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Thread: Improvised field expedient water filter

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    Improvised field expedient water filter

    Make one with you kids and grandchildren today. Fun lifesaving project, in the teach a man to fish, kind of way.

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    so I am thinking about this with new eyes. The reason is that I only recently learned how easy it is to make lye.... caustic soda ....sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide by leaching hardwood ashes.

    now it would seem to me that the right setup would not only filter water but kill organisms by virtue of the strong alkalinity of the lye. Separating clean water from the lye would then be the problem you need to solve. If you had some acid, you could neutralize the alkali but where do you get acid in the wild? Someone knows.

    I do understand that ashes are not the same as charcoal but still.... the connection is interesting.
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