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  1. What else are they hiding?
  2. Hillary steppin' down from Secretary of State
  3. Obama Machine prepped for blitzkrieg
  4. Obama's Second Term
  5. Map Tracks Racist Tweets on Election Day
  6. Is Hussein Obama Buying Off Libertarians…
  7. The Soros machine
  8. General Petraeus Investigation ended 4 days before Election
  9. CBS Nancy Giles. Whites Oppose Abortion
  10. Why do Republican states receive more Federal money than they give
  11. Will a “silent exodus” from medicine worsen doctor shortage?
  12. Sick veterans wait for Obama’s promise
  13. Pelosi going to a Cabinet position?
  14. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s 'anxiety problem'
  15. 22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out Of Control And The Election Was A Sham
  16. Would Biden turn?
  17. The left is very silent after the election
  18. Benghazi inquiry sparks Hill turf battle
  19. Would you take a 10% pay cut or would you rather the company close and lose your job?
  20. DC Principal and her gang beat up former employee
  21. Union Parasites Kill Their Host(ess)!
  22. Nancy Pelosi: A Microcosm of the American Electorate
  23. Petraeus testimony
  24. Another Your Government At Work Thread
  25. A Pox On Both Their Houses
  26. Obama Consults Experts…
  27. Our Pop Culture Preezy. Impressed?
  28. Any Wonder The Electoral College Persists?
  29. Obama asks for prayers from Buddhists monks for success in his destruction of America
  30. Joe Biden to Hurricane Sandy Victims
  31. Sen. Chuck Grassley: Increase deer hunting to reduce auto-deer accidents
  32. VanJones says it's a badge of Honor to be hated by conservatives
  33. The Looters Are In Control
  34. The Democrats are the Real Sexists and Racists
  35. The Confederacy of Takers
  36. Laws, Like Taxes…
  37. Jesse Jackson Jr. submits letter of resignation
  38. Obama Mocks Romney during Turkey Pardon
  39. A year in jail for not believing in God? Yep, in Kentucky.
  40. Why Work for Wal-Mart
  41. Perfect Liberal Job Creation
  42. Why do Blacks vote Democratic? Good read.
  43. Pravda: Obama Elected by Illiterates
  44. Partisan Control Of State Legislatures
  45. The Rule Of 49
  46. Tax legislation de jour ... .
  47. Obama to Meet With New Group of CEOs
  48. Mortgage Interest Deduction Is Under Scrutiny
  49. Sherrod Brown on the Filibuster rules
  50. FunFact of the Day: for every 1.65 employed there is 1 on welfare
  51. Lefties Banning Bestiality and Public Nudity
  52. Obama and 401k/IRA futures.
  53. Bankrupt San Bernardino cuts $26 million, tries to stay afloat
  54. Bad News For A Potential Tax-Hike Traitor
  55. Black/Latinos worried that whitey might get a spot of City Council
  56. It is NOT the Gov't's responsibility to guarantee healthcare coverage
  57. Democrats dig in to prevent any spending reductions in fiscal-cliff talks
  58. Compromise?
  59. Mitch Daniels Has Allies Waiting For Him…
  60. Average ER wait time US vs Canada
  61. Imo
  62. Why is Pelosi still minority leader?
  63. Obama is keeping a Naughty/Nice list for Congress
  64. Obama Says No to GOP Compromised Plan to Avoid Fiscal Cliff
  65. Obama Lied to Victim of Sandy to Win Votes
  66. 8th Circuit Blocks Obamacare Mandate
  67. Obama's plan for America
  68. How The Communists And Socialists Are Setting Obama’s Second Term Agenda
  69. Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate
  70. Hey, Remember When The Democrats Said The Upcoming Fiscal Cliff Was A Good Thing?
  71. An interesting essay from Scott Rasmussen
  72. The Welfare Cliff
  73. It’s The Spending,Stupid
  74. Getting it Right
  75. Big Strategic Error IMO
  76. Dems Stoop to lows we could not imagine
  77. IRS aims to clarify investment income tax under healthcare law
  78. The GOP Needs To Put A Plan In Play
  79. The GOP Needs To Put A Plan In Play
  80. Here's My Prediction For What Will Happen
  81. THE BIG LIST of vote fraud reports
  82. Fear The Voters
  83. Standards
  84. The Naked Communist List: communism by attrition
  85. The Road to Socialism USA:
  86. Court hears challenge to President Obama's recess appointments
  87. The Presidebt has 'no skin in the game'
  88. Obama’s cabinet 50-percent female
  89. Here are the ratios of deficit to GDP for the past five presidents:
  90. More of Nothing Is Nothing
  91. Why Aren’t Women As Well-Paid As Men?
  92. Obama Lied About Date of Bin Laden’s Killing; Distraction From Eligibility Hearing
  93. “Paying Your Fair Share” is a License to Steal
  94. Congress and White House to Put Thousands of Charities Out of Business
  95. about Obama...
  96. The recent purge of conservatives from committee posts
  97. The recent purge of conservatives from committee posts
  98. The Election Was STOLEN
  99. Obama Admin approved secret arms deal to Islamists in Libya
  100. Krauthammer on President Obama and the fiscal-cliff talks
  101. Newt Schools Laurence O'Donnell on Clinton's Tax HIKeS
  102. The $1 trillion platinum card
  103. “Mad Max” In California?
  104. Seperation of Church and State....a liberal myth
  105. Why People With Big Student Debt Get Little Sympathy
  106. Here's why raising taxes on the rich is a mistake....
  107. Jim Moran's son is back in the news
  108. Why Is It…
  109. Taxes Are Already Higher Than You Think
  110. Tom Harkin: Rush Limbaugh 'Manufactured' Fiscal Cliff Crisis 'To Scare People'
  111. Susan Rice withdraws name from consideration for secretary of state
  112. Communism and quotes
  113. Insight Into Right-To-Work Victory In Michigan
  114. Exposing Liberal Lies Obama getting ready to dump on Israel.
  115. Holder Granted Gov. Ability to Develop and Store Dossiers on Innocent Americans
  116. Gun Confiscation = Racism
  117. Michigan Dems Getting Old
  118. Ducking the Big Question About Unionism
  119. Do You Belong to a Party?
  120. TAX THE RICH: Obama take heed!
  121. Gun laws: Obama leads from the rear
  122. Washington press corps was out of step with the national agenda.
  123. Why Is The AR-15 So Popular?
  124. Who Is Buying The Guns?
  125. When Will Death Spiral States Impose Taxes On Fleeing Citizens?
  126. What would the discussion be if the Conn shooter had used a bomb?
  127. How 'Cliff' Talks Hit the Wall
  128. President Obama's arrogance
  129. I think our nation is...history
  130. Sam Donaldson: "It's not your country anymore!"
  131. Why is this unacceptable?
  132. Obamantichrist's admin: We can and will force Christians to
  133. Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith
  134. Obama hopes to enact new gun-control measures in 2013
  135. Has White Guilt Passed its Expiration Date?
  136. Planned Parenthood Undermines Parental Authority & Consent
  137. Hugo Chavez Outlaws Gun Ownership
  138. Is California really as liberal as everyone thinks?
  139. 'AGENDA 21' video for Dummies...
  140. Mark Kirk returns to the Senate today
  141. Don't bash Obama!
  142. Obama the idiot.
  143. Irony in Ideology
  144. White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings
  145. Gas going up again
  146. Will the press ever get tough on Obama?
  147. Record Year for Foodstamps
  148. Union suspected in torching quaker meetinghouse
  149. The Stupid Young Voted To Be Out of Work
  150. Obama to a Stunned John Boehner: “We Don’t Have a Spending Problem”
  151. Michael Savage: Time for a 'nationalist' party
  152. Will Hagel's anti-Israel views keep him from becoming Defense Secretary?
  153. The Abduction of Brandon Raub
  154. Rutherford Institute Fights Student Palm Scans
  155. The Ten Best and Worst Actions of Obama's First Term
  156. You've Committed Three Felonies Today
  157. Obama and Civil Liberties
  158. American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Prison Industries Act (PIE)
  159. No no no Obama and the Dems don't want a dictator...really?
  160. Like it or not the death panels are coming
  161. The Crumbling Monopoly Of Public Education
  162. President Obama insists that there is no spending problem in Washington
  163. Alexander Solzhenitsyn Opines On The Disarmed Populace
  164. RGIII And The Yawning Chasm In Society
  165. Abuse By The EPA
  166. W.Va. Sen. Jay Rockefeller to retire Another career leach gone.
  167. The worst US news ever ... .
  168. The core and heritage of liberal thinking.
  169. A thoughtful discussion suggesting both sides can't see the forest for the trees
  170. Obama assisted in failed Somali Rescue attempt by the French
  171. Pro Life Video Narrated by....President Obama?
  172. The Sandy Hook Massacre: Staged Conspiracy?
  173. Disney Banned This Film, Can Somebody Please Tell Me Why?
  174. Hussein Obama – Best Gun Salesman Ever
  175. There’s Conspiracies And There’s Conspiracies
  176. Things That Can’t Last…
  177. It's a Mentality
  178. Video Game Allows Player To Kill NRA Prez.
  179. Two Gun-makers killed in two days. no answers
  180. Cult of Personality
  181. What is The Point Of Gun Registration…
  182. The left fears armed conflict with gun owners
  183. Tyrants and Kids As Props
  184. conservative vs liberal
  185. I Told You Guys This
  186. You're a socialist if...
  187. The Planned, Coming, Collapse
  188. Appellate court finds Wisconsin law constitutional
  189. Could this be the next New York City Mayor
  190. Mitt said Obama sold Chrysler to Italians and Jeeps will be made in China
  191. The basis of American Freedom..
  192. A silver lining?
  193. Government spending
  194. The New Power class who will profit from a 2nd Obama term
  195. Davy Crockett Talks About Welfare
  196. Earners' exodus
  197. Who do you see to lead the GOP in 2016?
  198. The MSM's non-coverage of the leftist agenda
  199. Mitch Daniels Latches Onto Purdue
  200. New York's Gun Laws
  201. weird resemblance
  202. Veteran stands up for 2nd Amendment
  203. Has President Obama, the Constitutional Lawyer, Committed Open Treason?
  204. Kirchner's Photo Op in VC tunnels used to kill American GIs
  205. Somebody At NBC Didn’t Get The Memo
  206. Compromise?
  207. Why Young Women Want AR-15s
  208. Can Dirty Harry Get Gun Confiscation Through The Senate?
  209. First They Turned The Queers Loose In There And Now This
  210. How Liberal are You? Take the Quiz
  211. Big Government, Big Corporations - teammates
  212. The Tyranny of Liberalism
  213. Obama recess appointments UNCONSTITUTIONAL
  214. Saxby Chamblis retiring
  215. The March the Media Must Ignore for the Life of them
  216. RichardBlanco' Inaugural Poem..in case you missed it
  217. Hold onto your wallets and guns....
  218. Yes, Mr. President, we are a nation of takers.
  219. Obama's new Cronytastic Propaganda Outfit
  220. Hubris?
  221. American Voters Choose Obama To Lead Us - Down The Road To Ruin
  222. Obama Promises Vs Reality
  223. Nobody Can Retire…
  224. Educational Debt Overhang
  225. More And More…
  226. Jesus
  227. House of Cards
  228. What is liberal?
  229. Dems Turn Against Andrew Jackson
  230. The Last Stop Before Revolution?
  231. Taxes: The Basis For Grumpiness
  232. DC Prospers While Chicago and LA Fade
  233. A Boom For California?
  234. Top 5 most awesomest 'Chuck hagel is a doofus' moments in the hearing
  235. What price for liberty?
  236. Post Office Solidarity Thread
  237. Chinese Are Killing Our Pets With Tainted Treat Snacks.
  238. Predictions for 2016
  239. Immigrant Son
  240. Your Government--preparing to make war on you.
  241. Shoddy Journalism
  242. The Civil War Has Begun
  243. Fox News Claims Solar Won't Work in America Because It's Not Sunny Like Germany
  244. Ohio Poll Worker Voted Twice
  245. Currency & financial structure..
  246. Anti-Technology/Growth Limousine Progressives
  247. Feds kill thousnds of fish removing old oil riggings in the gulf
  248. Obama Sticks It To His Supporters
  249. Even Jimmy Carter…
  250. WaPo Feeling Snubbed By Obama – It’s The Hunger Games Effect