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Thread: Online Poll Shows Lack of Trust for Obama's Cybersecrity

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    Online Poll Shows Lack of Trust for Obama's Cybersecrity

    Was reading RT today about Obama's response to the Chinese allegedly hacking our businesses. I'd explain how our lienholder doing this makes no sense, but that would obscure the point.

    At the bottom of the page was a poll asking what people thought of the alleged hacking. I participated and noticed this:

    RT asks

    Thank you for voting!

    ‘Hacker war’ scandal between the US and China is:

    • 6% - A warning to China before counteroffensive
    • 13% - A sample of what WWIII will look like
    • 15% - Not about war, merely espionage
    • 66% - A PR stunt to support Obama’s cybersecurity executive act

    Hahahahahahaha....66% of everyone voting thinks its a PR stunt

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    How'd you vote? I vote PR stunt.

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    LOL, me too.

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