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  1. The War in Afghanistan
  2. Empty Promises
  3. US Veterans Suicidal
  4. Holy Crap, the Army has soldiers wrestling condoms over dildos as training LOL
  5. Roll Call Vietnam Vets!
  6. How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)
  7. Jon Stewart slams Obama again this time over vets
  8. Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Documentary Memorial Day 2013
  9. Two Marines Stand Their Ground
  10. USAF Opens Spec Ops to Women
  11. Self defense techniques for women from combat vets
  12. REAL reason the USA occupied Afghanistan
  13. The Angel Flight
  14. SHARP: The new sexual harrassment and assault program
  15. Veteran's PAC
  16. R.I.P. Ken Norton Semper Fi
  17. Air Force dumps remains of 274 troops in landfill
  18. Soldier Salutes Commander while seemingly Unconscious
  19. What the sound of a Black Hawk means to me
  20. Iraq veteran's SpongeBob gravestone removed
  21. Drones: A rare glimpse at sophisticated US spy plane
  22. Happy 238th Birthday Marines!
  23. FY14 Cutbacks
  24. The Jake Tapper/Marcus Luttrell Interview
  25. WW II Veteran Criticizes Obama
  26. Navy Crashes Another F-18
  27. 25K Airman to be cut
  28. Is there such a thing as a "civilian"?
  29. Should US negotiate with Taliban to swap prisoners for American POW Bowe Bergdahl?
  30. Some Military Humor
  31. Here’s the U.S. Army’s $96 Million, 300-Acre Fake City in Virginia
  32. VA destroying Veterans records
  33. True spirit of the infanteer.
  34. This Unexpected Moment Between a Drill Sergeant and a Troubled Preteen Will Melt You
  35. Do 'Drag Queens' Shows on a U.S. military base send a wrong message to our enemies?
  36. Go Australian...
  37. Iraq 2003-2007
  38. USAF Basic Training
  39. Kadena: The Eye of the Pacific
  40. Veterans not welcome;- Yates.
  41. Brit sniper kills six Taliban with ONE BULLET
  42. Saltpeter....
  43. 4/2/82 Don't get too comfortable mate, we'll be back.
  44. Secret Spaceplane, Mystery Mission
  45. Last letter home
  46. Why?
  47. The Only Good Terrorist is a Dead Terrorist - Video
  48. The Boston Tea Party guys were traitors to the King, ya know
  49. New Study - Military Dislikes Obama Too
  50. A case against JRotC
  51. Remember.....
  52. Soldier, 55, about to graduate from combat basic training
  53. Dependent's Arrogance
  54. 70th Anniversary of D-Day
  55. A veteran gets his due during a marathon
  56. Vets Died as VA Prioritized GREEN ENERGY
  57. For the guys here.....Amy Adams gives up seat to soldier
  58. Foriegn Officer Placed Incharge of American Forces
  59. What's Going On?
  60. The Animals that served in the First World War
  61. How veterans are faring?
  62. New USAF Commercial Leaves Out Obama
  63. Army Veteran, 22, Shot, Killed at His Homecoming Party in Sylmar
  64. 2014 Marine Corps Birthday Message
  65. Any former Airborne veterans on here?
  66. Company targeting military members
  67. Paid College For Vets
  68. Why America's Military Must Be Strong
  69. Spice 250 bombs - The israeli heavy weapon exposed
  70. The weapon, that America needs!
  71. To Whom Honor is Due ~ Patrick J.Z.
  72. This is the stuff that military coups are made of....
  73. ‘American Sniper’ Makes Clint Eastwood’s Day With $29.1M Friday
  74. Fort Hood victims will receive Purple Heart
  75. Cold War Espionage - The Walker Spy Ring (1989)
  76. Veteran's Issues
  77. Relax enlistment standards as the military is fired
  78. Christians not welcome in the military
  79. Gov Huckabee Telling Christians to Stay out of the Military
  80. Best for Vets: Employers 2015
  81. A Soldier's Vision Quest
  82. The German Navy of 2015
  83. Today's DONSA
  84. Note to a Generic Pentagon General
  85. A Cold War Novel
  86. A-10 Versus F-35
  87. Eight remaining female candidates fail first phase of Ranger school
  88. How Enormous D-Day Was
  89. USAF Warrior Song
  90. Online Job Hunting for Vets
  91. 2016 Proposed Military Pay Charts
  92. 240 Years of US Army Uniforms
  93. Klinger tapped to lead transgender military
  94. Air Force Trying to “Fix” Shortage of Drone Pilots
  95. I Need to Find Political Action Groups for Disabled Veterans
  96. Are you in opposition to your Government?
  97. Jobs for Vets With Maintenance Skills
  98. Completely Humbled
  99. What The VA Needs...
  100. DOD Seeking to Replace the Humvee
  101. For 'Nam Vets
  102. These 5 Companies Looking For Tech-Savvy Vets With IT Skills
  103. Welcome Home!!
  104. A thread dedicated to "The Unit"
  105. Take a look at the Military's replacement for the C5 Galaxy and C-17 cargo planes
  106. To All My Fellow Veterans
  107. Foreign War movies
  108. Air Force Weakened / Obama's Plan a Success
  109. Jimmy McMillan
  110. Merry Christmas Murph
  111. My 2015 in Review
  112. Trained Dogs Can Help Vets With PTSD – But VA Won't Pay
  113. Warthog dodges retirement for now. Re-enlistment open ended.
  114. Walter “Jim” Hosey goes out with a bang
  115. The Empty Chair
  116. 3 Things You Need To Nail Your VA Disability Claim
  117. Chick-fil-A: A Tribute to Vets.....
  118. wounded warrior project
  119. Before and now pics 1942/43 and 2013 War torn russia
  120. If you see a coin on a gravestone this is what it means
  121. How To Pack The Ultimate Care Package
  122. Wife of Military man....Kay Griggs....tells all
  123. This Medal of Honor recipient is the quiet type, reminds me of...
  124. Obama Activates 50 year old Aircraft to Fight ISIL
  125. Memories of my Brothers
  126. How on God’s Green Earth Is the B-52 Still in Service?
  127. Vet Goes on Hunger Strike After Kansas Took His Kids
  128. F/A - 18 Video / Documentary
  129. Happy 40th Birthday Mike
  130. Cadence songs that I remember
  131. Laser/microwave weapons are the future
  132. Taliban Nears Helmand Capital, Overruns Checkpoints
  133. 500 Pound Bomb Dropped on U.S. Soldiers By Mistake
  134. Recon marines repel taliban ambush
  135. Most effective types of bombs that Russia uses in Syria Now
  136. U.S. Tanks Fail To Place in NATO Tank Competition
  137. One of the “Ghost Fleets”
  138. Course 15 Destroying the Air Force
  139. Military To Be Defunded Even More
  140. 11 Awesome Companies For Vets Who Want To Launch A Career In Maintenance
  141. Senate Robbed Veterans of Millions to Resettle Afghan Interpreters
  142. Memorial Day
  143. Russian Military Might
  144. Obama, VA is healing
  145. U.S. Army Overthrows Obama and Storms Federal Reserve
  146. VETERANS - I need uniform information.
  147. Navy F-35C Landed So Precisely, It Tore Up a Runway
  148. A Look At Russia's Version Of The A-10 Warthog
  149. Valiant 9yo waits in the rain, barefoot to salute veteran's funeral procession
  150. The Proposed 2017 Military Pay Chart
  151. Air Force Names New Bomber - B21 Raider
  152. The US Air Force wants to roll out a cheaper attack aircraft to fly alongside the A-1
  153. Those Who Fly and Fix the F-35
  154. Israel innovates / Iran buys weapons
  155. Our Troops in Afghanistan need – boots!
  156. LCS Montgomery Sustains Hull Crack in Hurricane Surf
  157. Your Typical Military Gym
  158. How to treat Veterans
  159. Defense Secretary Orders Pentagon To Stop Collecting Cali Nat Gaurd Bonus Repays
  160. AF Says, “A-10 to stay 'indefinitely'”
  161. Veterans, Combat & Respect
  162. Military Quotes
  163. A-10 Nose Art
  164. Marine Jets Crash in San Fran
  165. Veterans Day 2016
  166. Hundreds of Enlisted Airmen Line Up to Fly Drones
  167. Dubya to release book of veteran paintings
  168. A-10 to be replaced by ARES turbofan
  169. French special forces in Syria
  170. Most expensive destroyer in Navy history breaks down
  171. Personal data for more than 130,000 sailors was breached, Navy says
  172. IS conflict: US soldier killed in Syria blast
  173. Turkey bombs Russian troops/Russia bombs Turkish troops in Syria
  174. Typical American Platoon Roster
  175. A look at the difference between US and Russain airforce
  176. Vietnam vet dies with maggots crawling in wound
  177. Pearl Harbor day: the original "never forget"
  178. NON sterile maggots in wound of Vet lead to four VA resignations
  179. Karl and the Military
  180. Military Wife Gets Creative With Christmas Pic
  181. Boot Camp for Men & Women Over 60
  182. Elderly Disabled Veteran Rotting in Solitary
  183. Muslim Army Chaplain says it’s OK to Beat Your Wives
  184. Vet's final message: Good bye dear friends
  185. PAK FA T-50 vs F-22 detailed comparison
  186. VA Medical Center Ratings
  187. Marine Corps One – None Like It
  188. So long F-35.....Hello F/A-18
  189. DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Army Heraldry Meanings
  190. Apache vs. Night Hunter
  191. Afghanistan HD Helmet Cam Footage Of US Special Operations In Action In The Afghan De
  192. Top Gun: Charlie schools Maverick
  193. Volunteers Needed for Clinical Trial of Marijuana for PTSD Symptoms
  194. 8 Reasons Why NCOs Should Write and Publish
  195. Soulless bastards abuse animal to death and attack disabled Vet
  196. Wright the New Chief Master Sergeant of the USAF
  197. Rockwell OV 10 Bronco in perspective
  198. USS Carl Vinson Deploying To South China Sea
  199. VA To Toss Out 500,000 Applications For Healthcare Due To Its Own Errors
  200. Mosul update 24 02 2017 first west village free!
  201. Yemen update 25 02 2017 ballistic drops on mokha!
  202. Today in Mosul
  203. Ukraine rebel safe house
  204. Ukrainian War, Avdiivka Fight between Ukrainian Armed Forces and Pro-Russia Rebels
  205. US Marines and Iraqi insurgents
  206. Syria war today
  207. True story
  208. Taking Away Veteran's Benefits as Punishment?
  209. Military Life
  210. The Most Armed Man in America , Weapons Tour
  211. Veteran Employment Bill Passes Senate
  212. Military Personnel Fighting In Mosul Are Switching To Black Uniforms
  213. Bleeding Hearts Moan Over Bombing Iraqi Citizens
  214. “Dereliction of Duty”
  215. ‘Embracing The Suck’
  216. March 29th~Good, we shouldn't forget them. It's abut time
  217. 15 April Events With Free Tickets For Vets And Service Members
  218. Marines Call US Help Desk in The Middle of A Firefight To Fix Gun
  219. A Little Military Trivia That U May Not Be Aware Of...
  220. Exclusive: Here’s What Vets Are About To Get From Trump’s VA
  221. Sobering website for Vietnam Veterans.
  222. Growing readiness woes: Only 7 in 10 Air Force planes are ready to fly
  223. Christian Syrian girls fighting to protect themselves from western backed Muslims,
  224. Irainian stealth fighter
  225. Iraqi Soldier Takes 7.62 Tracer to Face, Shrugs It Off
  226. US Army Combat Uniform
  227. Absolutely !
  228. Pigeons of war
  229. Our guys are good!
  230. A 1956 Magazine Article on The Soldier of The Future
  231. This Is Why The C-130 Is An Awesome Flying Machine
  232. R.J. Wiedemann, Lt. Col. USMC Ret.
  233. Don't forget our Veterans
  234. The battle for Marjah
  235. North Korea vs South Korea - Infantry Weapons
  236. Shadow Company Official Full Documentary
  237. Ok, Henderson quit messing around!
  238. Holy Orders, Knighthood~Templars~Hospitllar et al
  239. Helicopter Landings Can Be Tricky Too!
  240. Helmet cam: Combat in Afghanistan
  241. Remembering our Historic Wars
  242. Armed Forces Day
  243. Overkill
  244. And the old black California license plates
  245. For their Service~
  246. Memorial Day 2017
  247. Service To Country - Honorable Mention....
  248. God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood
  249. One of our boys~from the South~God love em!
  250. Memorial Day: The number of Americans who have died in battle since the Revolutionary