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Thread: Google is "Hiding" This Site . .guessing Narrow Minded Bigotry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
    what an ego. google doesnt give two shits about this website.
    You haven't kept up with the nooze much, have you.

    Google cares ADAMANTLY who goes where. It's all stored - through their own site and tools. I put up links about one Irish guy who got Google to release the records on him - presumably because he's a coder.

    This is what they LIVE FOR - to "change the world." Like all SJWs. They intend to change it by blocking information and skewing searches; just as others change it by rewriting history and frauding science. That is what Google's people DO, behind the curtain - face it, a search engine is a passive appliance; they don't need thousands of hugely-paid tech geeks to run the search engine and mail program. Those are passive.

    Whether you believe it or not, it's becoming well-known and documented what Google (and Facebuck) are doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
    what an ego. google doesnt give two shits about this website.
    Having seen Google's little tricks through the years - e.g. warnings in search results that perfectly safe websites are sources of malware - Google has shown through the years that it does care about what kinds of ideas show up in their search results.
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    I got away from the google addiction a long time ago. duckduckgo is the best search engine. No filter, no tracking. Kekistan approved
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