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Thread: The Walking Dead *CAUTION: SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMNIXON View Post
    I must say I am disappointed.

    Are they so afraid to kill off Rick's character that they have to invent some surprise escape through a mysterious plot line never before revealed?

    And now another "Time Jump" to the future so they can bring in new characters never seen before that just show up........

    I will watch the rest of the Season, but I think it time they call it quits!

    They gave a glimpse of that when Jadis had Negan trussed up to give to her masters. Later she trussed Gabriel up and then let him go. Finding Rick gave her the chance to make good on her call to them. Jadis seems to belong to some group with a lot of resources. She had a container with a pretty plush interior in the episode where her group had all been killed and she had to grind them up.
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    I thought this thread was about the DNC.... Sorry couldn't resist

    I used to watch walking dead but it jumped the shark, Fear the walking dead seems like it has more potential now.
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    Now they have the little Grimes girl in the Cowboy Hat with a Gun being bad and making Negan intimidated.

    Sorry, unlike Carl this character has no development!
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