Indiana ISTEP scores are in and already papers like the Indianapolis Star are pointing to wealth as an indicator of success on the exams. ISTEP is a part of common core and NCLB standards from a few years ago. Today, we are still fighting another edition of common core, of which would allow schools to question students about parents owning of firearms and dictates to the parents how a child should be fed, educated, etc. But that is for another thread.

This article by the Indy Star discusses the results of the testing, with Carmel and Zionsville coming in No. 1 and 2 overall (and both happen to be the top two wealthiest communities in the state). As I read the article, it was a focus on how bad it is for IPS schools and even on those wealthy towns. This was shocking to me, as most things coming from the Indy Star talk about how more money is necessary for IPS, as system of dismal failure.

IPS rose an overall 2.9 points and now has beaten East Chicago and Gary ("little Chicago") in scores, not that I would consider that bragging room. Any ways, the article link is attached.