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Thread: The Science of Evolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morning Star View Post
    That depends, should global socialism come to fruition, man will end up at the mercy of natural selection once again.
    Man has never stopped evolving.

    Read "The Marching Morons" for a glimpse of a probable future.
    Freedom Takes "I Won't". - Eric Frank Russell

    We the People DID NOT vote in a majority Rodent Congress, they stole it via election fraud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sled Dog View Post
    Read "The Marching Morons" for a glimpse of a probable future.
    I don't have to read it, I can watch it on CNN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sled Dog View Post
    Man has never stopped evolving.

    Read "The Marching Morons" for a glimpse of a probable future.
    Watch Soylent Green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usfan View Post
    A minor sub point:
    Many evolutionists believed that the different races 'evolved' separately, from different ancestral hominids.
    This is not true at all.
    We now know, from genetic discovery, that ALL races of humans descended from the same ancestor.. the same mother, specifically. The mtDNA 'marker' provides evidence of direct ancestry. All human beings show descent from the same original mother, ironically called the 'eve' gene.
    This is completely nonsensical.

    "Ironically"? Try again.

    It appears that the "Eve gene" refers to all mtDNA:
    "So each of us inherits our mtDNA from our own mother, who inherited her mtDNA intact from her mother, and so on back through the generations – hence mtDNA’s popular name, ‘the Eve gene’."
    'Popular name' - never heard it until usfan first wrote that on Aug. 8 on another forum - and I've been a professional biologist for 20 years.
    Regardless, your story is undercut, since "Eve gene" refers to the entire mtGenome - which ALL eukaryotes have, male and female.
    This is probably one of the more laughable "arguments" I have ever heard - and he made the exact, same argument (nearly identical post, in fact) in August on another forum, wherein he was educated on the error of his claims, and he just called people names and wrote than we were all "progressive indoctrinees" and "jihadists." All because he was too ignorant to read his own links and understand basic science.

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