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  1. Cherry Popper
  2. A toast.
  3. Thanksgiving Dinner
  4. What's next for these coming four years at least
  5. Where is everyone?
  6. Divorce agreement.
  7. Ponderisms for Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 - a weird collection of useless stuff
  8. Ponderisms for Wednesday, Nov 2,-- a collection of relatively insignificant stuff
  9. Baked Possum
  10. Ponderisms for Thanksgiving
  11. Last week: Disrespectfulness to Tomb of Unknown Soldier
  12. Which type of computer monitor is best for the money -- IPS, or S-IPS?
  13. Ghost in the Elevator. pretty mean if you ask me.
  14. Man won powerball seven times
  15. Fluke Et Al, Person(s) of the Year
  16. How do you figure if you are a troll?
  17. FastFood works want $15.00Hr salaries
  18. What's Your PF Name?
  19. This is Why I Homebrew
  20. Who's the babe?
  21. Monday - Who's the babe?
  22. Monday December 3, 2014 Ponderisms
  23. The Shoeless Man is Shoeless again
  24. Flu Season Again?
  25. Ashley Judd considering Senate Run
  26. Russian Movies
  27. Subway Rider pushed onto tracks by 'UNKNOWN' assailant
  28. Anderson Cooper reveals he is temporarily blinded
  29. PF down?
  30. December 7th.
  31. Sometimes Drudge does the FUNNIEST things.
  32. Mayan Apocalypse December 21, 2012
  33. The War AGAINST........NFL PLAYERS
  34. NFL player John Brent in custody for manslaughter, intoxication
  35. Quadriplegic has his iphone stolen from his wheelchair
  36. 76%Americans say Christmas should be about Christ
  37. November was Islamaphobia Awareness Month
  38. Stephen Dorff: Rise from the Ashes
  39. Top 10 things to say to an Obama Voter after they got laid off.
  40. Unexplained Light Formation Spotted Above San Francisco
  41. Tomorrow is 12/12/12
  42. Only 7% SEVEN PERCENT of 8th grade Detroit kids can read at the 8th grade level.
  43. SNL does sketch on Kate Middleton's lady parts
  44. OK. Instead of Who's the babe, let's play 'Introducing...?"
  45. Right to Work
  46. Dexter Season Finale: Are You Effing Kidding Me?
  47. What's the best place to live at?
  48. For that special someone...idiot gift ideas....
  49. How do you get gun training in the US?
  50. Who Am I
  51. George Takai reads Fifty Shades of Grey
  52. Christmas Ponderisms - Part One of a lot of irrelevant stuff
  53. The Roots of Mass Murder, Krauthammer
  54. SandyHook mom has vision from her little son
  55. Gladys Root: Flamboyant criminal defense attorney from LA
  56. Debunking Popular Media Myths on Guns
  57. Why Gun Control CAN'T stop another Newtown Massacre
  58. Deer hunting after the Obama gun ban.
  59. Stores give opportunity to strangers to pay off layaways for other shoppers
  60. Merry Christmas to all you right wingers
  61. Merry Christmas to all of you , my friends
  62. Planned Parenthood Celebrates CHRISTMAS!! with choklet Birth control
  63. My Favorite Christmas Songs...
  64. Piers Morgan
  65. DC Hotels not seeing the demand for Inauguration Reservations
  66. Either destiny is predetermined, we are living in the Matrix, or...or...or
  67. I think it's cool that The Politics Forums is....
  68. and now for some real humor
  69. This weeks great 8 12/31/12 D is for Hypocrite
  70. just the facts, sir.....
  71. Happy New Year
  72. New year resolution?
  73. What happened at PF?
  74. One thing we can all agree on: bacon tastes good.
  75. todays chuckle
  76. What is your best dish?
  77. Malcom X: “Black Democrats = Political Chumps & Race Traitors”
  78. What if a girl tells you ...
  79. The Joss Whedens
  80. Why Do You Still Have a Television?
  81. Drunk man duct taped on plane!
  82. What would you tell her mom?
  83. What is your favourite fiction book?
  84. Are exotic dancers very strong?
  85. Random Thoughts
  86. This weeks' Great Eight..........1/6/13
  87. Trinnity Approved Contest: Diet or Weight Gain Challenge for Movie Bucks
  88. Watashi Wa?
  89. What is your non fiction prefered book?
  90. The 2012 Year-End Stuff Awards
  91. David Bowie releases first new song in years....
  92. We all want to be UGLY.
  93. When the brand takes over the product.
  94. Favorite Movies?
  95. The fuck, thanks for not the fucking bullshit censorship of the fucking words
  96. Sex and violence in videogames
  97. The You Thread
  98. Man threatens to blow up bus in retaliation against White Devils
  99. Squirrel Gets Ass Whooped By Rat Trap
  100. Ales, stouts, lagers, beers?
  101. What RPG for computer do you like more?
  102. Invisible driver prank
  103. The Driver
  104. Brian Williams daughter is on the sitcom GIRLS
  105. Everything Athletic/Fitness
  106. this weeks Great Eight 1/12/13 Who's Your Daddy?
  107. You Can Point Out the Muslim Brotherhood But Turn Your Head to THIS
  108. In Time.....movie
  109. Bullit, what a ride
  110. Breastfeeding debate
  111. Comment thread for SMDT vs TRAT debate TONIGHT
  112. Jodie Foster's speech was weird
  113. Questions/Answers
  114. Kucinich is newest fox contributor
  115. 3 girls beat young mother at school bus stop for fun
  116. 33 Days after the Sandy Hook Mystery
  117. What are your favourite TV series?
  118. SPCA and monthly drawing
  119. If it's not your time it's not your time.
  120. Awesome portraits
  121. This week's Great Eight 1/20/13
  122. You are a used car.
  123. Archive Great Eight pt. 2
  124. Archive Great Eight: pt. 1 Girl Trouble For Obama
  125. too good to pass up
  126. Steve Harvey (comedian)gets all choked up
  127. Let's Play Ban the Rina
  128. we're at it again
  129. Ebay: 4 the ObamaSupporter who has everythng
  130. Birds! ~ pets, wild, hunting, etc
  131. On A Night Dive Off The Kona Coast...
  132. My 'IN'-conclusive plans for 2013.....
  133. I wanna start a T-shirt business
  134. Come on in, make yourself at home!
  135. I'm totally pissed right now
  136. Mary Jane, a tale of two names
  137. Spartacus War of the Damned
  138. What is the best part of a guy?
  139. This week's Great Eight 1/27/13
  140. Amazing Orbital Tour of a Spacecraft
  141. The Lovely Statist Ladies Who Rule Us
  142. 50 Books in a Year
  143. Piracy: "Illegal downloads"
  144. You Don't See This Every Day
  145. Reason Mag Op Ed: Is it that hard to believe the US government capable of tyranny?
  146. A couple of jokes to help your day.
  147. pMSnbc calls Republicans 'crazy crackers'
  148. Celebrity look-alikes
  149. The Effect of Amnesty on Black Employment and Political Status
  150. Apathetic and Nihilistic
  151. High school -- 1957 vs. 2011
  152. A little humor, love the PS
  153. Do You Believe in Magick?
  154. After Nine Months...
  155. Any of you have played in any Politics game?
  156. Which Goddess Are You?
  157. Who would like to see Rina and Polly debate gun control?
  158. Closer look of life inside Israel........
  159. Don't nobody want to talk to me on a Saturday night?
  160. This weeks Great Eight 2/3/13
  161. If this doesn't scare the hell out of you, nothing will... and even worse, they VOTE!
  162. Why are girls control freaks?
  163. Socialist Security
  164. Comments on Maximatic/GRC debate thread
  165. Super Bowl Halftime Lap Dance
  166. ....the other side of Sandy Hook
  167. Why we shouldn't be influenced by Hollywood Slebs
  168. How I will get banned
  169. Ronald Reagan Day, Feb 6th
  170. ChrisRock: Obama like our dad and our Boss
  171. Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain
  172. Cali-taliban attempts a false flag operation
  173. Who Here Thinks the Cop Who Shot Up Shit is One Shady Story
  174. George Dubya Bush: the Painter--Oh, and He's Depressed Apparently, Too
  175. There's only one YOU
  176. Crime historian (cop) lands helicopter to harass lady
  177. This Week's GReat Eight 2/9/13
  178. The Walking Dead *CAUTION: SPOILERS*
  179. Onion rings, new cooking.
  180. How to survive the Northeast Snowstorm
  181. STILL lost
  182. Imam steals $52,ooo from the Barry Hussein Obama Children's Center
  183. This Anderson <yes homo> Cooper image doesn't look right
  184. Why Do People Sympathize with the Confederates?
  185. Happy Ash Wednesday
  186. What do we all want?
  187. Your Top Ten Heroes
  188. This Week's Great Eight 2/16/13
  189. Who here plays guitar or another instrument?
  190. How do you make your life SHORTER?
  191. Can't feel, all that is left is NIL
  192. The newest chick magnet ... let's get picked up this way.
  193. Alec Baldwin uses racial slur against photographer
  194. Today's Giggle
  195. Reason's argument against drones: Don't Trust the Government!
  196. Celebrate your creation!
  197. Rajoy tries ending doubts about second accounting book of PP
  198. What's In A Name?
  199. Sometimes ya can't get a break
  200. Artificial BFF for you.
  201. What would you like to know about... Spain?
  202. Body found in Hotel Roof Water Tank
  203. SnowPlow Driver videos himself covering cars and yucking it up
  204. Friday Night Mead Musings with Rinnie
  205. This morning I am.....
  206. This Week's Great Eight 2/23/13
  207. Ban this Song
  208. Oscar Night Thread
  209. Menopause - - - it's soooooo much fun!
  210. Ron Paul Singles Coming Soon
  211. The Random Shit Thread
  212. Happy Cash Day!
  213. If men had a vagina.
  214. Why don't we....
  215. A Map of Countries England has Invaded
  216. Bigfoot caught on tape!
  217. You'll never live it down
  218. Little Known Randi Rhodes: Pubs are Meth Heads.
  219. Bank of America has ...interesting art
  220. Shouldn't Conservative Women Just Admit They're Feminists?
  221. Music for the Dragonborn
  222. So much faith in a fart.
  223. Hot Slut of the Day: Elba Esther Gordillo!
  224. The Next Poet Laureate of the US
  225. This square mileage is Sacrosanct!
  226. wheelchair bound little girl hasn't been out of house 4 mos since Sandy
  227. A Judge Calls Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer An Unfit Buffoon
  228. Friday Night Freakery: Room 322 at Hotel Zaza (Where's @Network?)
  229. Garyo's People's Choice Awards: Best Forum Rivalry
  230. Shirtless Friday? How did I miss this?
  231. Rihanna is glad for "fresh start with Chris"...Any opinions?
  232. Twiggy Women vs. Meaty Women
  233. For the Ladies: Cheap Beauty Alternatives OR stuff I learned from drag queens
  234. Spring 2013 Fashion Trends
  235. StMike What do you want to debate?
  236. Underground highway
  237. What mama, daddy and your coach never told you about AGING
  238. Surrogate Mom refuses to abort disabled child
  239. Do future tellers get it right?
  240. Why do zombies wear any clothes?
  241. Jokes from extreme far ends of the world.
  242. I declare Filibuster upon this Thread
  243. The root cause of murder....a government analysis
  244. Filibuster Reference Book Reading courtesy of Daily Paul
  245. Art class question.
  246. Manga and Anime
  247. George Bush painted over 50 puppies, it's quite good actually
  248. Weirdest 911 Memorial
  249. A Panhandler With An Interesting Hustle And Earns His Spare Change
  250. Languages map of USA