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Thread: Why are there no pictures of the Titanic sinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
    Didn't the Titanic sink at night? It sank 13 years before flashbulbs were invented.
    Yes, but there was plenty of light on the Titanic. The lights didn't go out until the ship was minutes away from going away forever - sometime after 2 a.m. on 4/15/12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedgin View Post
    The Photography of that era still required a lot of special equipment, film and chemicals. Doubt those would have been allowed in the escape craft.

    Even if it was, the weather conditions (Cold and Wet), probably would have countered the process.

    And, it was night time.......
    And it sank 2.5 hours after hitting the iceberg and the passengers were not immediately aware that it was gonna sink.

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