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Thread: Since "Doomsday"and "Hillary"Could Run Hand in Hand and Approaching Sooner than Later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickity Plumber View Post
    I've asked you all many times to NOT quote spam. It's more work for us to remove it. Please don't quote spam. Just report it.
    I want lefties to have all the abortions they can. Let them wipe themselves OUT; fine with me.

    The reality is Americans are sick of the Left's insanity and elected an outsider to the White House accordingly. Now, you keep on parroting all that fake news Leftist propaganda BS and see where it gets you in 2020.

    -A True American

    As a nation, we must face it.
    The Clintons are the reason for this mess. They're a cancer, poison, ruinous; a walking Constitutional Crisis. They should both be tried for Treason and executed for their crimes against American citizens and the USA. And they're not the only ones. Justice. It matters.
    Thank you for helping us provide great customer service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quark View Post
    I can't speak to the food but I can to the weapons.

    1. Get a yew longbow and learn to make wood arrows, that'll do you more good than all the .22 ammo in the world.

    2. By a cap and ball revolver. You can learn to make your own percussion caps and black powder, there are you tube videos on that.

    3. Get a Pennsylvania also known as a Kentucky long rifle in flint lock in a small caliber such as .36, .38, .40, .45. This will do for small game and even larger game up to deer size. It'll do in a human to.

    I'm at this stage in life I'm not prepping for anything as I'm old and ready to go but from experience and if I was a young prepper that's where I would go. Learn 18th and 19th century skills and how to live in the wilderness and you might just possible survive Armageddon. Forget all the modern stuff it won't be available.

    Oh and a couple of more things stock up on bars of lead for bullets, a quality mold (s) for round balls, and a quality pot to melt the lead over an open fire.
    One of the personalities on the TV show Mountain Man, makes his own bows and arrows and sells them for big money. Traditionalist stuff ya know?

    But anyhow when he makes his arrows he makes them out of rosewood. He knows where there's a huge Rosewood bush near his home in Montana up on the yak valley.

    Of course his Quivers are animal skins inside out and tight so that the arrows don't rattle or fall out.

    The new season of Mountain Men starts Thursday night at 9. One of my favorite shows.

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