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  1. Feminists and the General and the Tramp/Goddes
  2. Women as assets to the country.
  3. Join me for a few dates (experimental).
  4. Kill the unborn
  5. Plurality of Voters approve of Gay Marriage
  6. No swearing, or else!
  7. The meaning of women's shapes?
  8. When/how will it end?
  9. GMA Weather 'guy' marries
  10. Do you watch the Housewives Of Atlanta?
  11. Is it 40, or 3x3x3=27 virgins that I get if I go muslim?
  12. Men's Fashion, first up, Meggings...for men
  13. Kids raised by single moms are stupider
  14. Mass Protests against Gay Marriage
  15. The Violence Against Women Act is Dead
  16. Feminists to Blame for Sandy Hook?
  17. Are fat people a different race?
  18. Roe V. Wade is Dead
  19. Guys: How Does This Make you Feel?
  20. Clive Davis Publicly Comes Out As Bi
  21. Homosexuality is a Mental Disorder
  22. Pentagon push to extend benefits to same-sex couples stirs debate Read more: http://
  23. Anal sex
  24. So You A Legs, Big Tits, or Pretty Face what Gets Ya Going
  25. More lefties giving themselves awards cause nobody else thinks it necessary: Madonna
  26. A Pornography Question For Women
  27. The party of pro life and anti birth control.
  28. Liberal media promotes anti-white racism
  29. Limits set for Famous NUDE Beach After Drug Use And Sex Trysts
  30. Polygamy: what we were meant to be ... .
  31. Is sex normal between people?
  32. Very Interesting and Funny Article: The Case Against Femen (Ukrainian Feminist Group)
  33. Teensy Boy Scout protest by Fleens
  34. Judge rules against Christian Woman for not renting to lesbians
  35. Diversity Is Perversity Getting It Straight On Race
  36. Gov't study Voice Therapy for Transgenders
  37. Gays have been misunderstood and oppressed.
  38. Girls told to ask Lesbians for kiss at school
  39. Masturbation??? Views And Opinions And What Does The Bible Say....
  40. Teens Fight For Gay/Straight Club At School....
  41. NBA Player Jason Collins Reveals He is Gay
  42. David Tutera Divorce My Fair Wedding Host Splits From Husband Ryan Jurica
  43. You will not believe this.
  44. Will promoting diversity decrease diversity or increase it?
  45. The Homosexual Agenda for Marriage
  46. Research of how many people actually have sex?
  47. Women voting - Good or bad?
  48. I look F-ing good.
  49. How would you be it love with ...
  50. The inferiority of Asian cultures.
  51. Women Rule! (music video)
  52. Michelle Obama confronts gay rights heckler at fundraiser
  53. It's not about the nail
  54. Manhattan claiming 'bias attacks'
  55. The Nation is at a turning point
  56. Are Whites Really Superior?
  57. Would Mexico Accept millions of WHITE immigrants into their nation?
  58. New Androgynous Models in demand on the Catwalk
  59. National Cathedral Rings bells for Homosexual Marriage
  60. Model Homo Fathers Abused adopted son for years
  61. Generational Cohort Discussion from an Anecdotal Perspective
  62. Costa Rica 'ACCIDENTALLY' passes homo marriage bill
  63. Obama Admin appoints Homosexual Ambassador to Dominican Republic
  64. Transgendered Navy Seal
  65. Same Sex Parenting: Child Abuse?
  66. former patients of sex change clinic say wrongful surgery destroyed their lives
  67. Metro-Sexuality. The NEW Masculinity??
  68. When Gay "rights" groups/supporters fail to condemn homo-pedos the movement suffers
  69. Transient Global Amnesia
  70. LGBT Anti-bullying campaign is a pulpit for bullying
  71. NY Teachers Aid sexually violates 8 year old
  72. WaPo crusades 4 Gender Preferred Pronouns
  73. New Book says the Matthew Shepherd story we know is not the truth
  74. Transgender Student Named Homecoming Queen
  75. The Science of Gay Marriage
  76. Is homosexuality being turned into a leftist ideology?
  77. Sexuality and Nature
  78. Christian University fires female prof who sez she is now a male Eunuch
  79. Gay Porn Actor leaves industry after terrifying near death experience
  80. Why my children will not be Girl Scouts
  81. Masculinity in America
  82. Dan Savage causes titilating moment at The View
  83. Transgender woman denied free mamogram
  84. The Non Transsexual - Transsexual
  85. Butt Cherry
  86. Obama Honors Sexual Predator Harvey Milk with Postage Stamp
  87. I Suppose A Gay Couple In A Southern State Can Just Move To A Liberal State Huh SMART
  88. States Rights Were States JUSTIFIED In Enforcing "SODOMY LAWS" Against GAYS
  89. The Mother Chick: Headbanger workout
  90. Illinois PASSES GAY MARRIAGE Governor Quinn Expected To Sign
  91. The science of homosexuality
  92. Are Women Naturally Bisexual?
  93. Is Homosexuality A Sin Serious Enough To GEt You Damned?....
  94. Pushing Porn to Women
  95. A Woman's Walk and Her SExual History: a Strange and Interesting Study....
  96. What do these women have in common?
  97. Gay activists and liberal supports have already laid the groundwork for pedo rights
  98. NJ Waitress claims patron denied her a tip because of her lesbian-ism
  99. Come out of the closet and admit you are cisgender.
  100. Christian B&B Owners forced to sell their business
  101. Putting A Real Face On Transgenderism An Intellegent Approach
  102. If GAY Is SUCH A CHOICE "debunking the ill-conceived notions" With Real WORLD FACTS
  103. Shredding Gender Specific Pronouns
  104. Why I Defend Gay Rights So Adamantly & Why I MUST STOP "not for debate"
  105. CDC: 62 Percent Of HIV-Positive Men Have Unprotected Sex
  106. If Men were in charge of the writing on Candy Hearts
  107. Pillow Biter Bar projects Gay Porn into public
  108. GAY WEDDING CAKE/Colorado Baker/SCOTUS
  109. I am a bitch: child endangerment by proxy?
  110. Bruce Jenner....been looking weird for a long time
  111. Botox Lips and Big eye makeup, Definitely a stereotype
  112. Preezy BrainDrain sends homos to Russian Olympics
  113. The Prancing Elites showed up at the Semmes Parade
  114. Told you so. Italian Court overturns pedophile conviction based on love
  115. Rose Parade: 2 homosexuals get married on the float
  116. Angry Fems: Intercourse = Sex = Rape
  117. Ecuadoran Prez rebukes Gender Ideology as dangerous and absurd
  118. Students Prank Poll Taker on Homo Issues
  119. The EYE CANDY Of A Chubby Chaser
  120. Sochi mayor claims there are no gay people in Sochi
  121. MSNBC's Roberts: Many Consider Obama 'First Gay Pres'
  122. Six Muslim siblings jailed after trying to kidnap sister’s lesbian partner
  123. Sally Kohn wants Disney to spead Gay Gospel to Tots
  124. Republican Says All Gays Should Be Purged From The Party Calls For Gay Purge
  125. Virgina Ban On Gay Marriage Struck Down Ruled Unconstitutional
  126. Uganda's president to sign bill that would allow life sentences for some homosexual
  127. More Think Speak from the progressives
  128. Media promotes 23yo Freestyle skier living alternative lifestyle
  129. ‘Homosexual Jim Crow Laws’? Get Real
  130. States Rights The Rallying Cry Of The Hateful & Ignorant
  131. Your sex job.
  132. All is lost, Thank Obama
  133. California transgender teen who claimed assault in school bathroom recants
  134. Gay Soldiers Put On DRAG QUEEN Show For Okinawa Air Base
  135. SF HomoRights Sleb sentenced for possession of Child Porn
  136. Planned parenthood training 'sexperts' to push sex on southern kindegarteners
  137. Orgasm machine for women
  138. Abortion Registry Louisianna Wants It Similar To Sex Offender Registry
  139. What standards to draw the line at?
  140. University Fems have kitten fit with hardware selling Pink Tools
  141. Sienna Baskin: Sex Workers to decriminalize.
  142. It was Only a Matter of Time
  143. Muslums and Christians come together
  144. Why Supposedly Straight Men Care So Much About Gays
  145. This is how you become gay.
  146. Why Do Queers agotta RUIN ST Patricks Day This Is BULSSHIT
  147. Sex With Ducks Yeah Ducks Gonna Whack That Mallard Allnight Long
  148. Openly Homosexual WH CHef Resigns
  149. Is There Any Question that these People are Sick?
  150. Is Homosexuality a choice?
  151. Lib Prof sez Beyonce is a fem hero for dancing naked and talking dirty
  152. I Can Solve The GAY Problem But Are Ya Up To The JOB or Aleast Hear Me Out
  153. Feminist Comedian wants to castrate white male conservatives....funny
  154. Yes
  155. The key to defeating gay marriage and the homosexual movement is science not religion
  156. The key to defeating gay marriage and the homosexual movement is science not religion
  157. How they passed animal sex
  158. men vs women..
  159. Gay men concerned after LA meningitis deaths
  160. From the Federal Gov't: Personal Hygiene for Women
  161. Trans Gender going after faith based school
  162. Homosexual Cub Scout Leader Charged with Sex with a Minor
  163. Neither Female Nor Male
  164. Heterosexual man punches girlfriend in face
  165. Brunei’s plan to stone gays riles UN
  166. True marriage supporters ‘not welcome’ in New York: councilman
  167. GAYDAR how to Spot Gay People
  168. When do you classify for gat?
  169. Prominent white homosexual activist exposed as a racist gay pedophile
  170. Judge strikes down Alberta law regarding sex switch on birth certificates
  171. Woman Arrested On Bestiality Charges After Looking For Horse On Craigslist
  172. Married Lesbian 'Throuple' Expecting Their First Baby: A Magical Libertarian Moment!
  173. Gender relations: who is boss?
  174. Gays/Lesbians Likely To Be Wealthier & More Educated Than Their Straight Counterparts
  175. Gay Marriage Bans Violate Freedom Of Religion Clergy Sue North Carolina
  176. California Allows First-Ever State Recognized Human-Animal Marriage -
  177. Watchout Black Woman A White Homo might Take Your Man
  178. michael sam strikes Reality show deal with Orca
  179. Barbara Streisand accused of saying gay sex is distasteful
  180. What is this kid doing in prison, by Harvey Fierstein
  181. The Sad story of David Reimar
  182. Medicare Lifts Ban On Gender Reassignment Surgery Or "Sex Change" operations
  183. White House to dedicate Harvey Milk stamp
  184. Why you will be LGBT whether you like it or not.
  185. The way to your western hearts: 419.
  186. Before Gays Rush Off To MARRY On A WHIM "Facts About MARRIAGE"
  187. Wis. AG:*Clerks*Could*Face*Jail time for Licensing Gay Marriages*
  188. Transgender activist found dead behind Dairy Queen
  189. HIV rates rise among young gay, bisexual men
  190. Mass. to cover range of transgender medical care
  191. Are You Against Abortion Well Then Raise The Unwanted Kids Put Up Or STFU
  192. Obama Gay - Mooch a Tranny
  193. Cases for zoosexuals
  194. Gay Marriage Bans What Is The Future As Courts Strike Down State Bans Weekly
  195. Difference between men and women is 3.14159 . . .
  196. Lgbt
  197. I have always been convinced of my sexual orientation...
  198. The STRAIGHT Obsession With Gays Why why why
  199. This is Why I hate Feminism
  200. Hide your children and get out your bibles...
  201. Homosexuality and Nine Eleven
  202. Another idol fell from the list
  203. Guy's misconceptions About Sex
  204. Another loud gay-case
  205. Homosexuality VS Youth
  206. Homosexual denied entry to homosexual bar
  207. Lesbian love is "phony"
  208. Missouri church leader arrested for seeking sex with dog
  209. UK police search singer Cliff Richard's house
  210. Together 48 years, gay Jewish couple fights NC marriage ban
  211. KILL Them All!
  212. Gay Balding freak wants to have sex with a new person every day
  213. liking Older Fat Guys?
  214. Pologamy decriminalized in Utah. TOLD YOU SO
  215. Sex For The First Time?
  216. Planned Parenthood Says " GOD SUPPORTS ABORTION"
  217. 37% of Gay Men Admit Molesting Minors and Pedophilia Tendancies
  218. 3 Strikes Rule for Abortions
  219. I have an idea: gayness is not a mental disease so ...
  220. Fat Bull Dyke Study gets 3 million of your money
  221. Cross Dressing freak boy gets a lesson in reality from the TSA
  222. Same Sex "marriage"
  223. The idiocy and fallacy of the arguments for gay marriage
  224. A Good Man?
  225. How girls select their guys ... .
  226. Margaret Mead and the Quackery that infected Western Culture
  227. Teen Stimulates Oral Sex With Jesus Statue Arrested
  228. Federal judge shoots down convicted pedophile’s claim that he was legally married to
  229. India celebrates cross dressing freak reading the news
  230. The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time
  231. Real Women jipped: Claims of highest paid woman really a man
  232. Kentucky school keeps transgender policy
  233. Tens of thousands rally in France against IVF, surrogacy for same-sex families
  234. SCOTUS Passes On GAY MARRIAGE lower court rulings stand legal By Fiat
  235. Is it the beginning of end of western civilization?
  236. Dating whilst halfwhittedly slow?
  237. chinese women today
  238. Philippine fury at US Marine’s hate crime against transgender Filipino
  239. Why Kids Sext
  240. A black a gay and a Jew walk into a tv interview
  241. Employee files discrimination suit against CCSD
  242. Why do we cave to LGBT community?
  243. This is what you get when you bastardize Christianity with LGBT values.
  244. LGBT uses little girls dropping F bombs to further their cause
  245. Woman attempts to set fire to home of underage girlfriend after breakup, sheriff says
  246. Man Sexually Abuses Woman's Pit Bull: Police
  247. Stop calling it equality
  248. There's usually another story behind that happy little gay married couple with kids
  249. Gay Marriage ban upheld in 4 States
  250. Court of Appeal recognises Muslim transgender rights in landmark ruling