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Thread: Bodycam Shows Cops Shooting at Fleeing Suspect After Ramming Police Cars

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    Bodycam Shows Cops Shooting at Fleeing Suspect After Ramming Police Cars

    Bodycam Shows Cops Shooting at Fleeing Suspect After Ramming Police Cars

    LVMPD held a news conference Monday afternoon to discuss a traffic stop last Wednesday evening on Paradise Road near Sahara Avenue that quickly escalated to gunfire when Las Vegas police say the suspect used a pickup truck as a weapon against officers. According to investigators, two officers attempted to block 29-year-old Austin Cadeaux from pulling out of a parking spot at a convenience store when he threw his vehicle into reverse and accelerated toward police. Once out of the spot, LVMPD says Cadeaux sped out of the parking lot and struck a second LVMPD patrol vehicle. During the chaos, LVMPD says Officer Joshua Byington fired 13 rounds from his service pistol as the pickup continued north on Paradise at a high rate of speed. Moments later, the pickup hit two civilian vehicles before the suspect finally jumped out and attempted to escape on foot.He was arrested seconds later by other responding officers. According to LVMPD, Cadeaux was rushed to Sunrise Trauma with a single gunshot wound to the upper back. He has since been treated and released and is now being held at the Clark County Detention Center. Cadeaux is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. According to Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman, Cadeaux is facing a long list of charges. "On this incident, he is facing battery with a deadly weapon, five counts of felony evading, and also located in the vehicle in a search after his arrest were numerous fraud-related documents," said Zimmerman. Officer Byington is on routine paid administrative leave pending the outcome of LVMPD's investigation.
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    No problem with that.

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    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    I wouldn't have shot at him. I would have run over him with a car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Well Bonded View Post
    No problem with that.
    Officer held his fire until the other police car was not behind the target. Then he was shooting down the blvd. Not so good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post
    Officer held his fire until the other police car was not behind the target. Then he was shooting down the blvd. Not so good.
    It appears he did a good job of making sure his rounds hit only the subject. Sometimes there is no choice. This guy was clearly a threat to everyone on the road and had to be stopped.

    Good job by all of the cops involved here.

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