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Thread: Top 10 reasons why the US should invade Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by jirqoadai View Post
    why not? you gave bill clinton a place to stay, and now we get turned away?
    Clinton didn't have to escape to Canada, I believe he was attending Oxford U over in Great Britain at the time. Where he stayed during the war was anyone's guess, but you can be sure he never stepped foot in the Nam.
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    We don't want Trudo here, the rest are ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Tex View Post
    After being on an airplane for 8 hours with a bunch of Canadians I'll say this. Canadians could teach us how to drink alcohol. Yes I know, we all think that we can drink with the best of them & we can because we are drinking with Americans. Canadians take drinking to a whole different level & they plan to do it. When the crew cut off the alcohol (or ran out) which was about an hour into the flight all the Canadians stood up, opened their carry on's & starting pulling out bottles. How the hell did we get up in the air with all that liquid weight on board? Nobody had just one bottle, nope it was 2 or 3 at least & that was in all the bags. Run out of mixers, no problem that just means that the glasses will hold more alcohol. It was an 8 hour party (minus 10 minutes on take off & 10 minutes landing). And they all walked off the airplane.
    I recall on my posting flight to Germany (think it was KLM) me and a guy named Reg who was also just posted...drank it dry of Red Star Heinies. Being so young and dumb we thought it was prime foreign beer...never having tasted some of the finest beers n ales Europe has to offer.

    Stewardess was pretty impressed that we walked off, with barely a wobble.

    OTOH, I read some stuff from krispbacon...where 24 is a warm up.
    The Progressives have become full blown NAZIs, to thwart a Hitler that doesn't exist...since that is the only way they can express, and self justify, their fascism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    There are actually some pretty darn good things about Canada, contrary to popular belief Canadians are tough. Ain’t easy living way up north it gets cold and colder, their Army is pretty darn professional good fighters, unfortunately they don’t get the respect or support they deserve. And they have some very pretty women, not to mention how polite they are.

    Listen we as Americans US of A Americans should thank our lucky stars we have Canada as a neighbor, could you imagine being bookend by another country like shithole Mexico we’d be getting invaded on two fronts.
    How are Canadian women as different than American women.

    I admit that Canada and Canadians are petty swell despite that they unfortunately elected that Trudeau as PM, once and recently re-elected again.

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