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  1. The War in Afghanistan
  2. Ask a Freemason
  3. Empty Promises
  4. Cold Cases
  5. Just in time for Christmas and your Coffee Table!!
  6. Talk about the Creation story
  7. World War I: Trench Warfare Begins
  8. Why did the Pilgrims go to Holland?
  9. Revolutionary Quotes
  10. If atheism is a religion, who do they worship?
  11. Note to JamieFox: God will not be mocked
  12. There will be wars and rumors of wars
  13. The Self Destruction of the One Percent
  14. Ed Asner: Radical and seriously demented
  15. Matthews: Bill Clinton can help you get into heaven
  16. Harley davidson
  17. Justice
  18. IF our founders were atheists/deists. IF there was an intended separation of Church
  19. Open/Closed Societies pt 1
  20. Symbology, Coicidences, Conspiracy, or "Religion"
  21. Dostoyevsky was a prophet
  22. According to the Encyclopedia of Wars
  23. Why aren't you at church right now? *official thread*
  24. What is your religion
  25. What is your opinion of The Holy Trinity?
  26. Just who's flag is this?
  27. Earth First Hippies mourn the death of .......trees
  28. If is extraterrestial life discovered how does the idea of god fits?
  29. How occupied are the churchs in the town/city/zone where you live?
  30. With no soul, is a human life worth more than that of an animal?
  31. Self-esteem vs. Real Value
  32. What is necessary for someone to believe in God?
  33. O’Donnell Urges Obama to Exclude Bible
  34. Condemning people to HELLFIRE for eternity is the most evil thing I've ever heard.
  35. What do you do in Church and why do you go to Church?
  36. The Left isn't Totally Anti-Religion
  37. What makes a prophet or a religious book more reliable than other?
  38. US Veterans Suicidal
  39. Attention American Liberals
  40. Question for Everyone
  41. A Belief In God Is Irrational -- A Debate
  42. The Origin of God
  43. How Does Your Religious Faith Benefit You & What Do You Get Out Of It Personally
  44. Angels and demons
  45. A personal meeting with satan.
  46. Secrets hidden
  47. Man’s Trip To Heaven Story Going Viral!
  48. If God creates everything, then whos creations are artworks?
  49. Should Revelation have been canonized?
  50. Holy Crap, the Army has soldiers wrestling condoms over dildos as training LOL
  51. Euthanasia
  52. Meet the 20 men who could be pope
  53. Pickin' & Choosin': The Gospel according to Liberals
  54. New Pope, New Agenda? Nope.
  55. Ask a Mormon...just do it reasonably...
  56. 'weird things happened' on 'The Bible' set
  57. Respect for beliefs and other things Americans need to learn
  58. Why Did Jesus Have To Be Sacrificed
  59. Devil in "Bible" TV show resembles Obama
  60. Is America under Judgement?
  61. What do you think about Pope Francis?
  62. tolerance ?
  63. Lesbian Mary in Massachusetts
  64. Existence: What is the point?
  65. The Bible - too detailed to be a historical account?
  66. Roll Call Vietnam Vets!
  67. So, a Talking Snake
  68. Evolution is a hoax
  69. Do animals have souls?
  70. Is Hell Eternal?
  71. America/Sodom/Gomorrah
  72. This is why God does NOT exist!
  73. I really like to be Spanish: We don't have to support creationist ignorants
  74. A Founding Father of Economic Statism
  75. Lincoln Unmasked
  76. Why are religious studies teachers such PRICKS?
  77. Should you pay taxes?
  78. Do Christians actually believe people will respond to this?
  79. Historical Precedent for Private Law
  80. What is your opinion of Lilith?
  81. Why do people lose their religion?
  82. America is under judgement
  83. Remember TWA flight 800?
  84. How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)
  85. Tell me about the Jesuits
  86. Alan Watts and Eastern philosophy
  87. Tell me about the sea shells
  88. National Day of Prayer: First Thursday in May
  89. Do you work through weekends?
  90. Aquinas on Natural Law
  91. I would like to ...
  92. Mothers' Day
  93. My faith, per request
  94. The value of your pain.
  95. Seventh-day Adventist Church
  96. Why don't Christians care about occult symbols plastered all over US Govt stuff?
  97. Jewish Faith does not accept Christ as the Messiah
  98. Mormonism
  99. Sin
  100. Religion subject in school
  101. Language evolves and Fuck, Shit, Pussy, Dick... are not profane or curses
  102. Ya'll Motherbleepers need Jesus
  103. War - hoo yeah - good god y'all - what is it good for?
  104. Another personal meeting with satan.
  105. Jon Stewart slams Obama again this time over vets
  106. Helicopter Parenting: Parenting Philosophy
  107. A tale of 3 nations.. learning from history
  108. What's so good about patriotism?
  109. Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Documentary Memorial Day 2013
  110. Is PC a philosophy or a form of tyranny? What IS it really doing to us?
  111. Kathryn Schori says that Paul was wrong in curing demon possessed slave girl
  112. Sinful Creatures, Worse than Animals
  113. Two Marines Stand Their Ground
  114. Everyone has something in common
  115. Are superDebit cards or National ID the mark of the Beast
  116. Accessing Heaven Easier for Mentally Challenged?
  117. Gott Ist Tot
  118. USAF Opens Spec Ops to Women
  119. How to talk to kids about sex a Christian way.
  120. Catholicism compared to Christianity
  121. Albert J. Beveridge.
  122. Religion Sucks
  123. Religious Liberty is under Attack
  124. Bumble Bee Memorial, Wilsonville, Oregon
  125. Self defense techniques for women from combat vets
  126. Gettysburg Address
  127. Gettysburg 150 years later
  128. The Signers of the Constitution paid a price for their rebellion and Our Freedom
  129. How do you interpret this passage from Timothy?
  130. Kenyan Cardinal: US Progressives have already ruined their society
  131. Terrorize and Plunder: Islam's early economics
  132. The Innocence of Islamic Jihad
  133. The Illuminating Church is that burns
  134. Rise in Female Breadwinners means America is a loser
  135. What is a man?
  136. What President Coolidge knew about the Constitution
  137. The Quran: New International Version
  138. White Slavery in Britain and early America
  139. The suffering of the German people under post-war Allied occupation
  140. Muhammad and his Wives
  141. America was born out of a desire of People to be free of Tyranny
  142. The Lord is my Shepherd
  143. REAL reason the USA occupied Afghanistan
  144. Is Islam and mental ilness a deadly combo?
  145. The Ukrainian Holocaust
  146. Forgotten Heroine
  147. Throughout History there have been times that a people committed mass suicide
  148. The Angel Flight
  149. Lincoln: Tyrannical statist, or libertarian for freedom?
  150. Ask a National Socialist
  151. Christians being silenced or tring to.
  152. Mormons, an Interesting Group
  153. The Anarchist Revolution in Spain of 1936
  154. WWII Wehrmacht vets discussing war.
  155. SHARP: The new sexual harrassment and assault program
  156. Imperium Europa - the IDEA!
  157. The Greensboro Massacre - 3 NOV 79
  158. I'm not an anti-religionist
  159. Fahrenheit 312 AD
  160. Progressive Theology: The 8 Points
  161. Veteran's PAC
  162. Digging History: The latest 60 discoveries from the ancient world
  163. What is "wrong" with the world today?
  164. Must the Old Testament be followed, too?
  165. Hitler's Bodyguard Dies at 96
  166. How does a Young Man stay Pure
  167. Boat lift 911, A tale of Resilience
  168. 'Either You Convert to Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded'
  169. Kirk Cameron witnessing to Gang members
  170. Gene Simmons Defends Tim Tebow
  171. chemical dumping, children develop mystery illness
  172. Gemini's Old Testament Religion Homework.
  173. According to the bible which are the evil deeds of Satan?
  174. The Matrix of Liberty, The secret sauce recipe for American Liberty
  175. R.I.P. Ken Norton Semper Fi
  176. The thermal blast of Vesuvius
  177. Global Slaughter of Christian going on and the Churches are silent
  178. DemWit Gwen Moore alters the Bible to suit her politics
  179. Tax the Rich
  180. So what race were Adam and Eve?
  181. Let 'em Burn Forever
  182. Stateless Ireland
  183. Stateless Iceland
  184. Air Force dumps remains of 274 troops in landfill
  185. Soldier Salutes Commander while seemingly Unconscious
  186. I Can No Longer Be Atheist I Have Proven To Myself God Is REAL
  187. Did Hollywood studios help the Nazis?
  188. How did ‘73 oil shock change USA?
  189. What the sound of a Black Hawk means to me
  190. Iraq veteran's SpongeBob gravestone removed
  191. The Lightbearer
  192. What is wrong with this argument?
  193. What is God like?
  194. Kenya: Murdered Pastor Was Still Holding Bible in His Hand
  195. "No rest for the vicked" ... .
  196. Son and daughters of the Confederate
  197. Drones: A rare glimpse at sophisticated US spy plane
  198. Sweden's 'Pompeii' ? Ancient massacre being discovered by archaeologists
  199. Progressivism and the Nazi regime
  200. The Great Depression vs. The Great Recession
  201. Anarchy to authoritarianism, & all points between
  202. Veterans Day this coming Monday NOvember 11, 2013
  203. Anti-Semites are not true Christians, pope says
  204. The history of the Workhouses.
  205. Happy 238th Birthday Marines!
  206. Gahenna
  207. Daughter Of Atheist Finds Jesus Christ & Comes To Faith Despite The Odds
  208. The Foundation for a Better Life
  209. Pastor Abedini being denied meds and visitors in notorious Iranian prison
  210. Some People believe we are at the Rev 3:5 point
  211. Are You Happy And In Love? Here's Why That Makes You So Sad
  212. Christian question: what can end up in hell?
  213. If God is so against sin, why create animals that do the things we are told not to.
  214. Satan, the god of this world
  215. The Trauma of Birth
  216. Minsk's fond memories of Lee Harvey Oswald
  217. Muslim Blood is superior to infidel blood
  218. Religions Survival Relies 100% Upon INDOCTRINATION and Brainwashing
  219. Is GOD Speaking To Me Through My Radio And Sending A Message
  220. Christians and Evil
  221. Does doing yoga make you a Hindu?
  222. Angola officially BANS Islam !!!
  223. 10,000-year-old house uncovered outside Jerusalem
  224. Prayer boosts Self Control and Emotional stability
  225. Ancient Mega Structures of the Deep
  226. The General's Son
  227. Saudi cleric says 'women driver ban guards against evil'
  228. The King James Version
  229. New discovery fills gap in ancient Jerusalem history
  230. Wicked catholics protecting church from moral leftists
  231. Ben Breedlove
  232. Milton Friedman quote
  233. The pre-history of the US dollar
  234. Satan's very 1st trick.
  235. Group wants to put up a Satanic monument next to the 10 Commandments in OK
  236. Drummer Boy
  237. Did you get your box knocked off?
  238. FY14 Cutbacks
  239. Why do ww2 storm helmets have that net on them?
  240. My theory on magick
  241. Americans' Belief In God Is Declining [though still strong, however]
  242. Study shows that 0.5% of pregnant women claim virgin births!
  243. Who cares about the poor more?
  244. No, we will have a king..
  245. Old civil war men yelling the rebel Yell
  246. Happy Birthday, Jesus. Thanks for the gift of American Freedom!
  247. World impact of Jesus
  248. The History Channel…..
  249. Military Channel does Biblical stuff?
  250. The worth of a woman: the Bible vs. the Quran