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Thread: What are you doing at this moment thread

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    Gotta go out and start ferrying diesel back to fill another tank I just set up. I'm being proactive, considering the looming Iranian trouble. I would HOPE two months of fuel is enough time to see the loonies wiped out....

    Chilly afternoon. I told Knucklehead we're going out in the truck "to see Carol"...the lady at the fuel depot. He knows her since he was just a little critter. He's waiting to watch me get my shoes on...that's his cue.

    Gotta do my 4th quarter GST reports sometime later. It's also the close of fiscal 18/19 so I gotta collate all my statements for that. Geez, I hate it...
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    Good to be prepared. Even when we all know, that all plans are discarded after the first fifteen minutes of battle.

    I had expected the meltdown ten years ago - who would have thought the investment-bankers would so-easily be co-opted as tools for American Communists? I guess Khrushchev was right - Americans would not only sell him the rope they'd be hanged by; they'd fight in line for first dibs.

    I'm reconsidering my own plans, of moving. Adding up the costs, and the uncertainty, and possible violent race conflicts in modern integrated cities. Of Plague coming over from LA, 250 miles to Vegas. Of that flesh-eating bacterium that's hitting people in the Gulf area, getting at me when I'm still in line to age-qualify for Medicare.

    Of the costs of insuring and registering my car and motorcycles. Of the costs of GARAGING them - and of the crime rate.

    Of the clean, dry, fresh air here - when there's no forest fires, anyway. Of how it's still a safe, semi-friendly area. That's changing, but we don't have piles of scat on sidewalks. Yet.

    Of how, as the years wear on, and prices/inflation go up while my monthly pension stays the same...there's work here. Uber is safe here. For passengers and drivers. I have no idea how long Uber will last - it's losing huge amounts of money - but while it's there, I can easily make a thousand a month. Even easier now that I have a good car - I can just work the airport on weekends, and make that much. I'm close to the airport anyway.

    Yeah...hopes and dreams and the best-laid plans...

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