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Thread: I think Mexicans are decent people BUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cent View Post
    New York, for the most part, too, for that matter. What of it? He's blaming Mexico for their illegal invasion of the U.S., as if it's a perfectly excusable excuse.

    In the meantime, living half way around the world free of all the turmoil. How very...convenient.

    And, no, my ire does not come from the Mexican government that abandoned its people.
    Eh. So you say. I had apprehensions, myself...and the bad press about the place, preceded me. However, being Italian...there were cultural affinities I saw straight away. Actually, I was more thought of AS an Italian than your run of the mill, Gringo. There are ample natural resources for Mexicans...but...they are pillaged I said...the PRI and the Cartels. Whether or not you believe of no concern to me. Why should it be? You are entitled to your opinions.

    I'm trying to figure out what you're on about. Yeah. New York. Little Italy...where my parents settled...where I was born. Lots of people are born in's a pretty big place. My dad's bizz went from strength to strength...and we grew up in Westchester. We were not any stretch. Blaming Mexico? was Iceland. They were responsible for their Mexicans fleeing into the US. I forgot.

    In the meantime, living half way around the world free of all the turmoil. How very...convenient.

    Okay...another. I don't call the all too many trips rocking around the world, "convenient". I was never home. I never got over jet lag. Nice place, too...indoor pool and all. The housekeeper loved it...especially the Beamer. It was a great idea to set up in Oz. IMO, the 21st Century will be the Australian Century. Just my luck, huh? Don't try to emigrate, yourself, won't pass the entry points test.

    In 1986 the then-PM, Paul his infamous "banana republic speech" skewed the currency markets so $1.00 USD bought $2.06 AuD...and I had a motsa to I did. Nice beaches...great food...everyone looks like me...I know the language...Beach Bunnies cluttering up the scenery...nice swan yacht.........yeah. I was pretty free of turmoil. It took a bum marriage to sink that ship. Glug, glug, overboard.

    So...I'll defer my personal experiences to your well founded notions. You know best.

    If you don't'll sound like it. And, if you don't tune, your life will sound like it, too. Listen to the intervals. That's where it all hides from you.....

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    @Northern Rivers, I apologize for taking my personal animosity towards Mexicans out on you. I was out of line w/my comments about you, and I'm sorry I did that. I've reasons for my anger, but you're not one of them.
    I've only had two beers in dog years.

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    It is difficult only for the others.
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