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Thread: Alcatraz Prison . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Felix Birdbiter View Post
    @Stan Fan
    I think the question regarding tearing down Butch Ohare's statute was facetious and in regard to all those who want to tear down Confederate monuments. I doubt seriously that he was in favor of tearing down the statute.
    Being from Chicago, Butch O'Hare, probably never had any Confederate sympathies. Whether the question about tearing down the statute is facetious or not, the fact remains, that the liberals are routinely moving to eliminate every vestige of the CSA in America, from monuments, to flags. As I pointed out previously - the Confederate Flag itself (it is their naval ensign displayed now), holds meaning in three ways.

    Honors those killed in the American Civil War, and by Federal Law, whether Union or Confederate, they all are now legally considered American military dead veteran's. Secondly, American's Black population considers that flag a hate symbol, because it was used from 1865, all the way into the mid 1960's, as a symbol for hate groups holding down the Black population, the KKK and others. They have a right to be against that flag flying from government buildings - but not cemeteries, or, really, even monuments. Third - it represent's modern Americana as a symbol of Southern heritage, which has an ugly racial bent to it in many places, even today. However, just as many see it merely as a heritage symbol.

    You won't see it flying from pickup trucks with gun racks in downtown San Francisco, Denver or Seattle, but you will see it in Atlanta - New Orleans - and of course, many places in Texas. Black anger over it, hard to distinguish, because we just don't know the political views of those displaying it. Now, if they are displaying it from a lawn, instead of at a NASCAR race, or rodeo, different story, you can probably determine the mindset of the person flying it, the same as you can determine the mindset of someone who displays the Nazi swastika in public. Angers lots of people. The "Hell's Angels" motorcycle gang routinely bedecks themselves with Nazi regalia, just to stun the general public. Doubt many of them could spell the word Germany, but they know it shakes up the civilian population and the police, so they wear the junk.

    I don't agree with the destruction of Confederate monuments, can buy the displaying of the flag in appropriate places, like big outdoor rock concerts in the South with Llynard Skynnard; Kid Rock; Jimmy Buffet, Garth Brooks, etc., or NASCAR races, although their tour runs nationwide. That is the fans mindset. Overall, the mindset today is liberalism against that flag, and the Southern Confederacy it represented, which essentially was maintained by the Southern sheriff's and State Police, for 150-years after Lee's surrender at Appomattox.

    It isn't a case of let everyone have free speech (which the flag issue and monument issue is), it is the liberals, and the Black population, and our politicians, which have allowed this sentiment to be unleashed where you are not "allowed" to hear a dissenting voice anymore., shades of the "alleged Free Speech at UC Berkeley" which no longer exists.

    Sets a bad precedent. Conservatives believe in facts, knowledge and accomplishment's. Liberals believe in unmeasured rhetoric and vague ideology, which can't be proven (climate change strikes me as one of the biggest, makes the flag discussion moot). If the Black communities and leaders of America would spend even 1/4th of the time, money and effort in rebuilding their neighborhoods, electing intelligent leaders who are in favor of hard work, and not handouts, new housing, better teacher's and schools, and less on vague "victim" mythology that they all are entitled to something from the U.S. government because their ancestors were slaves, America, and that community would be a much, much better place to live in. They don't seem interested in improving their lot the hard way, through work, they would rather squeak, and get the government grease for life.......... Stan .....
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