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At 67, O'Reilly may not be eager to essentially start over on a small cable network but then, I can't see him simply slinking away after being fired over allegations that are suspect. Bill O'Reilly has been in the TV news business for over four decades and was at Fox News for over 20 years. He has earned big money for a long time and has a reported net worth of close to 100 million. His books always hit the top of the best seller lists.

I find it suspicious that now, as a senior citizen, various female Fox News employees claim O'Reilly sexually harassed them with lewd comments, etc. Perhaps he did, we'll never know but the obvious satisfaction the fascist left is showing over O'Reilly's exit from the cable network that hate with a vengeance is telling. Clearly, O'Reilly's departure will hurt Fox News ratings. This is was the goal of the totalitarian left and by taking down the biggest ratings personality on Fox News, they can claim a victory.

Not just over O'Reilly...he'll do O.K....but over those of us who, sick of nothing but the Democrat Party Line poorly camouflaged as 'news' on the broadcast and cable networks turned to Fox News for at least a modicum of balance in the coverage of politics. Bill O'Reilly, for all his overbearing egotism and bluster, was still worth watching for the incisive interviews he conducted. Who can forget his 2008 interview of then-Massachusetts congressman Barney Franks, co-author of the infamous Dodd-Franks Bill that precipitated the financial meltdown that led to the '08 recession? O'Reilly demonstrated honest anger at the prevaricating congressman who had no trouble matching O'Reilly's belligerence. As usual in these arguments, neither Mr. Frank or O'Reilly really 'won' but it made for good TV. Conservatives cheered in their living rooms as O'Reilly challenged Franks with the kinds of questions the viewers wanted asked and knew the Big 3 broadcast news anchors and the rival cable news shows never would.

This was the value of Bill O'Reilly, despite his foibles. It is why his show was the highest rated on the Fox News network. This clearly made him a target for the left and with these allegations of sexual harassment from female employees of Fox News, the huge payouts they received and resulting advertiser cowardice they have managed to dispose of that pesky O'Reilly fellow.

As we see and read the left's expressions of smug triumph and sanctimonious preening as they condemn Bill O'Reilly, we should realize that this was not just a blow at Bill O'Reilly but at his millions of viewers...and part of the relentless drive by the political left to silence any hint of dissent from their POV no matter the source.

In that light, I hope Bill O'Reilly does land on another TV network and it thrives with his presence. I'll watch O'Reilly just to help thwart the left's attempt to silence all opposition.


I agree with every word. Thanks.