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Thread: Fake war with real deaths

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    It was 80 years ago, what does it matter if they were all Buddhist. It may as well be ancient history, is this what keeps you up at night, controls your thoughts. Get some help, or better yet recognize the true threat to the western world, Islam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vistamo View Post
    Nazis are Jews and I hate Nazis !
    I tell the truth and only the truth.
    I wish that Moses Hess was a real German as founder of national socialism.
    I wish Eva Braun wasn't born with her Jewish name.
    I wish the mother of Adolf Hitler had no Jewish grave
    I wish Heinrich Müller head Gestapo didn't lay at the Jewish graveyard in Berlin.
    I wish Mengele was not a Jew.
    I wish Ribbtrop was not a Jew
    I wish Manstein was not a Jew.
    I wish...I wish the German command was not so close friends with the Russian command.
    The Jewish army leadershad had a great time, with caviar and champagne.
    Jews robbed Germany bone dry.
    Jews used their base in the Alps, Switzerland.
    Have a look at the planes and tanks that entered Poland and you see no German flag, only the Swiss flag.
    And there it is.
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    My black neighbors don't hate me for being white, even tho the media says they do. The fact that the rest of the nation is still in a hate-fest against the South 153 years after the end of the Civil War, says it all. They come live here because the South is BEAUTIFUL, but they've always hated us because we are prosperous and most of all because we're the only part of the country that has a real cultural identity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
    "So now the United States is going to be led by a deranged orange orangutan with a dead rat on his head."
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    Visttamo is a dolt. All Nazis were not Jews. Modern-day Nazis aren't Jews, either. Just idiots.

    Good-bye, little man.

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