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Thread: 10 Takeaways from Fighting the Islamic State

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    10 Takeaways from Fighting the Islamic State

    It would be great if our military and political leaders would take heed to this.

    ISIL is Hurting Without a Safe Haven
    The Islamic State Still Gravitates Toward Chaos
    The Islamic State is Hard to Oust from Cities
    The Islamic State is Adapting its Battlefield Tactics
    The Islamic State is Also Shifting its Narrative
    Donít Overlook the Islamic Stateís Deep-Rooted Vulnerabilities
    Donít Underestimate Local Security Forces
    Competing Interests Abound [a very important consideration IMHO]
    The United States Needs a Focal Point
    The Fight Isnít Over [It may be nice to state it is for political purposes, but nobody can overlook the truth]

    In the end, perhaps the most important lesson of the past three years of this fight is that while America and its coalition allies have made remarkable progress against ISIL, there is still considerable work left to do.

    The details @ 10 Takeaways From the Fight Against the Islamic State
    Saint Junipero Serra's Legacy - the untold stories of California
    A Soldier's Stories - rambling and musing about military life.

    I proudly voted for President Trump!

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    ISIS isn't really a country with a government, with mutual trade, nor any pending treaties. ISIS is a ruthless/radical fundamental ideology that habitually preys on the weak to gain their iron fisted power. We like that President Trump is bombing the crap out of them where ever our intelligence sends our military. However, they can only be partially obliterated. That occurs whenever they seem to congregate in one city or province. Other than that, the survivors simply scurry away in all directions, just like the cockroaches that they are.


    Killing their murderous ideology is the key to defeating them, yet is probably those most difficult of all tasks to achieve.

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