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  1. Illegal Immigration
  2. Hello and goodbye.
  3. So what world vacation spots will the lame duck family visit next?
  4. Comment on the PBS program on the "Sandy" hurricane/storm/nor'easter last night
  5. The Last Man On The Moon
  6. Where do you lean?
  7. The big debate between men and women.
  8. Affirmative action: A cure as bad as the disease
  9. it's started........the campaign
  10. Whats wrong with black America
  11. Litigious Anti-Christmas Whiners?
  12. CANNABIS LAWS; US progressive while Canada gets tough
  13. The Completely Bogus War on Christmas
  14. What Is "Diversity?"
  15. The Big Liberal Lie
  16. Goebbels smiles from the grave
  17. Have we finally found it?
  18. Zimmerman sues the liars at NBC
  19. Why does the GOP always bail out our country
  20. Bill Whittle - Unserious people rant
  21. Secular group rips Kansas Gov. Brownback for promotion of faith rally
  22. Viewpoint Dicrimination
  23. Minorities and crime in the US.
  24. Liberals have smaller brains than normal people
  25. Voters’ outlook falls to Earth
  26. I'm wondering...
  27. The differences between the Mafia and the State
  28. Obama administration, Congress quietly let school security funds lapse
  29. A prayer for dead children.
  30. Crazies with Weapons...
  31. San Antonio Theatre employee stops shooter dead in his tracks
  32. So who determines whats a "Fair share"?
  33. Video games
  34. Pest control service
  35. Why the "Gunsmoke" model will not work...
  36. The Media Inspires Conspiracy Theorism
  37. This Forum has too many Good Points and Agreements
  38. Why do Brits say "Happy Christmas"?
  39. It's only sort of a joke
  40. guns v. cell phones
  41. Beam me up, Scottie. I don't question my own eyes.
  42. God it's so simple why Obama was re-elected
  43. The Union is the worst thing that ever happened to the states
  44. Obama hates America
  45. Why the War on Drugs is Constitutional, Will Never End, and Shouldn't
  46. The reaction of several entities when a fly falls into a Cup of Coffee
  47. I respect your decision to send your money for foreign aid, etc, through a bureacracy
  48. Single Motherhood
  49. I Really Wish Ethereal Would Post Ho Hum
  50. Child Support for Sperm Donor
  51. Catholicism Should be Illegal
  52. Obama is SUCH a Liar!
  53. Kris Jenner is Upset that people call her daughter slut
  54. Setting the Record Straight: Does TRAT Support Obama?
  55. 10 Reasons Why Barack Obama IS a Muslim Extremist!
  56. What is a Conspiracy?
  57. Whats your story
  58. I hate Paul Krugman
  59. The Haves and the Have Nots...
  60. Badge-Wearing Criminals Object, But You Can Film The Police
  61. What is the threshold that people need to hit to care about their civil liberties?
  62. LAPD Uses Defunct Rocket Launchers To Scare People Into Gun Control
  63. Time to pick on the UK. Neds and Chavs.
  64. Oxygen’s 'All My Babies’ Mamas' sparks calls for cancellation before it even airs
  65. When Zombie Nation runs short on brains to devour, then what?
  66. It's Time to Stop the Whining
  67. You Damn Warhawks Perpetuate Your Own Invented Problems!
  68. What About Government Violence?
  69. Why don't we stand?
  70. Lincoln and FDR were Tyrants
  71. Never Go Full Conspiracy? Why Not?
  72. You Fuel the System: Buying into the Hegelian Dialectic
  73. The Ron Paul Thread
  74. What is the Hegelian Dialectic and How Does it Fuel Progressive Statism
  75. “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johns
  76. Look at us! We have Feathers and we're angry!
  77. I Can Barely Contain My Fury
  78. I Loathe Jon Stewart
  79. Lone Gunmen, Myth or Absolute Truth
  80. Big Boi Rapper Voted Gary Johnson
  81. I love this country
  82. It's Called Corporatism, Not Marxism. Obama's Not So Secret Financial Deals
  83. Polly Commie vs Rina_CommieSlayer
  84. The GOP and the Winds of Change
  85. that other shit hole
  86. Which MSNBC commentator pisses you off the most?
  87. The Gun Crap
  88. farts
  89. For People Who Actually Still Give a Crap About the United States
  90. 10 thoughts for the day.
  91. Who are the Hollywood elitist and what qualifies them?
  92. Men at a cheerleading competition? Seriously?
  93. I don't buy PC Bullshit
  94. No holds barred! Liberty!!!
  95. mo' damned bullshit than we should have to tolerate..............
  96. The FLOTUS Above Us
  97. I'm so tired of arguing...
  98. Ron Paul
  99. The Battered 4th Amendment, You Won't Miss It Until Someone Turns You In for Guns
  100. Why Should I Vote Republican?
  101. Obama is Not the Problem
  102. Term limits
  103. Tax Supported Sports Programs for Disabled
  104. Congrats to the ladies! Strap on your combat boots.
  105. Losing Faith in Rand
  106. Stop Blaming the GOP for RINO Candidates..Blame voters instead.
  107. The depths to which statists will sink
  108. Confronting Myths and Generalizations about Attorneys
  109. GOP and tin foil hats
  110. Boy Scout Gay Scoutmaster Rule Change Prompted by Business Not Government
  111. Anticipating domestic boom, colleges rev up drone piloting programs
  112. There's No Winning With White People!
  113. None Dare Call It… Treason
  114. What do Benghazi, the Unibomber, and Gloria Steinem All Have in Common?
  115. Living in a Post Truth Era
  116. Oh for &%$# sake
  117. Self-Debate Thread
  118. Goal - show me a real wet tear from Sandy
  119. Saying hi.....
  120. Sandy Hook Students Singing at the Superbowl
  121. Obama needs to shut up.
  122. Why?????
  123. "To be Governed is to be....
  124. Geezer Conservatism? Written by a Geezer
  125. ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ Remark Gets Teacher Suspended (Stunning Pics)
  126. Conservatives v. Me
  127. What Gives Anyone the Right to Impose Their Values on Others?
  128. Time to Stop the Military as Heroes Wankfest
  129. Is it a gun problem?
  130. Do you ever just want to explode?
  131. Cragslist
  132. Today, I Attended a Democratic Party Meeting
  133. You Think It's About Money?
  134. The president shirked his duties
  135. The structure that is Chicago
  136. To Drone or not to Drone
  137. Barack Obama is a Puppet Corporatist, not a Socalist
  138. Right to Bear Arms
  139. No One Can Rant Like Alex Jones
  140. What would you do?
  141. Is Obama Setting US Up for Military Takeover?
  142. What would our society be like if the South won the war?
  143. Mark Faber - Hoarding Sausages and Buying Machine Guns
  144. Patrick Henry's Siren Speech: Inspiration for Us All
  145. Theodore Roosevelt: The Rights of the People to Rule
  146. Does the Left really want to end poverty? Only the gullible believe it.
  147. Is the Right Racist?
  148. That damn dirty Johnie,
  149. New Beginings Troubled Youth Home Milwaukee Wisconsin
  150. Hey Kids: Tonight You're Young, Tomorrow You're Unemployed
  151. We Are At War, People
  152. Who Controls America ~ A Wake Up Call
  153. Glenn Beck vs. Chris Christie
  154. Ohio woman claims she was fired for Obama vote
  155. I One A Hundred Dollers!
  156. Does no one care that DHS requested paper targets of women and children?
  157. My email just got hacked
  158. How about a ten million man-woman March?
  159. Letter from Marine boot camp
  160. Lyndon Johnson, The N Word, and the Concept of the Democrat Plantation
  161. Bind This Together, Mr. Obama
  162. Obama Skirting Congress In Globalist Plan?
  163. Global Economic Collapse Accelerates
  164. Cash 4 Gold Store And Treasury Collusion Secret Funding & Grants SCAM
  165. The Corporations, They're After Me
  166. So Where Is Our Nation Going What Becomes Of Us As American People?
  167. Some people here don't like me
  168. A little humor.
  169. Let’s Replace the Tax Code with a National Lottery
  170. Martial law is coming to the u.s.
  171. I'll see you in the war: Civil War II
  172. Obama Is Setting Us Up
  173. Quit Calling the Police!
  174. Is America's Diversity A Curse Or A Blessing ?
  175. Glenn Beck: I'm Done With the GOP Establishment
  176. Should gas be regulated as a utility?
  177. The government is responsible for bad weather.
  178. Rand, What Are You Thinking?
  179. Get Your Lazy Asses Out Of Bed And Login
  180. 10 Reasons Why Kids Should Not Eat Boogers
  181. Here's Why Someone Would Need To Own An 'Assault' Rifle
  182. I can't go back to work for another week and I'm bored out of my mind
  183. The haircut
  184. Cass Sunstein - The "Simple" more modern Joseph Goebbels
  185. Follow the Money, Honey.
  186. smart phone users, please weigh in
  187. Equality in this Modern Era would destroy the Earth
  188. hundreads in the north learned their jobs are going to Mexico
  189. Keystone; the great lie...
  190. Is unemployment really dropping, or is it a ruse, you decide.
  191. Clothed Sex At The Train Station & Overzealous Public Displays Of Affection
  192. There is no party for me :(
  193. The Obesity Problem
  194. Woman gets ticket for driving 2 mph under speed limit
  195. Question for conservatives about Obamacare
  196. N.Korea -
  197. political polarization ? Holder has to go NOW
  198. Getting Older, Balder, And Fatter By The Minute
  199. Paul Voelker Where Are You Paul Voelker You Saved The Dollar As Currency
  200. I'm out
  201. The Difference Between Whites And People Of Color Is Sticking Together
  202. TSA Idiots, continued
  203. is this an attack? they ain't seen nottun' yet
  204. Are tea party members racist or idealist
  205. "Wacko Bird" Responds to John McCain
  206. Time To Cut PBS Off Once And For All Aint Nothing To Watch
  207. Americans Face Higher Gas Prices Despite US Oil Boom
  208. Should parents be held accountable for their kids conduct?
  209. Praise free speech here...
  210. I dont like my house. I'm coming to live in yours.
  211. Do You Ever Feel Like That Lonely Man On The Corner
  212. I see it now, GOP establishment is progressive
  213. Stupid people wasting government $: a rant about the legal system
  214. Progress - pick a side
  215. 10 Manly Drinks, whats yours?
  216. Crotch Bros, Buffett, Soros, Rockefeller, etc
  217. Detroit, Death and Democrats
  218. Atheists act like babies, judge throws out 911 cross complaints
  219. States grant rapist custody and visitation.
  220. Why Do Women Talk So Much On The Telephone????
  221. Well, Damn
  222. Bill Maher is a showboating turd
  223. Are The Motorcyles Drining Me NUTZ Or Am I Jealous Full Of Envy
  224. Obama murdered 6 more Americans today
  225. Serial Killers You ADMIRE
  226. Why Is New York City Exempt From Value Menu Price Principles
  227. Who on here would you like to have a drink witch, hic-up.
  228. Obama to change name of dollars to obammars
  229. Girls cannot get horny!
  230. If Lincoln wasn't a Mass Murderer
  231. Better pay attention, it's happening.
  232. Ladies (and Gents with wives), I'm curious.....
  233. I love Rand Paul: His Howard University Speech
  234. To all those who voted McCain over Obama...would it have made a difference?
  235. Did I Scare You People Away Or Something
  236. You Beat Up On Unions Ya Aint Never Had A Union Job You JEALOUS
  237. Noam Chomsky, a Linguistics Genius
  238. Three Mile Emergency Drill set for today--FYI
  239. Audited....just can't figure it out !!!
  240. Your tax money subsidising Brazilian farmers
  241. The Death Penalty Justice Or Blood Lust ???????????
  242. My girl friend feels sorry for the younger terrorist.
  243. How Long Do We Accept This?
  244. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, make me believe it went down the way they said they did
  245. Gay Republicans And My Constant Fear Of Public Restrooms
  246. How long can we go.
  247. we cant find our balls with both hands
  248. Why all the generalizations?
  249. Here we go: Boston ought to "moderate Rand Paul"
  250. Food Stamp Recipients LAZY Or Did Obama DESTROY Economy Getting The Sraight BIZ??????