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Thread: What are you doing at this moment thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison View Post
    Bonne nuit, madison.
    Today we live. Tomorrow we die.
    "Evil is da Devil minus da D"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkTheSlayer View Post
    Hey, i saw on the tv yesterday that Emiril lagasse has an air fryer for 200 bucks( four payments). It is top of the line and is a multi-use tool. Air fryer, oven , toaster, dehydrater, slow cooker, and more.
    I might order one.
    It probably is worth it. Except right here, where it's not.

    See, in this land of koledge proffussers, goobermint employees and other leisure-class types...just as Uber Eats is a big deal, so, too, is prepared chicken a staple.

    Mondays at Albertsons, they sell ten pieces of chicken, fried, for $5. Actually done reasonably well. Wednesday, Lucky's Market sells rotisserie whole chickens for $5. And in Wally World, I can get the unsold chickens of yesterday, rotisseried and refrigerated, for $2.75.

    Those go well in a crockpot with rice, mushroom soup stock, garlic and sometimes bacon.

    With cooked chicken at those prices...I can't buy good raw chicken for the same. Not even not-so-good raw chicken, that's been improperly drained. I know...I have checked, over the years. Why wait twelve hours for a chicken stew in the crockpot, when for the same money, dump in cooked chicken and have it tender and melted down in three hours?

    Later, if I move (when I move) I'll want something like that. But first there will be the hassle of moving all my crap...

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    Aggravation I don't need...

    I don't know how they do things over there, anymore. Here...any big company you need to phone for info is in Manilla...and...they just do NOT speak English.

    Steve's coming in, tomorrow. LAX to SYD on a Virgin flight. Next...SYD to BNE...where I get him. All I wanted to know was...does he clear customs in last flight is domestic, or not? There are two different terminals in Brisbane...a freaking mile apart...which one?

    20 minutes to tell me. Even with his flight number.

    Next call, when they say, "Can I help you?" I'll say, "No...but try, anyway."
    If you don't'll sound like it. And, if you don't tune, your life will sound like it, too. Listen to the intervals. That's where it all hides from you.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brat View Post
    I want you to know this post made me burst out crying. I am so sorry. How is Knucklehead?


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