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Thread: Megan Rapinoe is going to ruin the Olympics. She needs banned.

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    Seems easy enough to me. If you can't follow simple rules, you lose the medal, and the win. I vote for an immediate do-over rule: Any team or individual who tries making any political statement during awards, stop the music, and re-arrange the stage. Put the next country in line on the podium and restart. Turn the official cameras away from the teammates beating the shit out of the offender, but leak a video before the next medal ceremony. The end of any future political statements.

    If the picture in the above posts is actually 2016, that was during the Obama years. Rapinoe is just a malcontent who will never be happy. Maybe she should be in politics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brat View Post
    The IOC has a very clear set of standards and rules that must be followed; one is NO politics or political gestures, fists, kneeling, etc. Megan doesn't want to abide by this and there will most likely be a shitshow during the Olympics.

    If she does not follow the rules she should be banned. But it's not practical to ban her for saying she won't follow the rules.

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    Anytime a leftist is involved a shit show ensues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
    Are the Olympics worth saving? They seem more political now than sport.
    The underlying fear is what actually began the Greek Olympic Games. It was originally structured to sidestep all sorts of political animosities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Rivers View Post
    The underlying fear is what actually began the Greek Olympic Games. It was originally structured to sidestep all sorts of political animosities.
    Yes. IIRC, they had rules of conduct.

    Even to not permitting uniforms - athletes were to compete in the raw. Which was not seen as an unreasonable requirement at the time; it was how athletic competitions were done.

    The modern Olympics had similar rules. ALL POLITICS were BANNED. Remember, 1968? The Black Power salute. The Olympic Committee stripped them of their medals and ejected them, within MINUTES.

    That's how it should be; how it must be, if the Olympics are to continue.

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