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Thread: Comrade Obama Unmasked: Marxist Mole in the White House THE BOOK

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    Comrade Obama Unmasked: Marxist Mole in the White House THE BOOK

    whoa, I just ran across this. this will never make the leftwing stream of ass kissers in the medias pushing lies and hate for the Democrat party promoting it. so this needs to get out. the comments are pretty interesting.

    Comrade Obama Unmasked: Marxist Mole in the White House Paperback – July 15, 2017 by ClifKincaid (Author),‎ MichaeHichborn (Author),‎ AleNewman

    America's Survival, Inc. has assembled some of the best investigative reporters and researchers in America to present their definitive analysis of the forces of revolutionary Marxism, radical Islam, and globalism which spawned the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

    These same forces now constitute the "resistance" to President Donald J. Trump. Cliff Kincaid, President, of America’s Survival, Inc., says,

    "This book explains the rise to power of America’s first Marxist president. Until we truthfully identify his nature and identity, and the forces backing him, we will never understand what has to be done to defend the United States and return our country to constitutional principles, traditional values, and a pro-American foreign policy."

    He adds, "The smoking gun evidence of Barack Hussein Obama's deep personal relationship with suspected Soviet espionage agent and Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis is the real Russia-gate scandal."

    all of it here: Steinberg (Author),‎ Martin Arostegui (Author),‎ James Simpson (Author),‎ Trevor Loudon (Foreword)

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    What I would like to see 'unmasked' is the reasons why people actually supported such an obvious phony, arrogant, meritless, blowhard to the presidency. Anyone with a mind capable of reasoning could easily see through this fraud.

    Everything in his life was unearned, all given to him, including his education in Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law. Why? Because he was black? But that is only part of the story. What has happened to America that people like Obama, Bill Ayers, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Ophra, Bernadine Dorn, Harvey Weinstein and the never ending list of deranged corrupted people are acting as the thinkers for a huge part of the population? How did this come to be? Why is the MSM composed of liars and deceivers, openly and brazenly advocating and supporting utter criminality as if it were just what the country needed, if not the entire world. Has the larger part of the planet gone entirely insane?

    It appears so.

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