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Thread: minimum wage hikes cause restaurants to shut down and deter new ones from entering

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolwalker View Post
    Perhaps studying in school would have been a good idea, then they could have gotten a decent job somewhere else. These kind of jobs are for high school and college kids to halp pay their way thru school. Yes, there are professional waiters, but they rely on the tips, not the salary. A real pro waiter can pull down anywhere from 2 grand a week to 4 grand.
    So where are they going to get the $20,000 or $30,000 it cost for trade school or community college? What are they going to do with a degree in a field that is being outsourced or automated like computer science or accounting? If they worked 30 years as a skilled machinest in a factory that moves to Mexico what are they going to do? Heck even the bakers got hit.

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