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Thread: One mans awesome response to a neighbors complaint about his Trump flag

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    One mans awesome response to a neighbors complaint about his Trump flag

    You will have to go the link to see video. pretty funny and WAY TO GO. This is the first time I've been to TicTok, no problems for me. Or you can see video at the American Thinker.

    February 18, 2020
    One man’s awesome response to a neighbor’s complaint about his Trump flag

    By Andrea Widburg

    To date, almost 750,000 people have watched a TikTok video showing a Trump supporter’s house festooned with Trump signs and paraphernalia while explaining how that exuberant show came to be.

    The video’s narrator, Harper Lee (@harper334036), pans over the property as she explains what happened, picking up her narrative in midsentence:

    And when he was done remodeling, he put up one Trump flag in the window. And he got a letter from somebody that lives in this community that said, “Your house is beautiful. We love the remodel but you have that Trump flag that you have in your window, [it] makes your house disgusting. (can you imagine. sad times we are living in to get all worked up over a freaking flag)

    So, this is what he did in retaliation. I saw . . . so there’s a Trump flag there, Trump flag there. He’s got Trump signs all over his yard. If you look up by his front door, he’s got a Trump [cardboard figure] up there. But look, all over his house. Every window’s got a Trump flag.

    This is so awesome.

    The video is short and delightful, so please take a moment to watch it. If you're being bullied by leftists, it will cheer and inspire you:

    The Twitter version of the same video has already been viewed over 222,000 times as well.

    For too many years, conservatives who believed in traditional constitutional, free-market, liberty-based values were shamed and silenced. One of the great things about Trump is that, not only does he fight, he’s inspired others to do so as well.

    The best thing about this fighting is that Republicans and other conservatives aren’t copying leftists who use street violence, shaming, and silencing to advance their policies. Those knowledgeable about history recognize these tactics as the same that were used to put both Hitler and Mussolini in power. Of course, this is not to call Leftists Nazis or fascists; it’s just noting similar techniques in action.

    I took this from:
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    Yep that's why the sleeping Giant of Americans got rid of that thug Obama and his commie hand picked witch Hillary in a pant suit and put in PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    And what gets me is these freaking Libs/Democommie cult members truly believe THEY ARE THE MAJORITY when WE JUST PROVED THEM SO WRONG. I LMAO AT THEM


    DC is a cult of overpaid underachievers living the high life on the backs of the taxpayers.

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    This message has been hidden because CNN is on your ignore list.

    When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead.
    It is difficult only for the others.
    It is the same when you are stupid.

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    "paybacks are hell"

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    Abraham Lincoln

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    I think more conservatives are getting fed up. For years my politics have been no secret but I normally just responded to idiotic comments. I finally got fed up--over a PC tantrum--and ordered some "Trump-2020" pins. I have one on my backpack that with me when I go out. I've found it works as well on Democrats as garlic does on vampires.

    I do live in Mexico. And while most expatriates avoid me some Mexicans see the pin and ask me why I support Trump. I explain that Democrats are for America what the PRI is for Mexico and they lie. The embody total corruption. I talk about Mexico's rules for immigration, which I followed, and the same rules in the U.S. They generally accept that what they've been told by Californians about Donald Trump is bullshit. It helps that most of the people in my neighborhood know me at least by reputation.

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