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Thread: The Berlin Wall, and the city 30 years later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickity Plumber View Post
    and snowflake idiots think it will be Utopia.
    Mexican jumping bean Mexicans think California today is Utopia.

    Tell them that California use to be the Golden State but not any more, Univision and Telemundo has indoctrinated the Mexican that anyone pointing that out is a xenophobic, homophobic, racist Klansman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahuyaman View Post
    I was in Aco 3/6 infantry. I used to get an east pass as often as I could. I would exchange dollars for east marks at a West Berlin bank where I'd get something like 15 east marks for the dollar. The so called rules said the we were supposed to exchange money in the east where the exchange rate was one for one. I still have a wad of east marks.

    I used to go to a store named Natacha's. It was a variety shop where you could buy anything from Zeis binoculars to clothing. A pair of Zeis binoculars cost the equivalent of three or four dollars.

    I used to drive. I had a 1971 Mach 1 mustang. I always attracted a crowd when I parked. They loved that car.
    Awesome...I was there for two years in the mid eighties (Co. F 40th Armor...Turner barracks).

    Two major things happened in my tour. 1. the LaBelle disco bombing and Reaganís retaliation on Libya, we where on red alert for 4-5 weeks. Practically gun tube to gun tube with Soviet tanks for a while...we would have all died, so glad nobody got nervous and pressed a trigger.

    2. Chernobyl, that was even worse surprised I donít have an extra head or something growing on me. That was way to close to Berlin for my liking, I remember not having any type of dairy products for a while.

    I also helped captured (I use that word loosely) two East German Border Guards that escaped to the west one night that they were working a East German guard post. During the interview I asked them who would win the next Great War, without hesitation they both replied the Soviet Union I then said what about your families, they both looked down and did not reply. I got a picture with them somewhere, I need to find it.

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