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Thread: Seattle police officer assigned to clean up homeless camps files $10M claim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickity Plumber View Post
    The Pepsico giant, Tropicana called us one day for an unusual "repair" in the citrus trailer parking lot. Seems that someone dropped a load (of San Francisco's finest) between a couple of trailers. I guess the huge parking lot was too far from one of the 160 bathrooms on the Tropicana property.

    So they called their plumber, me, to clean it up. It seems their own haz mat spill team did not even want to do it. So I go over there with my flat shovel and my dirtiest 5 gallon bucket and scooped it up. Then I took the other bucket of water I had and dispersed the rest towards a parking lot sewer grate.

    All "cleaned" up now. Guard signed invoice for about $459.00 for "repair" I made.

    I was back home before my gum became worn out.

    edit: Oh yes, I threw the bucket in Tropicana's first dumpster I saw!

    Ya know...all this fear of feces about...yes, I know it's unsanitary and unhealthful and repugnant and an affront to civilized living.

    BUT. I don't buy this menace-to-human-life stuff. We didn't have flush toilets and chlorine disinfectant systems and the EPA, straight from the Garden of Eden. We had catholes, and we had outhouses, and we had slop-jars that were dumped into the honey wagon every morning. The streets of NYC and Chicago were inches deep in dung - that was why the high-ankle ladies boots of the time.

    Even today. Passing through Minnesota and thing I noticed was...spreaders. MANURE spreaders. And not just cow manure - pig manure, also. Pigs eat a lot of the same stuff we do.

    And in the past...the poor Polish guy who emptied the village outhouses, often also had the biggest and most-succulent vegetables to sell at the farmers' market. Which was something that kids would snicker about but their parents not want to think of.

    I don't share the terror of PCBs, and of the PC move to litigate a company that didn't even EXIST when PCBs were, not just made, but ORDERED, by power companies, as the best choice for transformer cooling baths...

    ...that is, Monsanto, which is the successor to the companies...

    ...the people controlling this business had nothing to do with PCBs. And I don't think PCBs had much to do with this guy's diabetes. He has issues - the liver problem is proof of that. He's just got some genetic stuff going on, and was destined to have problems. Had it not been for the kind of private medicine the nooze liars want to stamp out, he'd already be dead.

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