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Thread: The Return of usfan

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    Quote Originally Posted by usfan View Post

    ..thanks for the warm welcome back. I will endeavor to meet the challenge of thought provoking and entertaining discussion. well know the respect and esteem i have for you and your thoughts.. they have encouraged and inspired me more than you can know..

    I grieved much over your extended absence, and was thrilled to see you return, some years back. I hope to renew our warm but distant relationship.

    I will show more restraint over personal attacks, but will take no prisoners when it comes to defending the ideology that inspires me.

    ..sure hope that is ok..
    Yeah. Trinn gave me some serious grief over that "just disappeared without a word hiatus" I took. still feel guiltybut don't tell her that.
    The Progressives have become full blown NAZIs, to thwart a Hitler that doesn't exist...since that is the only way they can express, and self justify, their fascism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadianeye View Post
    Yeah. Trinn gave me some serious grief over that "just disappeared without a word hiatus" I took. still feel guiltybut don't tell her that.
    I still find the dynamics of the internet forum fascinating. People come. People go. Some just disappear with no notice or explanation. Some die, and we never know. Some are bored, or get too worked up, or get offended.

    But we come with fanfare and optimism, and slink off despised and forgotten. I love it. The ironies of life are delicious.
    I am used to men who mock and scorn things beyond their comprehension. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

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    Good to have you back buddy.
    Humble yourself, for there is an enormous change coming.

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