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Thread: islamic Immigrant Planned to Poison Britons’ Food

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    islamic Immigrant Planned to Poison Britons’ Food

    Islamic Immigrant Planned to Poison Britons’ Food

    10Jan, 2018by Dave Blount
    The BBC offers a
    heartwarming story
    of an immigrant’s journey to his new home Britain:

    Looking for a better life, [Munir Mohammed] and his pregnant wife left [Sudan] for Europe in June 2013 and paid people smugglers to take them by boat across the dangerous Mycale Strait between Turkey and the Greek island of Samos.
    From there they went to Athens and started to walk. And when Lana lost the baby, Munir Mohammed walked on without her, dumping her in the country.
    With the help of smugglers, Mohammed eventually made his way into the U.K.’s welfare state utopia. Police turned him over to immigration officers, so he applied for asylum. Instead of being deported, he was placed in a shared house at taxpayer expense in Derby. He wasn’t allowed to work, so he obtained phony documents in someone else’s name before getting a job at Kerry Foods, which makes ready to eat meals that are sold at supermarkets. He had abandoned one wife and had never met another one living in Sudan, so he took on wife #3, Rowaida El-Hassan, the product of a “well-to-do” Sudanese family who had come to Britain legally as a child.
    From there, in addition to collecting chemicals to make a pressure cooker bomb,
    • He offered himself as a “lone wolf” attacker to an IS commander communicating with him over Facebook
    • He investigated making poison while working at a supermarket ready-meals factory
    • Rowaida El-Hassan provided him with technical guidance as a trained pharmacist
    The idea was to poison foods that are forbidden in Islam. That way, you get to kill infidels and also impose sharia by instilling terror of haram foods like pork and beer. According to Detective Chief Inspector Paul Greenwood of the North East Counter Terrorism Unit, “”He had a viable instructional video of how to manufacture the toxin ricin, he had that know-how.”
    It appears that this Mohammed was stopped before he could sacrifice innocent victims to his wicked god. But more arrive every hour.
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    Police turned him over to immigration officers, so he applied for asylum.
    Muslims rule Sudan. The reason South Sudan tried and succeeded to gain independence is that the Muslims in the north conducted a 20-30 year war of genocide and enslavement against the black Christians and animists of the south. IOW, his application for asylum was bogus on its face.
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