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Thread: San Francisco museum airs film calling for white genocide: Why Dont We Murder More

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrogersNhood View Post
    Must be they want niggers to hang. I take nothing else from that bullshit.

    Ones that should, should.
    I love black people, don't make whitey string some of them up for being pieces of shit.

    I usually can judge these things.

    One of my best friends is black and did a triple-bid for shanking people to not get out of prison.

    He'll stand by my side any day I ask him to.

    Thank God his brother set him right. I couldn't do it.

    You better believe that, you leftist douches. It will be my black friend and me against all retards like you, k?

    That's reality.

    The committee in the neighborhood is definitely not race-oriented, it's more of offense-oriented.
    We all stand together to right wrongs. And wrongs do get righted. Yessir!

    Wrongdoers may just find themselves being sharkbait. True Story.
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