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If true, that's not common knowledge. I've come across a podcast or documentary touching that topic a few years ago but don't remember the source.
It's pretty common knowledge. Here is how it worked.

Women with young children could receive a hefty sum of cash from LBJ's 'aid to dependent children' to help them pay their bills.

HOWEVER, they could not receive that financial aid if there was an adult male living in that house. [Reason being, he should work and pay for the family himself, I suppose. ]

So it was a matter of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

By 'helping' women feed their children, LBJ set up the circumstances whereby all of their husbands had to leave the homes, or they would not receive the welfare checks. That created a perfect 'way out' for the baby-daddies. They could come and go as they please, and not be expected to live in the home and raise their children anymore.