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Thread: Doing Business in the Toilet Bowl of the West

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    Doing Business in the Toilet Bowl of the West

    Another story of San Franshithole, "California's Gold" which has become California's Fools Gold, iron pyrite.

    What's it like being a small business owner doing business in the Toilet Bowl of the West ?

    San Fran store owner describes horror of doing business in ‘American Dystopia’

    January 13, 2020 By Stephen Frank

    San Fran should declare itself, officially as the TOILET BOWL OF THE WEST. Besides homeless on every street, cars being banned from the main street in town. Then you will note few in San Fran walk looking ahead or up. Instead most look down—they do not want to step in human or dog poop. Finally, you have the new District Attorney announcing cops will no longer stop or arrest people urinating on the streets. Calcutta at least pretends not to allow these actions.

    “Gilles DeSaulnier says running his San Francisco grocery store has become “very, very difficult” thanks to rampant shoplifting and lawlessness in the city.

    “You often see people walk in with bags into these stores and just shovel stuff in there and walk out,” DeSaulnier said in an exclusive interview with “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “It happens every few minutes, literally in our store.”

    DeSaulnier says the uptick in shoplifting began in 2014 after California voters passed a ballot referendum called Proposition 47 that downgraded theft of items worth up to $950 to a misdemeanor from a felony.

    Small business is the main victim of this—but in 2018 the City had 31,000 car break ins, nut only a 1.6% arrest rate for them. Crime is allowed in this former world class city. It is still a world class city—but it is in the class of Calcutta, Buenos Aires and other third world cities...

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