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Thread: Vinegar cleans burned cookware

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    Another thing that works for burnt pans - glass or aluminum - is to throw in a tray of ice, and let it sit.

    Presto! Problem gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregonejeep View Post
    A friend of mine was getting sick about every day.... nausea, aches. Went to doc and went to doc, no conclusions of why he was sickly. Went on for about six months. He went on vacation for two weeks and after being there a couple of days started feeling better. For the duration of his vacation, he was not sickly..

    He got back home and settled in and started getting the same sickness. He noticed it happened within two hours of drinking coffee from his drip style electric coffee maker. He got on the internet and posted on his favorite forum what I just typed out and immediately everyone asked him, " How often do you clean your coffeemaker by allowing water with white vinegar to "perk" through it " ??? He replied that he never did. He bought a new coffee maker and now keeps it cleaned with white vinegar water more sicky sicky for him.
    I was reading your post today and decided to give it a try. Not the coffeemaker thing. Been doing that for years.

    Last year my primary fermenters and carboys went unused. I didn't make any wine. I put my metal corker in with the rest of my wine making supplies and the citric acid and malic acid along with the sodium
    metabisulphate rusted it so bad it was unusable. It was completely locked up. This thing has got eight rivets and eight pivot points. I was depressed at the thought of having to buy a new one.

    I put put it in the sink today with enough vinegar to cover it(bout 1/2 gallon). I just checked it out. It still looked rusty. I took it out of the sink and could literally rub the rust off after only four hours!!

    I rubbed as much rust off as I could with my hands and then scrubbed it with Brillo. The metal is shiny. You can't even tell where the rust was! The corker is working great too.

    I rinsed the soap off and put it back in the vinegar to soak overnight.

    I thank all you guys.
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    Another vinegar use: natural scent deterrent.

    Want your dog to stop using a particular place as a toilet?

    Dogs are scent oriented and tend to eliminate in places far away from where they sleep, but in places they can remember by scent that they have previously used.

    The trick is to mask their scent with an unpleasant scent.

    Dogs don't like citrus scents and they also are repelled by vinegar.

    Mix equal parts orange juice (or lemon) with vinegar in a spray bottle and target the area you want the dog to avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willow View Post
    White vinegar mixed with alcohol makes a great window cleaner.

    Mix vinegar, alcohol and Dawn (blue) together and it works to get soap scum off shower doors.
    I use (half cup) alcohol, (half cup) peroxide, (6 drops) dawn and (2 teaspoons) dishwasher spot removal product and 3 cups water to make an alternative to Clean Shower. Works good.
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