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  1. FBI probe of Petraeus' emails purportedly led to discovery of extramarital affair
  2. Applebee’s targeted after franchisee mulls hiring freeze in response to Obamacare
  3. Louisiana Petitions Govt to Secede
  4. Foodstamps Surge By Most In One Year; All Time Record
  5. Hurricane Sandy aftermath
  6. Earthquakes & Volcanoes
  7. Unions Lose in Michigan
  8. US guns sales soar after Barack Obama's re-election
  9. Israel Strikes Syria, White House Silent
  10. Abbas ‘No’ Puts Obama in His Place
  11. How to Properly Go Galt during the Zombie Apocalypse
  12. Gays, Obama ain't gonna help you
  13. Jon Bon Jovi's daughter Stephanie arrested after heroin overdose Read more: http://w
  14. And so it begins
  15. Obama Donor's Corporation Lays Off Employees Due to ObamaCare Read more: http://nati
  16. Christie warns NJ residents of Storm Tax Hikes
  17. Is Obama really so stupid that he WANTS Susan Rice to become Secretary of State?!
  18. POTUS tours Sandy damage again
  19. BP Deepwater Horizon Sweetheart Deal
  20. Former Gov under investigation for Political Malfeasance
  21. No more bugdgets? Ever?
  22. Hostess to close its doors
  23. Another Hussein Obama SuccessSmithfield closes a hot dog and deli meat plant in Virgi
  24. Another Hussein Obama Success
  25. 2 Dead, 2 Missing In Gulf Oil Rig Explosion
  26. Gun Store: Obama Voters Not Welcome
  27. ObamaTax Hasn’t Kicked In Yet…
  28. Fed says FU to States - Again
  29. Do you work for a company that has 50 or more employees?
  30. Were Election Computers Programmed in Ohio to Give Obama the Victory?
  31. Obama impeachment hearings begin!
  32. DHS Website Welcomes New Immigrants With Info On Obtaining Government Benefits
  33. Dooley guilty of manslaughter, blames racism for verdict
  34. Big Brother In San Antonio
  35. What Is The EPA Hiding?
  36. Judge Judy And The Moocher Class
  37. Hamas Rockets Kill Child – Hamas Blames Israel – World Believes Hamas
  38. Obama in Burma, Appeasing Another Dictatorship
  39. James Clapper Edited Out Terrorists From Talking Points
  40. Oklahoma Joins States Not Implementing Obamacare Exchanges
  41. Socialism, Capitalism, Normalcy Bias And Pencils
  42. Obama: Destroying Hope For Small Business
  43. Obama Takes Credit For Bush’s Burma Policy
  44. Senate bill allows warrantless access to email
  45. Petraeus schools the White House
  46. If Congress Won’t, Obama Will Anyway
  47. Head of Agency That Edited Rice Comments has History of Errors
  48. Illinois moves to grant licenses to illegal immigrants
  49. Unlimited Borrowing Pushed by Treasury Secretary
  50. Pelosi on the Wealthy: Don’t Tax Them. Wait, Tax Them or Else!
  51. Scary Parallels Between 2013 and 1937
  52. Business owners unreasonable in that they demand employees do as THEY say.
  53. Judge rejects nativity scene displays in California
  54. 3MO old Teacher certification Test Cheating Ignored by Media
  55. Rolling Stones mark 50th year with London show
  56. The Triumph of Mathematics in Illinois
  57. Toronto Mayor Fired by Judge
  58. Did Anthony do a Search for Foolproof Suffocation?
  59. Thieves Steal Xmas Trees From Boy Scouts
  60. GM rolls out new electric mini-car
  61. ‘Two And A Half Men’ Star Calls Show ‘Filth’
  62. Billions to some Muslim country...?
  63. “Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama” Actor Tells Audience
  64. While Republicans Cave on Taxes, Rand Paul Stands Firm
  65. Report: Iran Building 50 Kiloton Nuclear Device
  66. Painting of 'crucified' Obama draws expected response
  67. House Republicans launch their own PR offensive on fiscal cliff
  68. Stinky Regulations
  69. Another Zimmerman-like shooting-death ?
  70. Surprise!
  71. The Best & Worst run States
  72. BlackPanthers protesting shooting of thug
  73. NY Teen charged with vehicular homicide
  74. From the department of stupid foreign policy:
  75. GOP Compromise Will Raise Taxes on All Homeowners to Avoid Taxing the Wealthy
  76. Figures! Obama Honors Rosa Parks Anniversary With Picture Of Himself
  77. Consumer Group Squawks About EPA Abuse
  78. Norquist Has A Good Idea
  79. They’re Small But Not Stupid
  80. Bureaucrats Snuff Jobs
  81. Femi-Nazis Strike Again
  82. Homeless Man Who Got Boots From NYPD Office Has An Apartment
  83. Activists to Call Speaker Boehner’s Office to Stop the Fiscal Conservative Purge
  84. “Obama is a Direct Threat to the Safety and Security of the United States” Says Lawsu
  85. Liberal Compares Obama’s Push for Tax Hikes to Lincoln Wanting to End Slavery
  86. Demint Sticks With Principles,, Denounces Boehner $ 800 Billion Tax Plan
  87. Senate rejects UN treaty for disabled rights in a 61-38 vote
  88. Obama Felony Fraud Proven by Law Enforcement Investigation
  89. NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance
  90. Coming: ‘$3 Trillion Tax Hike On Middle Class
  91. Senator elect Warren given good position
  92. As Americans face a fiscal cliff, the Obamas make do with 54 Christmas trees
  93. Did You Hear About Obama’s Major Humiliation In Asia Last Month?
  94. Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of Our Schools
  95. Obama Campaign Is Still Fundraising
  96. House Dems force Tax Vote ?
  97. Citigroup Letting 11,000 Employees Go
  98. Federal Judges Questions Obama’s Recess Appointments
  99. Iran aims biological warheads at Israel
  100. Mark Levin Gives "Unvarnished Truth" On Romney Loss
  101. Only 16 House Republicans needed to unseat the Cowardly Lion as Speaker of the House!
  102. Our POTUS takes firm stand against obstructionists
  103. Top 2%er's want to be taxed more
  104. 4 more years!
  105. Zimmerman suing NBC and reporters for selectively editing 911 tape
  106. The Small Business Vote Is Coming In
  107. Unemployment rate falls as more drop out
  108. Cooling The Mark
  109. Obama calls for Shared Sacrifice
  110. Ann Coulter agrees we have a revenue problem
  111. Good news: Your government isn't borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends now.
  112. Charlie Crist switches parties- "The GOP left me, I didn't leave it"
  113. Obama inauguration- sound fical policy
  114. Michigan Republicans draw union ire with sudden votes on right-to-work legislation
  115. Wisconsin father of 9 reportedly agrees to judge's order to stop having kids
  116. Chavez cancer returns, names successor.
  117. Union thugs attack when Breitbart honored
  118. Spain Media tanking...and fast
  119. More Jamie Foxx
  120. UAW provides Merry Christmas for Chrysler workers
  121. Union again supports mistreated workers
  122. Controversial Interview Exposes 5 Signs Stocks Will Collapse in 2013
  123. 77% of Latinos are wise and support tax increase on wealthy
  124. Obama is coming after your guns.
  125. Has CNN Given Up On Cable News?
  126. Michigan House approves right-to-work bill, as teachers ditch school to protest
  127. Federal court strikes down Illinois ban on carrying concealed weapons
  128. Disgusting! Tea Party blogger antagonizes peaceful union protestors
  129. Oregon Mall Shooting
  130. Teens Ask for Smoke, Kill Woman When She Replies "Get a Job"
  131. France' Prez Jean-Marc Ayrault slams the greedy
  132. Democrats Buyers’ Remorse
  133. Jamie Foxx Is One Racist Black
  134. Will Alabama Supreme Court Rule Obama Ineligible?
  135. Dem CA proposed law...homeless can urinate on street.
  136. CNN dumps Jack Cafferty
  137. Polled Republicans agree that Obama has mandate to raise taxes
  138. 888 995 HOPE another successful Obama program helping homeowners
  139. 46% in Detroit not in labor pool; more reason we need revenue
  140. GOP continues to hold hostage tax cuts for 98% of the people
  141. Employer Hiring 101 New Employees Every Day
  142. After Supporting Obamacare, Walmart Dumping Employees Onto Government Healthcare
  143. Gov't arrests illegal immigrant Senate intern for Menendez
  144. Google dodges taxes calls it capitalism
  145. Senn Penn on vigil for dictator Chavez
  146. As Fiscal Cliff Looms Obama Parties And Plays Golf
  147. Jobless claims continue to fall; thanks Obama
  148. Michele Bachmann says Obama wants to 'lift up the Islamists' and allow Sharia law
  149. Ted Turner understands that revenue is needed
  150. Pay freezes cause satisfaction level drop from our best and brightest
  151. Fox News once again gets it wrong about "right to work" states
  152. Susan Rice withdraws
  153. Why Progressives are so Dangerous to Liberty
  154. Obama Admin Continues the Benghazi Cover-Up
  155. This fiscal cliff stuff is getting boring - pelosi
  156. She quit to avoid a blood bath: Rice
  157. Greeks benefit from tax decreases
  158. First Lady speaks out about less than honest Republicans
  159. More SEIU Vote Fraud
  160. Harry Belafonte Wants Opponents Of Obama’s Policies Imprisoned
  161. At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school
  162. ESPN suspends Rob Parker for RGIII comments.
  163. Today in China: 28 stabbed in Kindegarten
  164. Yelpers Destroy A Golden Corral As 167 People Get Food Poisoning
  165. Obama Sandy aid bill filled with holiday goodies
  166. Learning the hard way
  167. Gun Confiscation Has Been A Bust In The UK
  168. The Facts About Mass Shootings
  169. Gun buybacks resurrected ?
  170. Iran Basij Militia joins with dems in US for new US anti-gun laws
  171. Nikki Haley to appoint Rep. Tim Scott to Senate
  172. keymanjim
  173. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Talks Gun ‘Confiscation’
  174. GOP Folds On Obama’s Bluff
  175. Want the Truth Behind “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother”? Read her blog.
  176. Clinton will not testify before Congress on Libya, purported concussion cited
  177. Is it Just me, or does the Hillary concussion story ring weird with anyone else...
  178. Obama Caves in, offers to make permanent Bush Tax Cuts
  179. Eric Holder Admits He Wants to Brainwash Americans
  180. Mark Levin: Why Did Obama Omit Ft. Hood Shooting?
  181. Cerberus to sell AR-15 gunmaker Freedom Group
  182. So the left blames guns? I blame the government and those who make money off of it!
  183. Obama named Time Magazines' "Person of the Year"
  184. No Wonder Hillary Has A Headache
  185. Beyond Disgusting – Obama Fundraises Off Newtown
  186. Fast And Furious Assault Rifle Found At Scene Of Mexican Beauty Queen’s Murder
  187. Pelosi Mocks Boehner After He Offers Plan She Offered Earlier This Year
  188. Treasury announces GM exit strategy
  189. Sam Donaldson arrested for DUI
  190. breaking news Obama forms new committee
  191. Boehner defies White House, says chamber will pass 'Plan B' to avert tax hikes
  192. Sanford versus Sanford? Talk of contest between former SC governor & wife
  193. Virginia governor open to discussion about arming school employees
  194. How Many ‘People of Color’ Does it take not to be Racist?
  195. The high price of impatience
  196. this is really cool
  197. The worse massacre ever...
  198. Clinton Faking illness? Called out by peer
  199. Robert Griffin III, Rob Parker and the sad truth about our racial politics Read more
  200. It Appears Clinton Knew: Benghazi
  201. Ban Hands, Fists Feet
  202. My feelings on gun ownership, gun control and the criminal left.
  203. Administration announces drilling plan for Alaska reserve
  204. Government Whitewashes Benghazi
  205. Vladimir Putin offers Gerard Depardieu a Russian passport
  206. Olympic track star Suzy Favor Hamilton had double life as $600/hour Las Vegas hooker
  207. Obama Killing Another Coal Plant
  208. Gunman kills woman at Pa. church, 2 men elsewhere
  209. Fluke on How 'WE' raise our boys and gun violence
  210. What next.
  211. Couple Accused Of Slapping Elderly Best Buy Employee
  212. NRA Guns in Schools Idea "Shameful"
  213. Wayne LaPierre ~ Psycho
  214. Wayne LaPierre ~ Psycho II
  215. Tawana Brawley found living in Virginia under alias 25 years after rape hoax
  216. Obama Could Be Facing Impeachment
  217. Black Democrats Are the Real Racists
  218. How 'Cliff' Talks Hit the Wall
  219. Obama Uses Funeral Service to Talk About Himself
  220. Romney didn't want to run for president, son says
  221. NY gunman set trap for firefighters
  222. Jack Klugman, star of 'The Odd Couple' and 'Quincy,' dead at 90
  223. Police investigate NBC News anchor for displaying gun clip on air
  224. Group offers weapons training for teachers in Utah town
  225. Obama: I Ran So I Could Have 'Men With Guns' Around My Daughters
  226. Obama economics working: Jobless claims at 5 year low
  227. British Petition: We Don’t Want Piers Morgan – You Keep Him
  228. Kwanzaa: Holiday brought to you by the FBI
  229. Zimmerman a broke brutha
  230. Obamas plan
  231. Lanzas' DNA to be analyzed
  232. Arpaio ~ Armed posse's to patrol schools
  233. Obama Orders Pay Raise for....
  234. Merry Christmas and a Happy NewAmerica
  235. Woman charged in Firefighter murders
  236. NRA has higher favorable rating than Obama
  237. First Lawsuit in Newtown Massacre
  238. Paper publishing more gun owner addresses!
  239. George HW Bush moved out of intensive care unit
  240. Lawyer for Newtown shooting survivor says $100M claim is about security, bullshit!!!
  241. First smart Republican move in MONTHS....
  242. Hillary hospitalized
  243. The Theater Shooting The Main Stream Media Didn’t Focus On & Why
  244. Hooray! A Blow Struck Against Excessive Litigation
  245. A Media Knucklehead Brays About Guns
  246. Breaking: Fiscal cliff deal details
  247. Peaceful OWS Protesters Arrested
  248. Al Qaida Offers Bounties for Deaths of US Ambassador and US Soldiers
  249. Cliff Bill Passes Senate 89-8
  250. CNN and Kathy Griffin....history, its alive