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Thread: How Can America Survive?

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    How Can America Survive?

    With the Democratic, MSM, Rino's all against the Trump Administration, IMHO, they are out, not just to protect their little rich man's club in Beltway Washington, but to actually destroy this country. With this continuing, strident effort to bring down the Trump Administration, particularly him, if the narrative continues unabated, it is very, very possible, that the United States government will, in fact, cease to exist.

    Every democracy ever created has failed in history, no particular guarantee that America's very successful 240-year run will continue, particularly with a do-nothing Congress hording power and wealth to the 1%, and ignoring the voters, who cast 13 million for Donald Trump to go there, and straighten out the mess.

    None of the existing political-types could, or ever would, attempt to do what Mr. Trump is trying to do, "drain the swamp" and generate wealth and jobs for this country, and also withdrawing from the idea that as President (the single most powerful political position in the world), that he governs America - not the world. If the world wants to follow American culture, politics, economic ideas, religions, constitutional guarantees, and the like, that is fine, even desired, but we shouldn't, and no longer do, "export" democracy and republican form's of government to the world. The cost has been too high for America to pay it.

    That has been a major foreign policy mistake this country, and every President since Teddy Roosevelt made, with the exception of Obama, who spent eight long, dreary years, apologizing to the world for us, and attempting to bring this country under the control and influence of globalization. So, the major question, is "Can America Be Saved." Is it too late to save and change it for the better, and are our current politicians, media and the courts, going to allow it to be saved at all?

    Would you show a dawg a bone, or a bacon treat, and not give it to him"

    Would you show candy or a toy to a baby, and not give it to them?

    Essentially, that is the state today of the American Union. Washington routinely shows us lots of carrots, but ALWAYS gives the people the stick. That the people finally caught on, and sent a man capable of standing up to the Beltway establishment in Washington, much to their horror, at least gives us some hope America can be saved. However, it will take more action on the part of the people to insure we recover from the horrors of ignored domestic policy, failed economic policies, and policing the world than the election of Donald Trump.

    There is a new book out on, authored by Timothy Snyder, called "On Tyranny" where he identifies twenty different mistakes made in the 20th century, that have led America to its current sad political state, where politicians obfusticate, and media outright lies to the people and democracy collapses.

    Also, some talented people have asked the question why the American Union has survived 240 plus years, while Latin and Central America have never rose out of the "Banana Republic" stage? Unlike Africa, which has never had secure states, and has been ruled forever it seems by imperialism and warlords throughout its entire history, Latin and Central America, starting right at the Rio Grande River on America's southern border; with immense natural resources and wealth of South America; have never maintained solid, established Middle Class structures, where the people have a vested interest in their country.

    They are all like that. One only has to look at a thriving, democratic, wealthy, oil-rich nation like Venezuela of 10-12 years ago, now experiencing mass exodus, and food riots, and facing ruin from experimentation and socialism, to see that a country where the Middle Class isn't vested in its future, watches democracy fall.

    Can it happen to America? You betcha, and the current narrative of negativity being hammered at the American people by Washington - Democrats and the media, very probably will bring down this once proud republic, unless Trump can save it. Might be our last chance to reclaim our rights and the nation, before we fall under liberalism and socialism forever. But it requires more investment from the people than the election of one man, powerful as he may be.

    American's are a confident, talented, energetic people. We invest in our country, send our children to the best schools we can provide (although our education system has fallen recently on some really bad times [ 85% of all incoming 9th grade public school kids fail Algebra 1 ]. That doesn't bode well for linear math and engineering skills needed in the future!

    Some of the mistakes identified in "On Tyranny" that contributed to the failing of our republic, and have destroyed a once thriving democracy like Venezuela, quickly I might add, are:

    Lack Of Adaptation........from industry, to government, to education, American's have failed to adapt to the changes wrought by outsourcing manufacturing and our jobs, and allowed unfettered, uncontrolled immigration, of low skilled migrant's to infiltrate our nation and lower its level of productivity, and capability to thrive again. The message was immensely clear with Mr. Trump's stump slogan "Make America Great Again."

    Depending On Our Institutions........again, failure to monitor and take part in our major institutions of democracy (by voting 100% in every election and fact checking our candidates correctly); involving ourselves in the PTA to control the education process, instead allowing no-nothing Washington bureaucrats to dictate how we educate our most precious resource, the children; failure to support and monitor, government, religion, law enforcement, job markets, financial markets, and allowing others to make our decisions, without a free press standing the integrity wall to alert us of corruption. They now are part of the corrupt narrative which allows for a Beltway Washington, out-of-touch with the average American citizenry. Trust that Beltway Washington has zero interest in the welfare of the average American citizenry, and that alleged fair, unbiased, free press, did a nose dive off of the integrity pedestal they once occupied as informers of the truth to the voters to advocacy journalism, and an invented, lying narrative...........

    Believe In a citizen, determine what is true; allow yourself to investigate truth, don't depend on others to make that decision for you - the current political morass we find ourselves in was directly caused by the media and Beltway Washington, and many, many state legislatures, governor's and mayors, never telling us the truth, and getting away with it. The incredible "sanctuary city movement" alive in hundreds of America cities, even one state - Maryland - as a direct challenge to the Federal Union government our Founding Father's established, is a road to severe, bloody revolution, and as a "gun culture" since the days of the Pilgrims, our citizenry is never going to allow a government to confiscate its firearms. In addition to cutting off all Federal monies to the mayors of those sanctuary cities, that have decided the non-American immigrant population is more important than our own citizens, they should all be shown a tour of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, because that is exactly what will occur again, if the average American subscribes to their narrative against the Federal Union.

    So, the question remains, can America be saved, or have we gone over Niagara Falls' precipice never to return to the hallowed days when we could trust our elected leaders, law enforcement, mayors, military, religious institutions, to operate in the best interest of the citizens who put them in office, and trust them to carry out their legal fiduciary duties, instead of advocating the destruction of the Federal Union. Also, do we even have the means to retain our Middle Class with the current negative narrative? Can we buy a house; send our children to a good school; maintain decent jobs with living wages; raise a family with a cat and dog, and decent car for transportation and an occasional vacation?

    America today, the mainstream, makes less than their fathers and grandfather's did in their day. Blame that on greedy corporation's; bad banking and market decisions; profit incentive which keep wealth in the hands of the 1% of wealthy American's, and a liberal narrative that pounds us daily with lies, which educated America won't believe, but our kids very well could..................
    Thought's? I bought the book........... Stan ..........
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    Simple - Those not trustworthy and/or does not have your confidence - or you do not feel comfortable around them.....You cut them out.

    Antics I had to deal with at my last job in a Metropolitan EMS. Three or four years later.......a river lot in a Metropolitan area about thirty-five minutes north of me...a nurse I worked with invited me fishing at her parents river lot. Same antics --- Marijuana , and I had other than the normal side effects of beer ( ?? Doped ? )

    Same - same events ---- > Metropolitan I use to work EMS in and then the river lot with the Nurse I worked with. When I was a medic student, I went to a popular eatery and most everyone was going out into the parking lot to "Smoke Dope" ( marijuana ).

    Then I believe I got "Doped / Drugged" at some places I was at.

    Did dumbace ( sandy colored haired ) blonde nurse I worked with in 2003 and 2004 ( she left in 2004 - June I think ) not put "Two and Two" together? Did she not know that she just confirmed she was part of the "Big Metropolis"?

    Its either the Government or people pretending to be your friends that mess you over. I say just cut the strings.

    My niece called me at work tonight....and asked me for money ( four figures ) that I don't have to give. She got ticked and started yelling at me on the phone ; talking terrible. Since I don't throw money out to her anymore - I stopped getting pictures ( text messaging photos ) of her daughter ( My great niece ) , and my niece does not text me hardly anymore, and she does not answer or return my phone calls.

    It is not only the is the people around us. Less than truthful taxi drivers...running up the meter. Businesses that cheat customers. Government Contractors charging the US Govt... 200 to 300 % profit.

    Wrong doing - cheating others - and abuse of mankind not only comes from the Government.....Is comes from our neighbors and the people around us.

    Joe :
    "Are you really trying to escape?"

    --- John McClain "Live Free or Die Hard"

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    Interesting question today. As a millennial, I feel like most my age aren't as wise.

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