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Thread: Remembering 9/11 - 16 Years Later

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    Remembering 9/11 - 16 Years Later

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    Got to give Osama some credit here.
    I HAVE a phone and am NOT in a cave, but can not pull of the same stunt as his fellow man did.
    To bad all sealteam 6 members have died in the crash.
    The good people seem always ending up dead.

    When Cheney was asked¨ is the order still standing¨, he replied;¨ have you heard anything to the contrary?
    Plane is 20 minutes out, Plane is 15 minutes out, Plane is 10 minutes out.

    Building 7 didn't need planes to come down, so why would the wtc towers need any planes?
    Could it be, we were all fooled?
    I know how a 747 looks when it has flown in a building.
    El-Al gargo flew with 5000 kg mustardgas in building in Amsterdam on 4 October 1992.
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