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Thread: Video:Fresno teen suing Cops for excessive force.

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    It's really funny. I love it when people force LEO's into an incident, and think they are going to win the litigation lottery. It doesn't work that way.

    If a person complies with Police orders, whether lawful, or not, and the citizen is assaulted, injured, or otherwise violated. Bring that to Court. There is your litigation lottery. Otherwise, you lose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RGV View Post
    This is America. When you make an accusation, like you have, the burden of proof is on you.
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    Agree with the general sentiment, if you are in a police interaction they are in control. If they don't have control they escalate until they get it.

    This did get me thinking of a buddy, he got arrested for whatever and as his habit, got lippy with the cops. So, they pull out the phone book. Hard to prove excessive force when the phone book leaves no Mark's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post

    Momma didn’t teach him to comply. If you are innocent it should all work out fine. Just start by being respectful and compliant to prove it.
    Kid was mouthing off but the cop was over the top. You have to leave your temper at home when you put on a badge, and/or pick up a gun.

    The kid will be well paid for the abuse he took, hopefully the officer will get some corrective training and therapy and not find himself out of a job, career, and under indictment.

    Unfortunately the lesson the kid takes home from this incident will be the wrong one and next time he'll probably deserve the beating he takes if not worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMNIXON View Post
    The Dindo's are doing this all over and costing California Cities and Tax Payers a fortune that could be used for good use. BLM shows up and makes a big scene and the white liberals cave.............
    If the money wasn't wasted on the dindos, it would be stolen by the politicians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tom View Post
    The video is biased. It does not show the whole incident but only when the policeman began to use force.
    A tried and true tactic of fake news fakery.

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