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  1. Father shoots and kills 2-year-old son, himself after hours-long standoff
  2. Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Indicted for Perjury and Fired
  3. Obama Town Hall: The lies continue
  4. Philadelphia police officer expected to survive ambush, suspect arrested
  5. Hug from off-duty cop may have saved man's life
  6. Questions about prison
  7. Obama told John Lott: 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns'
  8. Obama curbs gun violence
  9. Gun shows
  10. 5 men rape 18-year-old girl at gunpoint in Brownsville playground
  11. Cop Takes Down Blade-Wielding Arsonist With A Taser!
  12. Video shows police shooting in hospital
  13. Police shooting black man
  14. Watch The Moment a Cop Finds an Abducted 3-Year-Old Girl in a Parking Lot
  15. LR Police responding to officer involved shooting
  16. 2 people shot at Cardinal Kitchens
  17. Cops Pull Woman From Her Minivan at Walmart
  18. Thief Forced to Get His Hands Dirty
  19. Baltimore Six Trial Update – Maryland Appeals Court Steps In, Postpones Trial
  20. American police scammed Canadian visitors out of $2.5 billion
  21. Anyone know where I can find a Glock 7?
  22. Entrapment
  23. Family: Constable who shot girl not to blame for her death
  24. This from Market Watch....
  25. 23 Million Background Checks in 2015
  26. Hickock 45's YouTube channel was terminated
  27. Another day at the prison
  28. Yes there are those that should not own guns.
  29. Is Glocktalk down?
  30. Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Tell Citizens to Gun Up
  31. Officer killed in Holladay shooting, another remains hospitalized
  32. Complaint against cop by members of Dekalb County FD backfires after video surfaces
  33. Suspect Accused Of Shooting Danville Police Officer Captured
  34. GlockTalk Forum is gone
  35. Gun Talk
  36. Saudi Arabian Nationals Plead Guilty to Renting Guns, Buying Ammunition Illegally
  37. Well I've gone and done it now....
  38. A Little Gun (Confiscation) History....
  39. The Marine Corps Times tweeted, “Veterans should lead the push for more secure gun la
  40. 10 Mass Shootings Have Something in Common
  41. Would you deny Piers Morgan a gun?
  42. Taser's latest: $399 quick-draw stun gun for personal protection
  43. Lars Andersen: a new level of archery
  44. Rules for a gun fight - No. 1 Hollywood lied...
  45. Officer Exposed Herself on Duty, Did Not Get Fired
  46. Libtard gun quote of the year and my somewhat caustic response
  47. Fast and Furious Scandal Resurfaces—Of Course The Liberal MSM Ignores it!
  48. Off duty cop killing one thug in Subway restaurant.
  49. SHOT Show 2016 News
  50. Adam-12 rarely seen footage
  51. incident at the prison
  52. This cop could of, and should of been stopped
  53. Feds indict 50 people, including 15 prison guards, in huge jailhouse phone fraud sche
  54. The Fastest Gun Ever - He Proves His Hand is FasterThan The Eye!
  55. OC Approves $150,000 Reward Increase in Escaped Jail Inmates Search
  56. Police seize baby from mother without warrant
  57. Bodycam Shows Assault On Officer, Man Tasered
  58. Police shooting man with shotgun
  59. Orlando Police Shooting Body Cam
  60. Video Shows Fatal Shooting of Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupier
  61. Police arrest man in slashing of 71-year-old woman on train
  62. Police arrest man whose rifle discharged, struck 7-year-old in the back
  63. Police arrest man accused of making girlfriend parade naked on street
  64. Suspect in double-fatal DUI crash was driving more than 100 mph, police say
  65. You carry a 2-inch Snubnose for Defense? Are You Crazy?
  66. Libtard media gun banner gets owned repeatedly
  67. Good guy with a gun saves cop
  68. Federal agents: Tampa man made pipe bombs in home
  69. Sometimes immigrants see things more clearly than most
  70. Oral Sex Show For 6 Year Old ...Parents Arrested
  71. A Win/Win
  72. Police dog shot and killed during 25-hour standoff
  73. Cop removed from college classroom
  74. The Latest Pal-Popper from Israel
  75. About time
  76. Suck it up Maryland
  77. Army extends pistol search yet again: New deadline Feb. 12
  78. Former Survivor contestant Michael Skupin charged with possessing child pornography
  79. For English cop, Detroit’s streets are a culture shock
  80. Multi-state crime wave of a Missouri couple likened to Bonnie and Clyde ended
  81. Cops drag two senior citizens out of their homes
  82. WANTED: Man accused of assaulting girl in mall bathroom
  83. Va. Passes Bill to Restore CCW Reciprocity
  84. Chicago officer sues estate of teen he shot, claiming trauma
  85. Crrrack....Ohhhhhhhhhh................
  86. San Antonio newspaper threatens to publish address of every local police officer
  87. Almost every top official in Texas city arrested in federal corruption case
  88. Conversation at the prison yesterday
  89. From jakarta with love
  90. What the Black Lives Matter movement misses about those police shootings
  91. Woman Suffers Miscarriage After Cops Beat Her During False Arrest
  92. Car takes off during traffic stop, dragging officer
  93. British Man Trips Suspect Running From Police
  94. Top 10 Dumbest Gun Banner Quotes
  95. Officer shot during active shooter situation in north Fargo
  96. Officer tries to talk to man- gets shot in the head by criminal
  97. Oklahoma man arrested in decapitation of his grandmother, her husband
  98. Two Cops Murdered in Maryland ‘Ambush’; Shot Because ‘Wearing Uniform’
  99. Cops nab 5th suspect in complex Brooklyn playground rape
  100. Gun owner thwarts attack on cop and no doubt saved his life
  101. If you are detained or about to be arrested...do this
  102. Four Mt. Rainier High seniors charged with raping two15-year-old classmates at school
  103. Crook’s arm ripped off after failed robbery attempt
  104. Wild Police Chase In North Texas... Stoner Rolls 90 miles
  105. Clarksdale, MS officer shot in head; in hospital
  106. Guy Pisses Himself When Getting Arrested? WTF
  107. Dramatic Video Footage: Hashim Abdul Rasheed Shot, Killed by Police
  108. Corrupt Civilians Busted Planting Drugs
  109. Shots fired into officer's home in Klamath Falls
  110. Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer investigated in alleged assault at Plaza Hotel
  111. Burglar in Rough Shape After Run-in With Texas Homeowner
  112. I Got "BUSTED"..... Karl Broke LAW ..Law WON
  113. St. Paul Police Officer Who Urged Drivers To Run Over Black Lives Matter Protesters
  114. Gun yoga
  115. Hold that cartridge
  116. Did U know that Marlin Arms Factory is closing, thanks to George Soros?? (dated news)
  117. Unarmed Man Beaten on Video
  118. Grand Jury Declines to Indict Officer in Shooting Death of St. Paul Man
  119. Suspect randomly shooting in Kalamazoo County Mich
  120. 2 suspects shot, Rockdale deputy injured during multi-county chase
  121. Dea agent busted for selling seized narcotics – “commits suicide” while in police cus
  122. Why people see Cops as arrogant
  123. Shocking CDC Report DESTROYS Anti-Gun Agenda — BOOM!
  124. Saw a "No Gun" sign I agree with today.
  125. Three Deputies Shot
  126. This Business Owner will Put a Smile on Your Face
  127. No First Amendment Right To Film Police
  128. Social Media thank you I came across
  129. Beretta Releases Photos of MHS-Model APX Handgun
  130. Video featuring Police footage not usually seen by the public.
  131. What resisting arrest looks like (video)
  132. Husband & wife team at the bar
  133. Video: Md. officer shoots passenger during traffic stop
  134. 11-year-old skips own birthday party to honor police
  135. Cops arrest sick woman in the hospital for unpaid fines, put her in jail & dehydrate
  136. Man hospitalized after police allegedly beat him while he is having a seizure
  137. Cop Fatally Shoots Knife Wielding Suspect
  138. Dashcam Video Of Seattle Police Shooting Armed Man
  139. A man was, "waving a gun and there's kids here,"
  140. Man killed in police shooting linked to murder case
  141. Video shows police saving man from heroin overdose
  142. Hospital Calls in the Cops to Control Man
  143. Bald Bandit Steals ROGAIN Hair Growth Supplement
  144. The City of Detroit will pay a pet owner $100,000 after a police officer shot his dog
  145. Three Prince William Police Officers Shot Responding to Shooting
  146. If Money Was No Object - What Would You Buy?
  147. Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!
  148. Forced Mental Health Screenings
  149. Woman officer killed second day on job
  150. The state of policing in America
  151. Off-duty NYPD officer killed by hit-and-run driver in New Jersey
  152. Clarence Thomas Speaks Out
  153. Sister of suspect who shot deputy speaks out in support of law enforcement
  154. Georgia family awarded $3.6M after SWAT team throws grenade at baby
  155. Watch dramatic shootout from Cop's perspective
  156. Aberdeen police officer, injured in crash, runs half-mile to provide backup
  157. Cops shoot and kill naked woman in her bed after they order her to show them where sh
  158. Size Matters
  159. Police chief, officer arrested on false imprisonment charges
  160. Chief Of Drug Task Force Caught Raping Women, Including a Child, in Exchange for Leni
  161. Man who shot Colorado deputies ranted against government
  162. Tickets for dangerous driving tossed
  163. Blame the Cops because they let him out of jail?!
  164. Police: Man pulled gun before being shot by officer Raleigh
  165. Are People in Wheelchairs Really Harmless?
  166. Smith & Wesson had a big quarter, and they're not shy about thanking Obama for it
  167. Cop who arrested man for being drunk is charged with perjury
  168. Couple arrested on concealed weapons charges at Charleston mall
  169. Cop trespasses, shoots family dog, leaves him to die
  170. Court: Cambridge commissioner improperly denied gun permit to retired cop
  171. Video: Dashcam clears St. Louis cops of claim they held kids at gunpoint
  172. Man wanted for 2 slashings in Queens
  173. Cop rams car full of children, flees, deletes dashcam — says it was all in the ‘scope
  174. DeBlasio Admits Gun Control is Useless
  175. Mass.shooting - Wilkinsburg PA
  176. DEA Cop Who Caged People for Drugs, Busted with Massive Amount of Cocaine in DEA Cons
  177. Police Officer Dead Following Shooting In Prince George’s County
  178. Armed customer shoots and kills attacker
  179. Police Catch Serial Slasher In Queens (Light Him Up As Well)
  180. Tips for Cop Haters
  181. Combat Veteran......
  182. On speed
  183. NYC cops hate their jobs Because of Mayor de Blasio
  184. Body cam video clears Ludlow police officer in fatal shooout
  185. Dash cam police chase-Officer miraculously dodges the bullet
  186. 2 Chicago police officers wounded in shooting on West Side
  187. Family Kills Escaped Convict Who Broke In Home, Tied Them Up
  188. Captain who bailed on shot cops may soon face historic charges
  189. Stay behind the Blurry Dot please.........
  190. Fort Worth officer in critical condition, suspect killed in shooting
  191. NRA: Garland Confirmation Will Lead To Gun Confiscation
  192. Man stabbed in Harlem rides subway before getting help, later dies
  193. Texas Police Officer Who Killed Teenager While Off-Duty Arrested On Murder Charge
  194. Two Children Found Dead at Benbrook Home TX
  195. Dashcam Video Captures Police Saving Baby's Life
  196. Police Officer Takes Crash Impact to Save Others
  197. Attorney accused of punching police officer
  198. 3 robbery suspects shot in officer-involved shooting in north Houston
  199. Mental exam ordered for KCK woman in case of boy fed to pigs
  200. Naked burglary suspect rescued by Oregon police
  201. Greenville SC police officer killed; suspect shot, killed himself
  202. 10" GUN hidden in Rectum in JAIL!!!!
  203. 3 arrested in Claiborne County murder Miss
  204. Indiana Deputy Killed, Another Injured While Serving Warrant
  205. Captain Clay Higgins gets new job at Marshal’s Office
  206. Machete-Wielding Man Slashes 3 After Fight Over Girlfriend in Queens Restaurant
  207. Cheektowaga Police Officer Shooting: Security and dashcam video
  208. For Everyone Who Would Rather Not Have A Gun In The House!
  209. Professor calls 911 on campus ROTC for carrying drill guns
  210. Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Car - Dashcam And Bodycam Video
  211. Bodycam Shows Burglary Suspect Failed Escape Attempt
  212. Semi-truck runs over police officer - Dashcam footage
  213. Man shoots police officer in the face when pulled over in suspected DUI
  214. Detroit: Shooting suspect caught using new gas station program
  215. Try to Shoot Detroit Cop? $3000 Bond Set
  216. Dashcam Video Shows Arrest Of Drunk Former Teacher In Florida
  217. Florida Trooper Hit By Car
  218. San Bernardino Firefighters Won’t Arrive On Scene Without Police Presence
  219. Black Officers Reflect On Being Considered Traitors In Community With the Black Lives
  220. 12-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Pinching Boy's Butt: "Kids Can’t Even Be Kids"
  221. GOP targets absurd rule banning veterans from owning guns
  222. BUSTED for overdue VHS tape
  223. Georgia sheriff charges 9 with murder after massive brawl leads to teen's death
  224. Moment NYPD cop shoots a dog DEAD at pointblank range with single bullet to the head
  225. Two officers, two others killed in fiery crash
  226. Police Delay Flight in Detroit
  227. Combat veteran on motorcycle fights off police chase suspect
  228. Coast Guard, Navy intercept submersible carrying $200M in cocaine
  229. Life in the electronic concentration camp.
  230. Terror suspect shot and detained by police in Brussels
  231. Gunman killed after taking girlfriend hostage from Calif. Office Depot
  232. Lawmakers want answers why VA stripped 260K vets of gun rights
  233. Gov. McCrory offering $10,000 reward in Franklin County shooting
  234. You can't kill an AK-47
  235. Victim: Prosecutor Was Like a Hero, Then He Raped Me
  236. Doctor allegedly masturbates on knocked-out patient
  237. Former reporter faces trial for raping girl, 13
  238. Bar owner indicted on rape, kidnapping charges
  239. Trucker Pleads Guilty to Abusing Underage Boys
  240. Spa Employee Raped Guest
  241. Uber driver accused of raping woman he picked up from o.c. Bar
  242. Music Teacher Who Raped Girl at Piano Lessons Gets Prison
  243. Mail carrier handcuffed by 4 plainclothes officers in Brooklyn while delivering packa
  244. Cops Let DWI Suspect Go After Finding Out He’s A Fellow Officer
  245. FBI employee charged with pointing a gun at woman's head inside a restaurant
  246. 'Organised crime gang' caught on camera 'stealing eight cars' from dealership
  247. USPS worker wanted in violent attack on supervisor
  248. Drunken-driving crash kills woman, 18
  249. Billionaire heir 'will plead guilty to killing three children and their grandfather
  250. Suspected Robber Dead After Being Shot by Off-Duty Fontana Officer