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Thread: 49ers' Katie Sowers to become first gay assistant coach in Super Bowl

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    Unhappy 49ers' Katie Sowers to become first gay assistant coach in Super Bowl

    Big whoop. Like they haven't shoehorned the alphabet crowd into everything else already.
    When the 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV early next month, a San Francisco assistant coach will be making history.

    Offensive assistant Katie Sowers will be the first female and the first openly LGBT assistant coach to work in a Super Bowl.

    Sowers, 33, has been with the 49ers for two seasons and has been in the NFL (previously with the Atlanta Falcons) for four. She had joined the 49ers in June 2017 as part of the Bill Walsh Minority Fellowship, when she worked with San Francisco’s wide receivers.
    I haven't watched an NFL game in almost ten years. I originally stopped watching because I was sick of the constant commercial breaks, degenerate halftime shows and obnoxious behavior from the players. But then they started getting involved in virtue signalling and liberal politics, and with each successive year, they have been hitting new lows. To me, being an NFL fan sounds boring and depressing. There's something very nihilistic about following a certain team all your life and having nothing to show for it other than excess weight from such a sedentary lifestyle and no money from buying a bunch of garish merchandise.

    I have a hunch that this particular match-up was fixed in order to promote some sort of gay angle. I believe they did that in last year's Stupor Bowl with male cheerleaders. Part of me wants to see the Chiefs win just because they're based in a red state and they don't have the openly gay coaches. But I will never make the NFL part of my life again, and I suggest everyone who reads this follows suit. That also goes for all the other pro and college sports leagues.

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    I read just yesterday that the NFC title game, which the homosexual friendly San Francisco team hosted I believe, was down 20% over the same game last year! Yes, Americans sure are flocking to homosexuals aren't they!
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    I see the progressives are already trying to Train Wreak the Super Bowl. Don't confuse these people as lifetime NFL fans of course, this is just another target of feminists destruction and they are winning!

    BTW this all got started long ago when the Networks began to replace sideline NFL reporters (former players most often) with women reading teleprompter scripts.
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    I told my wife when this woman first started appearing in commercials about living the dream of playing football that she was a lesbian. She told me I was just saying that because I didn't want to see women connected to the game. I could not care less about football but I knew just by the way she presented herself she was not straight.
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    NFL: National Faggot League

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    Shameful...obviously a token hire, you get your female and homo all in one. How many more deserving men were passed over just so they could look good with the WOKE crowd. She’s not helping them win, they are winning in spite of her/it.

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