shaped like a gun
  54. Police set up shop in school
  55. Rachel Maddow is angry at 3 D printers--hey, want some blueprints??
  56. Piers Morgan and Alex Jones, should make your day to see Piers get pwnd
  57. Trend Watch: Houston police push to have guns removed from people they deem "ill"
  58. Military Patrol Austin Kite Festival in Martial Law Prep
  59. Militarization expert explains wtf has gone wrong with the police
  60. NYPD stalks at risk teens at home and online with threats, new program
  61. Gun deal in the works, call your Congressman ASAP
  62. Cop Shoots Suspect's Wheel, Bullet Ricochets and Hits Another Cop in the Face
  63. Police Under Nationwide investigation for paramiliatary activities
  64. The Single Chart that Proves how well Gun control works
  65. Man forgotten about in solitary for 2 years with no trial gets only 15 million
  66. Diane Feinstein is an evil conniving bitch
  67. even more cop BS
  68. TSA and terorists
  69. preparing for civil unrest
  70. Gun shows have no ammo for sale
  71. Claire McCaskill complains of aggressive TSA patdown
  72. Cops Search Garland TX Home Without Warrant: thanks Patriot Act
  73. Finally National Coverage: Forbes Covers DHS Buy Out of Ammo, please support them
  74. NYPD "Cannibal Cop" found guilty of all charges...
  75. FACT CHECK: Gun debate deals in moldy stats
  76. 8 Officers Charged With Gun Trafficking in U.S. Corruption Case
  77. To Protect And Serve Their Own Prurient Interests
  78. Soldiers or cops
  79. Quartzite AZ..............WTF?
  80. Is Government Readying For A Shooting War Against Gun Owners?
  81. The assault weapons ban: A case study in the politics of frivolity
  82. NYPD Stop and Frisk finally going to trial
  83. SWAT for a burglary???? It's conditioning people, prepare to feel like Soviet Russia
  84. Police militarization is happening, so what are we going to do about it?
  85. SWAT fires on 18 year old girl not carrying weapon
  86. Congress: Assault-weapons ban nixed from bill
  87. Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door
  88. Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate Bill
  89. you have just to be kidding me
  90. feeding homelss gets 4 arrested
  91. Gun control suffers two setbacks in Congress
  92. Police raid family home over Facebok post of gun instructer's child holding gun
  93. NATO cyberwar directive declares hackers military targets
  94. NRA Poised to Scuttle Gun Legislation Most Americans Want
  95. Marine with gun stops roadside beating
  96. 340 Sheriffs sign petition they will only uphold Constitutional laws--cool beans
  97. Colorado Sheriffs To Ignore New Gun Laws
  98. Michael Moore has his JesseJackson moment
  99. New Yorkers Can Snitch On Gun Owners For $500 Reward
  100. Russia Today asks DHS: Why so slient on bullet buy up?
  101. Government arguing for warrentless GPS trackers
  102. DHS Denies Massive Ammo Purchase
  103. Good ending
  104. Quantico Marine kills two then himself, I knew this one was coming
  105. Hypocrite Jim Carrey calls gun owners heartless
  106. DHS says screw you and screw sequester, buys another 360,000 rounds of hollow points
  107. AZ gunstore cancels Mark Kelly's AR purchase
  108. Mark Kelly's dog breaks loose and mauls baby seal to death
  109. Silent But Deadly: School Cops Arrest Students for Talking Too Loudly, Graffiti, and…
  110. I guess having all the prisoners die is one way of closing gitmo
  111. ACLU suing FBI over Stingray technology
  112. Obama Says ‘Shame on Us if We’ve Forgotten’ Newtown
  113. Obama uses executive power/gun control
  114. Cruz: Obama using Sandy Hook for his own agenda
  115. Good video of Cruz schooling Feinstein
  116. Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans
  117. New York SAFE Act 1st Victim Is Iraq War Vet: Arrested, Guns Seized
  118. Navy Vet had guns confiscated by force
  119. 3D gun printing website seized by Feds
  120. Who the hell is Mark Kelly and why is anyone giving him the time of day?
  121. Utah will defy federal anti-gun laws
  122. Conn. lawmakers unveil gun control plan
  123. Rep. Justin Amash on Debt, Abortion, Immigration & More
  124. NYPD boss said stop-and-frisk designed to 'instill fear' in minorities -
  125. First Person to Shoot Down Drone Will Be a 'Hero,' Industry Worries
  126. UN arms treaty says no guns for the aged
  127. Worlds Most Powerful Rifle Raising Fears In The Wrong Hands
  128. 4 more ways that Obama's gun control speach sows mistrust
  129. Waahhh sequester leaves FBI without fuel
  130. Obama's budget: Idiocracy on display
  131. Eight Republicans siding with Democrats to pass gun control--guess who?
  132. CNN: AQ complains about ease of gun procurement in US.
  133. my night ended well without a shot fired Where the hell is the AMMO?
  134. Boehner doesn't need Republican support to pass gun control
  135. Police Sergeant Fired Over Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets
  136. Quotes to Ponder regarding Gun Control
  137. Cop tries to get 17 year old to perform oral sex, gets suspended sentence
  138. Say I support gun control and we completely disarm all legal gun owners
  139. Twatsmack Bill Maher calls the 2nd amendment "Bullshit"
  140. Vet Abused, Disarmed By Cops Because ‘Polite’ Constitution Has No Place For Rights
  141. Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture
  142. Boston Bombing Suspects Identified
  143. Video: American University Students on Concealed Carry
  144. Who Cares What the Majority Wants on Guns? A Reason Op Ed
  145. Cop Pulls Gun On Slowpoke Teen In McDonald’s Drive-Thru
  146. Dems turning on Obama and sucking up to Hillary
  147. Shots fired in Colorado pot rally
  148. W.Va. student, school at odds over NRA T-shirt
  149. Suspect Accused Of Biting Mans Ear Off
  150. Wanna see what Martial Law looks like in America?
  151. Gun Control a different perspective
  152. Cops get wrong house in drug raid, shoot old man while wife in handcuffs
  153. AMMO Act to prevent government stockpiling?
  154. Most americans for background checks
  155. Bras with Ooomph
  156. Handgun-Sales Age Requirement Upheld by Court in NRA Suit
  157. Defense Distributed challenging the Congress
  158. Can you be a good person
  159. Police and FBI can't get their stories about Boston straight
  160. A .22 with some teeth.
  161. Gift store owner fined $60K for selling gun-shaped lighter
  162. Teenagers, social media, and terrorism: a threat level hard to assess
  163. Warning Graphic photos: Travis Alexander
  164. Defcad shut down again brought back up but shaky
  165. Adam Discusses Open Carry March On CBS
  166. Muskegon Michigan police/military exercises: Scenario, Homeschoolers are terrorists
  167. TAZED: Police In California Caught On Video Brutalizing Cooperative Couple In Their H
  168. Activists Rally to Free Adam Kokesh
  169. Eyes On LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) launch.
  170. Durham cop threatens to beat citizen and plant blow on him
  171. So... What Are The Solutions To School/Mass Shootings?
  172. How Private Policing Trumps Government Law Enforcement
  173. Scary Black Umbrella causes NJ Transit shut down
  174. Protecting Or Bullying? Cop Posing As Student Gets Autistic Kid To Buy Some Weed
  175. scarey bullshit
  176. Private Officer News Network
  177. Vet Charged 4 Firing Warning Shot At Burgler
  178. Morris Roberts delivers grenade to Bridgeport Conn PD
  179. Recall looms for gun control backer in Colo.
  180. The crusade begins...
  181. Undercover cops: right or wrong?
  182. Well, it happened.
  183. House votes to delay DHS ammo purchase
  184. New York Senate passes the "can't annoy the police while on duty" bill
  185. Florida Governor Suspends Sheriff For Standing Up For 2nd Amendment
  186. 3D Printed Guns
  187. Kudos for patience.
  188. SWAT Team Used To Silence Author
  189. I am awesome! Also titled: I got pulled over today
  190. Court Marshall assaults woman and then has her arrested
  191. How to Increase the CrimeRate Nationwide
  192. Freedom of Information Act.
  193. Mugshots
  194. 7 little Occupiers sittiin' in a tree'
  195. Bradley County Weighs School Gun Law
  196. Obama's OFA holds a GunControl Rally
  197. Cop orders bra shake for woman with broken taillight on car: this is the future
  198. Filming the police has risks associated with it.
  199. Jury Nullification.
  200. Don't buy bottled water or you can go to jail
  201. Nevada family suing police in violation of 3rd amendment
  202. See something, say something: man shot watering neighbors lawn
  203. On the Independence Day.............
  204. On this Independence Day.................
  205. “Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: The new warrior cop is out of control
  206. It’s Now LEGAL to SHOOT POLICE in Indiana if you believe.......
  207. What if George Zimmerman is found Not Guilty
  208. Speech Crime?
  209. Illinois enacts Concealed Carry law after Gov's Veto
  210. Expert bolsters Zimmerman account of Trayvon Martin shooting
  211. Adam Kokesh's house "raided" just to deliver warrant
  212. The Tailgating Trooper
  213. Cops blocking filming.
  214. Media hides police abuse
  215. Civil rights leaders seek new charges against Zimmerman
  216. Justice Department weighing civil rights case after Zimmerman cleared of all charges
  217. "Not guilty" does not necessarily mean George Zimmerman's legal trials are over. The
  218. SF jewelry slayings tied to price dispute
  219. 4 men found captive in Houston Home Dungeon so captor could get their checks
  220. US marshalls terrorize florida nurse
  221. Your favorite arms
  222. FBI hair analysis may have falsely convicted thousands, including some on death row
  223. Gangs of hammer weilding thugs attack in NYC
  224. Police State and Their Abuses
  225. NH Cops Need Armored Vehicles to Combat "Free Staters" and "others"
  226. The Police Subculture
  227. Armed Gov't agents raid Animal Shelter
  228. The Witchita Horror and the Law of Double Standard
  229. NYC rookie cops shoot 14yr old
  230. Report: Va. Gun Sales Up, Gun Violence Down
  231. SC says California must reease 10,000 criminals on the populace
  232. 5 Apologies to the Cops Who Beat Me Up for No Reason
  233. Black Mob beats man senseless in St. Paul
  234. CA Senate close to passing ammo bill
  235. Anti-Police Group antagonize police to provoke response.
  236. CDC Study ordered by OBAMA contradicts Obama's WH Anti-Gun Rhetoric
  237. Neighborhoods are hiring their own security
  238. Forced Home Inspections in the Obamacare Law
  239. Indiana State Police...leading the way in drunkedness
  240. CDCR Hunger Strike
  241. Homeland Security Employee prepping blacks for war on whites
  242. Concealed carry holsters
  243. Cops beat up women for filming them beating someone
  244. California: The beginning of the end
  245. Cops shoot barking dog while chasing criminal
  246. Cato Institute: More likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist
  247. Swat team sets wrong house on fire kills innocent man
  248. Ever-Present Terror: School Has Bus Hijacking Drill, Doesn’t Tell Students
  249. Cops shoot the wrong dude again, this time the guy was sleeping
  250. Cop punches pregnant woman to "change the channel"