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Thread: Hello from northern Va

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    Hello from northern Va

    Hi! I'm looking for a new forum to try out & adopt.

    Generally speaking, I would substantially identify as a libertarian. I do not identify as socialist, and I am definitely not an ancap. I'm ok with "muh roads" and I don't think that taxation is theft.

    My principles are based on the notion of rights of the individual and the collective maintaining balance or equilibrium, in society.

    I'm a supporter of a free market system. That doesn't mean I identify as a capitalist per se, only that I prefer free market capitalism over state capitalism, as in a centrally planned command & control system.

    I am not religious. I fully support our 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, including the fact that the very first part of the 1st Amendment provides for freedom from religion (being imposed on anyone by the state/government). The freedom of individuals to practice religion comes after that in the 1st Amendment, and I support that as well, but I don't see that as a reason to yield or submit myself to someone else for the sake of accommodating their religion (that doesn't mean I won't extend a little courtesy, though). From time to time I may find it interesting to discuss social and historical aspects of religion, in a scientific context or what some might refer to as a "secular" manner; I'm also not interested in engaging in any religion-speak.

    There's a big problem with a lack of support and defense of the 2nd Amendment & one of my goals is to remedy this awful problem. If someone condones even a single law that condones any restriction, ban, or mandate on keeping and bearing arms, then they don't support the 2nd Amendment. Anyone who doesn't support the 2nd Amendment supports oppression & genocide.

    I'm neither a war monger nor a pacifist.

    There's a concept currently being referred to as a "post scarcity society", and it's something that I've been interested in exploring for a while.

    That's all I'll say about myself, for now; if anyone wants me to clarify my position, or is interested in my position on other issues, please let me know!

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