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Thread: Michonne is gone

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    She cant escape the "Ethnic" look and no matter how good her agent is she will be typecast .
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    Lemme guess: RACIST Zombies!!!!

    Probably went like this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso Jones View Post
    Yeah they better hurry up with Twd cause I'm losing patience with both.
    The writing has gone way downhill. It's just not believable any more.
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    It should have ended when Rick left. Maybe a few episodes after that to show how things got better in the future as he wanted and end it there.

    Now they want to dial it back to the old days with the mask of the dead creeps, but it does not feel the same.
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    Both shows have lost the survival aspect. Food water and shelter. What is this community BS? It will be a dog eat dog, everyone for themselves world. What can you salvage, how well you can hide, what water source you can find that no one else could. A spring deep in the woods, a well at a remote farm something far from where people might go. A tree house fort in the woods. Zombies don’t climb, people don’t travel off the roads. Farm some and hunt squirrels.

    If they must go with the community aspect, and want to survive and thrive. Then they HAVE TO KILL EVERY WALKER THEY COME ACROSS! There is no room for both people and walkers. Leaving imminent death wandering around till it gets someone is ridiculous. Why has there been no kill all zombies clan? No logic no semi-realism has killed a good concept.

    Want to get lost in a ridiculous, raucous, fun, comic show? Preacher. Too bad you weren’t already watching. It got canceled after this season.

    Want a well written, wonderful acting, monster with intelligence, love trysts, fun D&D nerd references, mid-eighties setting done perfect? Stranger Things. Only one more season to go. Maybe two, but no more than that. The writers know the story is played out after that, and won’t run it in to the ground for dollars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMNIXON View Post
    It should have ended when Rick left. Maybe a few episodes after that to show how things got better in the future as he wanted and end it there.

    Now they want to dial it back to the old days with the mask of the dead creeps, but it does not feel the same.
    Rick died?

    The show is about Rick, the show is about him.

    It's like how the film 300 is about the king. The only reason the story continues after his death is to show the larger impact of his death on the world as he influenced it.

    I gave up when they tried to put half the cast against the other half because of neegan. That was definitely a jumping the shark.

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    Well, don't like the shows, don't watch 'em. I like them. I'm going to watch them. Fear seems to have gone for a more lighthearted tone and a bit of humor.
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