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Thread: California Again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMNIXON View Post
    I Posed for 'Maxim' and I’m Running for Congress. It Shouldn’t Be That Shocking.

    ........I had graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a master’s degree in public policy the year before and moved to Chicago to work unpaid on then-Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for president. Never mind that I had just covered my full graduate school tuition with student loans. I was inspired and ecstatic to have the opportunity to work to elect someone whose vision for our country I shared. Living off credit cards was worth it to me, and even though I couldn’t afford health insurance, I took the job anyway. Where I come from, safety nets don’t exist, so I was used to the free fall.

    I just didn’t expect for my next free fall to take place because of my underwear - and in front of the entire White House.

    I was raised by a single mom and by my grandmother, who both immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico. I spent most of my childhood in a tiny, low-income apartment that burst at the seams with members of my extended family. We had a lot of love but not a lot of resources, and we got by on welfare and other programs like WIC and Medicaid at times......

    (Insert a lot of crying about her being treated unfair as a model)

    I’m proud of the mosaic of experiences that make me who I am. My life experiences have forged me into a fighter and that’s why I decided that I won’t let others’ boxes stop me from doing what needs to be done - running for office, standing up to Trump and Republicans, and standing up for women in Los Angeles.

    I Posed for and I’m Running for Congress. It Shouldn’t Be That Shocking.

    She sounds like just the kind of person we need in Congress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertLafollet View Post
    You're proof?
    it's next to the trump/russia ties. you can't miss it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertLafollet View Post
    She might make it after all we did elect Arnold and Ronald.
    I'm shocked you didn't mention Al Franken. He made it the liberal way and is a far better match for the OP.
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