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  1. Measles, mumps, whooping cough, rotavirus
  2. The upshot of ObamaCare: fewer full-time employees
  3. Fertility & In Vitro Fertilization
  4. Climate Change & Global Warming
  5. Cholera, typhoid, West Nile, ebola, malaria & other tropiocal diseases
  6. Pneumonia & other respiratory ailments
  7. Bird, Seasonal & Swine Flu
  8. Brain Injuries & Disorders
  9. Supercomputers
  10. Supercomputers
  11. Physics & Quantum Theory
  12. Cancer breakthroughs, research & treatment
  13. Astronomy & Cosmology
  14. Deadly MRSA staph infection
  15. Computer Innovations
  16. Diabetes advances, research & treatments
  17. Invisibility cloaks & Deflector shields
  18. Vaccines & Inoculations
  19. Solar, Tidal & Wind Power
  20. Ulcerative colitis & other Inflammatory Bowel Disorders
  21. What causes heart attack?
  22. Health Care providers and IVP screenings
  23. DeathPanels for sickly UK babes
  24. Super-Giant Black Hole Baffles Scientists
  25. A tribute to Soviet engineering and workmanship.
  26. Mars "Curiosity"
  27. Florida considering introduction of genetically modified Mosquitoes
  28. ObamCare's hidden 3.5 percent surtax
  29. Cedar-Sinai Surgeon infects patients with staph infection
  30. Tides
  31. Obamacare: The Failure that keeps on Failing !!!
  32. Rescue
  33. School Shooting could put mental health in spotlight
  35. Belgium looks at Euthanasia for minors and Alzheimers Sufferers.
  36. TSA screeners laughing at you standing there while they ogle your privates
  37. You have poisoned yourself. But why?
  38. All Android tablets are not equal
  39. AlRoker's most embarrassing
  40. What was the big (liberal?) idea with killing off smoking?
  41. Bloomberg to limit painkillers in the ER
  42. 27 Science Fictions that became Science Facts in 2012
  43. Help Wanted: Astronauts Needed for Mars Colony
  44. Are you well stacked up or are you full of holes?
  45. The science of National Traditions -- experiments.
  46. Ms Montana / Ms America -- beauty peagant with autism.
  47. Crab Lice may have to go on the Endangered Species list
  48. Giant Obelisks discovered in the Atlantic
  49. Pet Peeves in Popular Science
  50. Mentally-Ill smoke 30% Of All Cigarettes
  51. Google Chrome User? You'll enjoy this.
  52. Krugman on the (ostensible) need for new taxes, healthcare rationing
  53. I Know Whole Grain Is Healthier But I Cannot Eat Whole Grain YUCK
  54. Alien Robot Arm Discovered by Mars Rover
  55. Premium discount for normal weight people?
  56. Four Ways Obamacare Could Still Fail
  57. Why I Smoke Weed Despite Illegality
  58. Gay Or Straight What Sexuality Are These People Be Classified As?
  59. Pest Control Medicine
  60. Gynecologist caught secretly videotaping exams
  61. The AIDS Epidemic in Black America
  62. HuffPost Staff, Unplug Technology
  63. Arkansas Police Tracking License Plates With Computer Data Sifting
  64. "God Particle" Confirmed
  65. This is not a moon
  66. Check out my most demented superweapon, that works WHAHAHA ... .
  67. Reworked my site looking for feedback
  68. Most detailed map of Big Bang radiation unveiled
  69. Does anyone else here suffer from diabetes?
  70. The D-wave quantum computer.
  71. Woman's breast implant falls out of chest, careful what you wish for.
  72. Dodge Magnum and Chrisler PT Cruiser ... .
  73. The Cost of having this Thing turn into a human
  74. Cecile Richards and PP hearings
  75. The magic of the wagon wheel ... .
  76. New Review up. Geeks have a look. I need feedback.
  77. HIV Test Urged for 7,000 Oklahoma Dental Patients
  78. A Planned Parenthood representative defends infanticide
  79. google smell
  80. NASA to Lasso Asteroid, Put it in orbit
  81. Which came first / the Chicken or the Egg ?
  82. Most health ins's won't meet Obamacare standards
  83. Bioethics - A More Ethical Strategy Against Obesity
  84. Linked in thread
  85. Doc charged in Botched Robo-surgeries
  86. Can microbial life survive in outer space?
  87. Where are the Voyager Probes now?
  88. Positive Psychology
  89. Enviro-mentalists sign petition to....Ban Water
  90. Back To the Future At NASA?
  91. Top Dem sees 'train wreck' for Obamacare
  92. A computer crash
  93. Hubble: Stunning New Nebula Photo
  94. 34 Million Miles to Mars
  95. Russian Scientists say period of global cooling ahead due to changes in the sun
  96. Would you recommend my new drug?
  97. Realistic Human CGI = Actors out of work?
  98. Medical Marijuana Electronic Cigarette
  99. Saturn and Jupiter
  100. The good bra.
  101. Why are STD's not quarantined?
  102. Man's runny nose was brain leaking fluid
  103. The most interesting scientific experiment, ever.
  104. How Big?
  105. I am INSANE.
  106. iPod/iTunes Monopoly
  107. ISS Spacewalk
  108. Anjelina Jolie has had a double mastectomy
  109. The. most INSANE Planned Parenthood Ad EV. ER.
  110. WE are the idiots
  111. Mermaids
  112. I propose communications logs, buffers/caches and archives
  113. Planetary alignment peaks with celestial show this weekend
  114. Asteroid QE2 to Pass Close to Earth.
  115. Good Android Apps?
  116. No Science behind Blood Type Diets
  117. Couple headed to Hawaii for Dolphin Assisted Birth process
  118. Toronto hospital dehydrating sick children with disabilities
  119. Now THIS is my kinda exercise
  120. Free thinking political podcast Feed back PLEASE!
  121. Are higher prices for healthcare insurance a good thing?
  122. Chimp and Human DNA. What does it mean?
  123. This is not Saturn or Science
  124. How I returned to the Shuttle
  125. Mad World: Giants and nephilim
  126. Random number experiment: the key to your existence.
  127. Escherian Stairwell. how do they do that?????
  128. DuckDuckGo or Google
  129. The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax
  130. Minds stored on Computers by 2045..Bodies Replaced by Machines by 2100
  131. Bubonic Plague.
  132. NASA for the Public - Just a Front?
  133. Woman's 'foot orgasm' is first known case
  134. Face Transplant patients remarkable photos
  135. Easy workout for those who are injured or just starting back up
  136. Burn Help
  137. Meet my CGI girlfriends.
  138. Time Warner (Ted Turner) Tells Me I have No Hard Drive
  139. CDC: HIV rates among homosexual men is epidemic
  140. Organic food, the threat you don't hear about
  141. Patient awakens on Table as doctors about to remove her organs for transplant
  142. So Much For ‘Settled Science’
  143. Cannabinoids promote embryonic and adult hippocampus neurogenesis
  144. Neuroscientist Carl Hart: Science Says We Should Decriminalize Drugs
  145. Researchers say fossil with tooth proves T. rex was predator
  146. Virginia Abortion Clinic closes
  147. The Abortion stories the media doesn't want you to hear
  148. Illegal immigrants Bankrupting Hospitals
  149. Racial Mixing and Outbreeding Depression in Human populations?
  150. 22 weeks (sad abortion documentary)
  151. My right nut...
  152. Hydration
  153. Need Help
  154. Tips to maintain health
  155. Democrats turn against ObamaCare
  156. ObamaCare may be defunded
  157. The Eugenics movement
  158. Scientists find strange, shape-shifting particles
  159. NSA Award for Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper
  160. Bikini Wax How to
  161. You can't believe in heliocentrism and still believe in God
  162. Celebs gobbling up nutrients needed by Preemies
  163. Why are Orion's Belt and Sirius SO important?
  164. Tech getting less user-friendly
  165. How much colesterol is life threatening?
  166. I've been duped!
  167. Would you buy this mouse?
  168. Military and ex. Military
  169. Post a shot of your desktop
  170. Rep Jaime Herrera Beutler and her new baby
  171. Alternative cardio
  172. Psychopathology: kids of teachers and shrinks.
  173. The Internet Effect Cannot be Quantified
  174. Brain scans reveal which vegetative patients are cognizant
  175. 25 cosmetic surgeries gone terribly wrong.
  176. Handy URLs
  177. Moment of silence!
  178. Video: Cuddly toy's journey into space
  179. Sexual repression a contributing factor in narcissism + psychopathy
  180. Huge canyon under Greenland ice
  181. The first run
  182. PCIP, out of money.
  183. How could she not know she was pregnant ?!?
  184. I would like to invent a ...
  185. This year what they are doing
  186. The best and worst discovery of mankind; ever
  187. Record Closing of Abortion Clinics
  188. Would you...
  189. "Global Warming" theory debunked
  190. The left wants Republicans to cave on ObamaCare
  191. government holding older medical patients hostage
  192. Radiation makes Mars mission unlikely
  193. Flesh eating Drug KROKODIL surfaces in the US
  194. NASA's Curiosity rover finds water in Mars dirt
  195. In Wake of Tuesday's Paki quake, Island emerges off ocean floor
  196. Study: Insurance costs to soar under Obamacare
  197. Obamacare 101: What to know if you opt out of buying health insurance
  198. Most who checked out ObamaCare online did not sign up for it
  199. Hands Down, Weirdest and Most Screwed-Up Medical Story I've read in Years!!!
  200. AR5 is ridiculous - AGW/Climate Change is becoming a joke unto itself
  201. It isn't gonna work
  202. Police: Missouri man secretly exposed partner, and maybe 300 others, to HIV
  203. Coming to a theater of conflict near you
  204. End of free NHS care for migrants under new bill
  205. The millionth Raspberry Pi
  206. Phones
  207. OxyELITE Pro Alert
  208. Ants
  209. BROWSERS - Which One?
  210. Solving The SCROLLING Problem On Tablets & Smartphones.
  211. The center tastes like raspberry!
  212. ObamaCare will lead to much higher out-of-pocket expenses
  213. The Jaguar is back in business!
  214. Sebelius on the Run
  215. Dick Cheney: Heart implant attack was credible
  216. Need Help with ObamaCare? Call 1-800-F U-CKYO
  217. A BACKDOOR to ACA rates!
  218. Having Internet Connectivity Problems W/New Cable Service
  219. ACA Website Hidden Warning: No "Reasonable Expectation" of privacy
  220. My “Eureka” moment. A cure for cancer.
  221. Grid in Britain being brought to strain
  222. Avoid Obamacare Penalties Simply By Not Having A Tax Return
  223. Report suggests slowdown in CO2 emissions rise
  224. Rush Revere Explains Obamacare Through APPLE makes comparrison
  225. Will we ever be able to drill all the way across?
  226. DVD or Blu-Ray
  227. The MMGW lie takes another hit
  228. Recruiting!
  229. Lauer and Roker to get Prostate exam on live TV
  230. Some Americans accepting death as option over Obamacare
  231. do you use with the Animas
  232. Have You Ever Wished You Were DEAD Do You Hate Being Alive Ever Attempted Suicide
  233. The Benefits Of A Steam, Sauna, And Hot Tub Detox And Rejuvenation
  234. Got a good pair of binoculars? Incoming Comet ISON's visible now
  235. Cars That Run For 100 Years Without Refuelling
  236. Scientists confirm age of oldest creature on earth and kill it in the process
  237. Solar Energy Panels are killing birds along migration paths
  238. Stone-tipped spear discovery pushes human existence back by 85,000 years
  239. Soft tyranny on exhibit for students to witness first hand: The short life of Caitlyn
  240. Night Sky
  241. DNA hint of European origin for dogs
  242. Pet Poll: Do you own a pet?
  243. Couple whose abortion was cancelled discuss court ruling
  244. Hospitals Are The New Prisons: The Justina Pelletier Story
  245. Scientists Witness Massive Gamma-ray Burst
  246. Why is the US the only country where you can't buy Chinese car models?
  247. Science and theology
  248. Why China is fixated on the Moon
  249. Abortionist who kept frozen bodies of his victims dies in his home
  250. Ezekiel Emanual on the future of allocating healthcare resources