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Thread: "Stopgap" measure, govt. shutdown blah's

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    "Stopgap" measure, govt. shutdown blah's

    Republicans Moving Ahead With Plan to Extend Government Funding

    Yep, looks like it's time for the bi-monthly handwringing of what to do to keep the government from sending 3% of it's workforce home for a few week paid vacation.

    They never use the term "unnessasary workers", because then they'd have to answer the question of why they are even there to begin with.

    But "essential services" never shuts down, even though the welfare queens who have milk and eggs delivered to their door will be exactly who the "news" goes to ask about how the threat of a 3% loss of government workers for a week or two will affect their lives.

    They'll always stand there with a baby in hand and talk about the need for her baby to not go hungry, and the presstitute will look back at the camera with the lecturing look of "this is who the republicans want to deny benefits to". Oh, excuse me, ENTITLEMENTS (it's all in the wording) because they are entitled to that money, it's not just a gracious handout.

    Stopgap measures because of "threats" of government shutdowns. Blah. This song is really getting old. It amazes me how many people in this country act as if their lives cannot go forward if government is not open to direct every aspect of their lives for them.

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    Send Mueller's witch hunters home first.

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