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Thread: Bugs and electronic terrorism

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    Bugs and electronic terrorism

    Every electronic device has a so-called "bug" for wiretapping and control device remotely by radio.
    Bud to is a computer, TV or microwave, fridge, clock, scales etc. It's all
    For several years, for reasons unknown to me, unknown to me the person giving me difficulties with my
    electronics used in the home and at work. Turn it off, change the software
    settings, thereby bringing me a lot of different difficulties and concerns, for
    this reason.
    I completely turned off the two laptops (they are not repairable), cellphone, change settings in the
    software in the other two phones, complicating the work with them. Now they're
    fucking with my TV constantly changing the image settings and your browser.
    Same with the phone, causing me several times to insert and remove the charger
    it not charge. Also began to put different garbage information in files on the
    computer I have at work, on previous works intermittently is also present.
    Intelligence agencies know about it, I spoke to them about this, they didn't even conduct a proper
    investigation and clear answer, I did not wait.
    If you do not want in your purchased things climbed unauthorized persons, causing material and moral
    damage, or you are faced with this problem, and I think the presence of
    listening devices unlawful, join this petition.

    Her address in the Russian Federation:

    Her address in the Republic of Belarus:

    Really need you to sign two petitions, then we can achieve a more multilateral consideration. If we get
    enough people, which were also treated, you can still go to court international
    producers of electronic chips claiming compensation for such actions, and can
    even put the question of removing the illegal devices from all electronic
    My e-mail, for people who wish to appeal a class action for electronics manufacturers:
    email me to discuss details.

    I have collected a decent number of materials manufacturers: Microsoft, Samsung, Asus and Acer.


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    wha da hell ya sellin?

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    You come here one time and expect us to click on that link...

    And you may find yourself Living in a shotgun shack
    And you may find yourself In another part of the world
    And you may find yourself Behind the wheel of a large automobile
    And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, With a beautiful wife
    And you may ask yourself, well, How did I get here?

    Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down

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    Simply disconnect the microphone.

    It's easy.

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